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5 star rating
by Fine DIning
Dec 27, 2014

A true Sunday Roast with all the sides (even crackling), for true blue kiwis with true blue hungers, the portions are more than enough for the average person and I've seen many a couple share a plate due to the size, and all at a more than reasonable price that anyone can afford while still being absolutely delicious, a true taste of home!

5 star rating
by Kim M
Feb 09, 2014

Really yummy Roast meals from here. Very good value for money. You can takeaway or dine in. The servings are so huge even if you order a small dinner. We always come here for roasts if you're in a hurry and have no time to make your own. Tastes like homemade. Highly recommended.

4 star rating
by Sam Herron
Nov 30, 2013

Lovely huge meal, I would highly recommend it. So tasty, I will go back again in a heart beat, clean and friendly staff and wonderful ...

5 star rating
by Mark
Jun 01, 2012

If you love a traditional kiwi Sunday Roast......then you MUST make your way to the "Sunday Roast" restaurant. This was our first time to Sunday Roast.....we both ordered the large meal....not too sure just how big the portions were going to be. We decided to have our meal packed for they were super busy.....very popular....the restaurant was full of diners. We waited about 10-15mins......for our order to arrive....very fast service considering what was on the menu. Our meal of Roast Lamb, with all the trimmings, gravy and mint sauce.....was fantastic. We struggled to get through each of our portion size......we agreed that we could have been satisfied with the next size the portions are huge. We will be going back. We will recommend this to all of our family and friends. Top service, Top meal, Top price....we give them an easy 5x stars. :) KUDOS to the Staff at "Sunday Roast"...we thank you.

3 star rating
by Heather Philip
May 30, 2012

the Sunday roast- my father in law loves the roasts from here and For a roast in a hurry you cant beat it .They are filling , fast , and a good price .

5 star rating
by Greta
Apr 30, 2012

I love this place.
Have taken my parents here too, and every time they come to palmy they love visiting the place even took my uncle from South Africa and he thought it was great also.
The servings are massive for the price and the potatoes are lovely.
It is always a busy place, so no wonder you know its good.
I would recommend to dine in and get the pork, love the crackling!

4 star rating
by Lianna .
Apr 29, 2012

Absolutely love this place, can never fault their Roast meats (have a few options to choose from) and potatoes, great servings; however hardly any apple/gravy is given; each time we go back we say extra apple/gravy please but has never made any difference. But this doesnt stop us going back =)

3 star rating
by Arn N.
Sep 06, 2011

my hubby loves this place!! if you are looking for value for money then this is the place for u. The boys who love their food you will definetely be back! I have only ordered the pork for my family the only thing i am disappointed about is the veges....they are steamed or boiled and not roasted at all...the spuds are tho. because of this i have rated 4. my hubby on the other hand would definetely give this place a 5 star, no doubt bout it lol

5 star rating
by Shelley
Aug 01, 2011

Sunday Roast is one of the best in town. Great value for your money thats for sure. Never had any problems with my meals Always very busy. Good variety, lamb, chicken, pork etc. Definitely recommend.

3 star rating
by Ben Jones
May 08, 2011

I can pretty much echo the other reviewers.

Good points: Excellent Value, Prompt service, Clean. Bad points: The pork contained too much fat, Potatoes were very salty, Meal portions were huge but generally too rich to be finished.

3 star rating
by Eddie
Mar 20, 2011

My wife loves this place and it looks like it's taken a few of the diners that look like previously RSA regulars - canny, retired diners after a traditional Kiwi roast. Portion sizes are generous, it pays to look at other diners servings before deciding what size you wish. The food itself is cooked well, tasty enough with standard offerings of roast pumpkin, rissole potato and kumeras. How they offer roast lamb such a reasonable cost is baffling and probably the only occasion to remember what it tastes like considering the price at the butchers. The Asian staff are attentive and working hard in a competitive environment outside of their normal comfort cuisine. Good on them. The only downside with a few reservations was a lack of evidence or recording of safe food control plans other than the PNCC rating - this may not be the case at all but although the chopping boards were wiped clean of food scraps(by knife blade), I did not observe them washed or sanitized once over the one and a half hours I was there - a very long time. There was also no evidence how long the meat had been held in the bain marie over the opening hours. This evidence would not be obvious in a concealed kitchen but as the serving is in full sight of the diners, visual reassurances by observance and documented checks is imperative. As such, my uneasiness at the lack of the above only awarded them three stars. A consolation was the night we attended was busy and the meat turnover was reasonably regular - the problem is that may not be the case every night.

4 star rating
by Nikayla Hocking
Mar 09, 2011

i have just finished eating an awesome meal from them i used there delivery service which the service was excellent and price was outstanding! i had great service over the phone also and the food was piping hot when i got it the potatoes were a little salty and kumara which are usually my favorite part were a little hard and tasteless for my liking!! the crackling was amazing however pork was more fat then meat.... pumpkin was cooked fabulously!!
overall the service was impeccable from Sunday roast and there delivery service and food was a bit of a letdown but i did end up full and healthier then eating a can of baked beans! i give 4 points!

5 star rating
by Jason
Sep 30, 2010

the guy who gave a bad review must be thinking of somewhere else. Sunday Roast is AWESOME, such good value, great tasting and good service. I go on a regular basis now and every single time has been consistently good.

5 star rating
by Jack
Sep 26, 2010

for starters the person that gave the bad review doesnt know what he's talking about this restaurant is amazing the meals are huge and delicious, you get served some nice succulent tasty clean meat not greasy at all aswell as nice crispy potato's pumpkin peas all on a plate with a healthy serving of their gravy which is fantastic, the service is great very friendly, my personal favourite is the lamb but i've also tried the beef and thats great too, i am a great fan of this place and i go there all the time highly advise you to try it out wont be disappointed

4 star rating
by Bruce Smith
Aug 02, 2010

I only recently heard about Sunday Roast and decided it was worth a try, I didn't know it existed in our city.
On walking through the door I was greeted by a female staff member who was busy at the time preparing meals. How ever she took the time to acknowledge my arrival.
I ordered and the service was prompt and efficient.
Ordered large pork to takeaway. A very generous serving and the crackling was to die for. Pork was superb and an awesome array of vegetables all piping hot.
Paid a return visit last week however due to it being situated near cinema complex no parking to be found nearby so gave it a miss. Monday night tonight parking should be okay hopefully.
Have rated a 4 star due to lack of parking and advertising. If advertising has been utilised it never reached me.
Very enjoyable meal and recommended and reasonably priced

1 star rating
by Jon Pawson
Aug 01, 2010

I visited Sunday Roast at 7.50pm on a Sunday night. I was told there was only pork left to choose from, so I had a pork meal (medium, $14).

The veges were boiled and tasteless. The potatoes were soggy. And the meat was full of fat.

I couldn't eat the whole thing. Not because it was a good sized portion (the majority of the meal was simply potato), but because I felt sick. It was greasy, soggy, fatty, and definitely not worth the $14 I paid.

I would not recommend Sunday Roast at all. It was poor in quality, price, and service. If you're looking for a "home style" meal, I recommend trying some place else.

4 star rating
by Stephen
Jul 23, 2010

Fantastic food and good portions. I recommend the pork.

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