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2 star rating 21 reviews

Telephone 09 574 6976

71 Lunn Ave
Mt Wellington
Auckland City

Chicken, Portuguese, Burgers, Family
Mon - Sun 11am - late


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Price Range:
Moderate, $15 - $25
BYO, Corkage Charge
Wheelchair Accessible:
Dietary Restrictions:
Gluten-free, Vegetarian
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Seating For:
56 inside, 4 outside
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Reviews for Nando’s

1 star rating
by Nicole W.
20th June 2014

Just had Nandos at Lunn Ave. We could hardly understand the man who served us, as he spoke very quietly. I ordered the Mediterranean salad, expecting it to be a salad which I could not make at home, and to be something that would stand out. It was merely a bag of lettuce brought from a store, thickly cut onions, cucumbers and the pieces of feta were massive! The chicken in the salad was very scarce as if they filled the whole bowl with leaves and placed 5 strips of chicken. Waste of money. I recommend to never order a salad at Nandos. I was very disappointed. Also there was a piece of plastic in my salad which had obviously come from the bag they had the lettuce leaves in! Absolutely terrible!!

2 star rating
by Paul
24th October 2013

Eating in is not the best experience. It takes ages for food to come and is quite ridiculous. Takeaway, they somehow manage to turn around the slow service. When I call and pick-up its much less hassle. There are much better Nando’s franchises out there, for example the one in Botany mall.

5 star rating
by Ankit K.
22nd October 2013

Staff is awesome, food comes in a short period and don’t have to wait to long nice but a guy charged me separately for every item when I went their for first time that was pretty bad still, good on you guys. Special requests are been properly take cared. Awesome !!!!!!

5 star rating
by Eric S.
17th September 2013

Last Sunday me, my dad and my brother in law from Brisbane went this place. Had a few beers each.
I’ve been to this place several times and endorsed by my bro in law that this is the best Nandos place.
Chicken juicy , saucy. The people are generous – you ask to put extra sauce on chicken and they follow it.
Quick and fast service with consistent taste.

5 star rating
by Kyle D.
18th August 2013

Oliver. H, I’m not sure how you figure this??? My MRS and I have been here many of a time. BEST NANDOS in Auckland, great food and service. Food is always hot, fresh and fast to your table.
Don’t listen to Oliver. H’s review. He may have only been here once and had a bad experience, but I can assure you this place is top notch!

1 star rating
by Oliver H.
3rd January 2013

This place straight out sucks.

Go to Nando’s in Sylvia Park, it’s way better.

This one is appalling both the food, and the service. Went here as a couple, ordered 2 burger combos, 1 burger arrived 15 mins after the other, chips were stone cold and obviously just sitting under the heat lamps for an hour or 2, and one burger-bun was toasted but the other not, they clearly didn’t give a stuff, when we complained about the chips, they took them back and refried them, place was dead empty, now I know why.

5 star rating
by Karly
19th November 2012

It was first time eating in Nandos on last Saturday afternoon. It was awesome chicken, little spicy though. Thanks to the guy at counter as he recommended me to try with least spicy level. Quick and fast service, guys were quick & found clean. Music was little loud for me – but that’s ok. Will go there again.

1 star rating
by Karan T.
15th September 2012

I visited this saturday in the evening, i had too much bad exprience about this restaurant, the lady who was on cash register she dnt hav any smile on her face and she serving the customer like shez giving us the free stuff, dont know how to talk with customers, dont hav any communication skills, plz dont go to this restaurant to waste ur money

1 star rating
by eric
12th September 2012

Visited this place a few days ago on way home, had I known how bad service was I would have happily went somewhere else. I’m pretty sure all waiters/cashiers have communication issues, I was standing there trying not to burst out in laughter as person before me was ordering, when it came to my turn I had just as much difficultly, I had to resort to sign language almost to point out what I wanted, I must have also said like 5 times what level of spicyness I wanted my Chicken Burger (hot), needless to say this place fails bad *BEYOND EPIC FAIL), my chicken Burger arrived after a considerable wait (close to 30 mins, and there was barely anyone in there), and it was quite possibly the worst constructed burger I’ve ever seen in my life and was the mildest hot I’ve ever come across, tables were dirty, the restaurant is badly managed, poor customer service, I really have nothing good to say about this place and I can’t give this place less then 1 star, if you like dining in the 7th pit of hell or just mildly sadomasochistic, feel free to dine here, you might actually like it.

1 star rating
by mandy o.
7th September 2012

I ordered a meal to take away and sat down to wait. One of the staff walked over to me and handed the meal. Got all the way home to find he had given me the incorrect meal. Sadly it was food I couldnt even eat. There was all of 2 of us waiting for meals and they still managed to stuff it up. It doesnt help that I cant understand their accent. Couldnt be bothered driving all the way back on a Friday night with traffic and finding a park. $20 gone down the drain :( They seriously need to get their act together!

1 star rating
by Feroz D.
30th June 2012

So I saw the bad reviews also, and wanted to try it. I hope there isn’t a 3rd person or anyone else who does this.

I would not go to Lunn Ave Nandos again.

The first time I called, I made an order, I got there with not the correct order. I was told 20 mins and when I got there it was a further 15 minutes… not impressed.

Second time I called and before I hung up, I said what drink did I order? and of course, he got it wrong. that’s when I ended it, I said cancel my order and I hung up.

