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Yummy Mummy's Cheesecakes

3 star rating 10 reviews

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06 3761034

84B Vogel St, Woodville, Tararua

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Reviews for Yummy Mummy's Cheesecakes

1 star rating
by Katrina Gordon
Mar 30, 2014

Terrible, did a 150km round trip to visit this place but very much disappointed. Read reviews prior but we decided to try for ourselves but they were right. Very overpriced for such a pathetic excuse of a cheesecake, crumbled biscuits in a jar of plastic covered in cream cheese of sorts. Barely chilled. Ordered a drink too which was chemically tasting. For a café that advertises with the word 'mum' in it, you would expect a honest homemade effort. 30$ for two yuck cheesecakes and chemicals in a cup. And all that wasted fuel. Sigh, as a NZ'er who had heard plenty of this place I am disgusted. Also, staff were slow at the till, and hardly a smile. O dear guys, keen to share the dissatisfied word so they can improve because it could be such an amazing business!

4 star rating
by Stephen
Jan 07, 2014

Had a pie here and an iced coffee, both were very good. Prices were reasonable by today's standards and staff were very friendly and helpful.

1 star rating
by Antonomnom
May 14, 2013

I stopped here in order to get a sandwich each and a coffee.

I bought a basic chicken sandwich and it was utterly disgusting, the "chicken" was processed sliced stuff, the bread was wet, as in soggy wet like the stuff you feed to ducks and the salad was totally wilted.

I also bought a cheesecake to go and it tasted like not sweet enough chocolate mousse with gelatine added.

On a positive note, I wanted a milkshake and they suggested I went to the shop across the the road which was a trip back to my childhood to how dairies used to be and the milkshake was amazing as have been all the subsequent times I've stopped in.

2 star rating
by Rosie Martin
Oct 11, 2012

We stopped in to buy cheesecakes today - it's been something I've wanted to do for a long time. Sad to say we were disappointed! I ate the Kahlua variety. The base was by itself not at all nice to eat. The cheesecake filling was ok, but I was expecting something really delicious as they are supposed to be cheesecake specialists. The presentation left a lot to be desired. Just a piped on circle of chocolate cheesecake mixture. No sprinkles, sauce, grated chocolate etc. Just under par for what I paid for and expected.

4 star rating
by Pat
Feb 23, 2012

The best things outside of paradise. How can anyone not like them they are so delicious

1 star rating
by ParkingSleeping Sleeping
Jan 02, 2012

Been there done that , yeah right . The address shown is wrong , so I hope you find the place , it is a small town .I think if they served ice cream they might actually do better and just got rid of the cakes .Could not eat the stuff. The food is not as fresh as it was before the Manawtu Gorge closed .Shame about the Gorge but it should not be affected by that . I felt that the thing was full of preservatives and frozen .

3 star rating
by Danny
Dec 30, 2011

Made the big detour to buy a cheese cake . I got a jelly like thing full of preservatives . I suppose if they post them over night they need to be preserved . felt they could be yummy to locals who have no other choices .

5 star rating
by Dee
Jul 29, 2009

OMG - the best cheese cake ever. Lovely friendly staff. We will be back!!

3 star rating
by Angela Barry- Martin
Jul 18, 2009

too much preservative,couldn't complete cold jelly like cheese cake,hamish Baker melbourne

5 star rating
by Fran
Jun 29, 2009

My girlfriends and I found Yummy Mummy's cheesecakes over the weekend and found them to be absolutely devine!! the best cheesecakes I have honestly EVER tasted and we all managed to eat one small one each, savouring each mouthful slowly.
There are many to choose from and that is the hardest choice... which one to pick!

We will return!!! Thanks.

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