This place is complete joke, this owner is completely hopeless, he has no HR skills, hires a bunch of downies and probably buggers off doing his own thing at some restaurant somewhere else.

This has really put me off Nandos. Save your money, and go to Subway accross the road, I’d rather a bacon and eggs at Subway (which is disgusting) than go to Nandos on Lunn Ave.

end of story

4 star rating
by Valerie
28th May 2012

Ok, I have seen bad reviews. As I am a neighbour with these guys, wanted to see myself. Today, Monday, 28 May, I called them at abt 7pm. The call was answered in a few sec. I asked how busy they were as I was very hungry and wanted to eat “NOW” :) A woman said they were fairly busy but she took the order. I arrived with my partner in 10 min. My fiesta with sweet corns were ready. Nicely cooked, we had notning to complain about, a bit spicy for my taste, but I loved it. Surely, I would be back, Valerie.

1 star rating
by Fiona M.
8th April 2012

I ordered food to eat in for three people and 2 items to take away. We waited over 30 minutes and when food had still not arrived went to the counter only to find it had been sitting there for ages. The food was cold. While the guy at the counter apologised he did not offer to cook new food or anything. I pointed out that it was clearly noted on their copy of the receipt that most of the food was to be eaten in. Still a lame ‘sorry’. I was so angry I grabbed food and left.

At home the food was cold and disgusting. I would never go back there and certainly would recommend to other people to never eat there. Very disappointing.

2 star rating
by wrecker4
22nd March 2012

Unfortunately I have a friend that eats at Nandos 4-5 days a week and when I get asked out to a meal, I have to eat there too.. I find the food really dry and expensive for what it is, the Lunn Ave staff never smile or say hello.. they are not in to service as they got rid of their coffee machine because they say, it was not selling.. every time we go there, night time or lunch time the place is empty, even on a public holiday, the other restaurants were full but Nandos was empty.

1 star rating
by Kerensa R.
7th December 2011

Just agreeing with other reviews. The Onehunga Nandos was always nice, so when I moved, I tried this one. I now don;t eat fried chicken. Ever. It is hard to tell what put me off the most- crap service, dry chicken, undercooked chips or waiting 40 minutes.

1 star rating
by Zhi L.
5th September 2011

This is the worst Nandos I have ever eaten at. Customer service turns to custard the moment you whip out a deal voucher. I got given the look, my food got chucked on the counter top. Booking rejected cuz the restaurant was “full” (after I mentioned I had a deal voucher). But what do you know … there were only 3 filled tables of 15 when I arrived.

1 star rating
by Allan F.
21st July 2011

We turned up at the restaurant in the late afternoon on Sunday and it was closed for 3 hour break. Good way to sell chicken when the doors don’t open. Waste of time driving there in the busy traffic. Management should be more organised and shouldn’t have the shop closed at a busy time.

5 star rating
by N.A
17th July 2011

Went to Nandos using a deal voucher today ($10 for $25 value) and have no complaints. The food was excellent as was the service. I have been to the Lunn Ave store numerous times and same great service/food as always. Will definitely be back :D.

1 star rating
by Sharlene S.
13th July 2011

Just before I start.. I have a zero rating for this but have to select 1 to get past it

I agree with the other comments, i have been calling the restaurant since 5 in the evening but their phone was engaged. Called Manukau Nando’s and was told that’s their only number. Ended up driving to Lunn Ave around 8.30ish and the lady there was closing up. When asked her if the restaurant is closed she said “yes because we were busy and we sold out of everything and cant take any more orders come back tomorrow. When I complained about the phone being engaged she said I was lying? :( what the hell. Told her that their line is busy from 5 in the evening and she looked around for few seconds and was like SORRY OUR PHONE IS DEAD THATS WHY ITS ENGAGED” And when i told her that i read the reviews in the website and is it that I will get just the $10 value meal and not the $25? her reply was ” WHAT THE HELL DO YOU EXPECT IN $10?” omg the worst customer service i ever had! she asked me to come back today but no guarantee that I will get the meal since if they are sold out they will close the restaurant since they don’t have any thing to sell… I would rather pay $25 at other restaurant and get the service then getting the $10 (value $25) voucher deal and getting the worst service ever!

1 star rating
by Yvonne
10th July 2011

I want to put zero star for this if there is one. This is the worst food I have ever had. BURNT CHICKEN!!!!!! I drove all the way 22km to this restaurant (as I bought the 10 dollars voucher for $25 food) to get a fiesta meal takeaway. I just realised that the whole pack of chicken pieces were in black colour and the potato salad was half full, almost the same size as a small potato salad when I got home. I tried to ring them but their phone number was engaged. I just don know where to get help now, I’m hungry!

1 star rating
by Crystal C.
8th July 2011

Would like to have NO stars for Nandos Lunn Ave but you have to rate it with at least one for your review to appear. Had a booking tonight at 7.30pm. We turned up at the restaurant and the waitress said that they were not taking food orders for two hours. When we told here that we had a booking for 7.30pm, she responded that all bookings were cancelled. When asked why we did not get a phone call about the cancellation, she had a blank look on her face, spoke to someone who was cooking and came back with no answer. Nobody even explained what the problem was. There was no manager there taking care of the situation. The restaurant was half full and there were people dining there. We ended up going down the road and getting Wendy’s. Really not impressed.

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