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Mango Restaurant

3_half star rating 21 reviews

Telephone 03 539 4916

227-229 Hardy St
Nelson City

Family, Indian, Malaysian, Asian
Lunch: Mon - Sat 11.30am - 2pm
Dinner: Mon - Sun 5pm - Late
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Mango Restaurant offers healthy, exotic, delicious food! Mango is unique in that we serve a very particular range of food: It is healthyand exotic food that will titilate your taste buds. Mango’s food is ‘fast’, but is also guilt-free. Here’s a meal out that won’t blow a hole through your pocket. At MANGO we take pride in offering flavoursome and healthy alternatives to fatty fast food and oil-rich ethnic cuisines.


Photo of Mango Restaurant
Butter Chicken
Chicken Tikka Salad
Laksa - Chicken or Prawn
Naanizza - Chicken or Vege
Saffron Chicken

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Price Range:
Moderate, $15 - $25
Good For Groups:
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Beer, Wine, Spirits
BYO, Corkage Charge
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Takes Reservations:
Dietary Restrictions:
Gluten-free, Soy-free, Dairy-free, Vegan, Vegetarian
Meals Served:
Lunch, Dinner, Dessert
Payment Types:
EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, Diners
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Reviews for Mango Restaurant

2 star rating
by Natalie G.
14th February 2014

We ordered online via their website and recieved a confirmation but when we showed up 15 mins later they hadn’t see our order so had to make from scratch then (not ideal, if you offer online ordering you need to check it!)

The food was very average but that might be our fault for ordering Malaysian from an Indian restaurant. Very few veges, not tofu even though it was listed on the menu and not very flavoursome. Our roti was also rubbery as if it had been microwaved.

Pretty disappointed but might try the Indian at some point.

4 star rating
by Josef B.
12th January 2014

The good thing going for this place is the Mango brand. And it just so happens that this is the second best place in NZ that I’ve had Malaysian food. The best by far is Satay Kingdom in Wellington but hey I digress.

Three of us came here after the Nelson Masked Parade and regretably I haven’t been back since but the others have quite regualrly.

The accompanying roti with my meal made the dish! Plus the supersonic speed which we were served was a bonus too because I hate waiting and waiting and waiting for a meal to be served especially on an empty stomach.

You won’t need to save up all week to eat here and you’ll leave with a full and staisfied belly

5 star rating
by Tressa
22nd September 2013

I am a big fan of Mango restaurants, lately I haven’t been raving about the service. Then this week I took my children to the Nelson branch. This was the best service and food we had experienced at Mango. Well done I had the Safron chicken for the 1st time amazing. We had the banquet for two amazing value for money, go easy on the rice.

4 star rating
by Geoff S.
1st January 2013

I was with the family on holiday in Nelson – We had a nice lunch: Beef Madras, a mini meal and the nanwich for the kids.
The food was delicious and it was reasonably priced. Only $27 for 2 adults and 2 kids.

Don’t expect lots of food or a lot of meat but considering the price it’s okay.

It is defiantly much better value than eating a subway or a burger.

The service was very prompt and we enjoyed the quiet time in the restaurant.

4 star rating
by Lisa Y.
27th October 2012

My partner and I always come to Mango Nelson for great service and delicous Mango Safron Chicken, I cant get this dish anywhere else, it is honestly amazing.

3 star rating
by Nicky W.
5th September 2012

A budget friendly night out with the coffee group mums, but not awesome.
A large group table took the attention of the staff, not bothering to offer any desserts (so we went to Sweet As for them). The meals are what they are, they could definately use a little more of the meat components in each dish.
Ambience is lacking something, staff just do their jobs.

2 star rating
by David W.
17th July 2012

Have been to Mango twice, the first time was ok enough for me to go back a second time but that was a mistake, ordered the Mango Chicken….you’d think you’d get chicken in a dish called “Mango Chicken” I think there was about 3 pieces, it was just all gravy & even that was abit bland. Won’t be back.

3 star rating
by Mandy
9th July 2012

I’ve revised this review as after our latest visit things seem to have changed a little bit and I wonder if there is new management.

The onion bhajia is one of the best I’ve ever had and the meals were very tasty, the order was delivered correctly.

Apparently though some things don’t change as the service is still very lackadaisical – no niceties like smiling or clearing plates at the end of the meal etc.

Good for crowds and large gatherings though as it has almost no atmosphere at all, create your own in a functional space.

4 star rating
by Giselle
15th June 2012

I go there often for takeaway lunch. Enjoy their curries and naanwiches :)

2 star rating
by Ana C.
10th June 2012

I totally agreed with Missa A’s opinion about Mango restaurant.
We have tried so many authentic Malaysian food, probably this was the least in our favourite list. I ordered laksa, when it arrived I was disappointed, there was hardly any noodle, generous veggies (broccoli/cauli flower/beans), few chickens and boiled egg. In the past I tried the same menu when Mango recently opened, it was so nice, served in a big bowl with plenty of fresh noodle, chicken, tofu, and bean sprout. This is more like Malaysian cuisine. The laksa they have, they might call it, red curry instead of laksa. And you have to order some rice or naan otherwise you will be starving just having a bowl of chicken and vegies in red curry soup. This will be our last visit. I think their specialities are Indian food, better called Indian cuisine. Do order Indian but NOT Malaysian cuisine. By the way they overcharged me $1 as well. Funny is this the way they tried to collect their tip.

1 star rating
by Reece M.
2nd October 2011

Went to this place with a couple of friends as we thought we will get decent Malaysian food. The menu is more towards Indian cuisine but I taught “hey, there’s nothing wrong with that”. The waitress came to take order even before we get to look at the menu. We asked for a couple of minutes but the other waitress approach us right after the other left asking the same question. We did not want to be rude so we placed our order in hurry.

I ordered their chicken laksa described as delicious chicken cooked in curry with noodle and fresh vegetable with boiled egg but when the food turn up in small bowl, the content was so thick that I couldn’t even swallow it without feeling like I’m eating a lump of fat. There was only a small amount of noodle (more like a quarter of those noodle you get in a packet of instant noodle). The vegetable consist of 1 piece of broccoli and 2 half green bean tasted like they just been thawed in microwave.

Went to pay after feeling sick at the end of the meal. Had to go to the counter twice as none of them seems interested to take even swipe the eftpos card. I was charged NZD14.99 and I was thinking wait a minute, the menu said it is NZD13.99. I told the waitress that she mistakenly charged me extra dollar but she suddenly became annoyed at me and said the till charged that price and that is what I HAVE to pay. She said they change the price a month ago on the till but not on the menu. So I have to pay NZD14.99. I asked to talk to the manager but she said he was out and I have to wait for 10 minutes for him to come back if I want the NZD1. At the end, they called the manager and was told to give me back the extra NZD1 that they charged me. She still insist that I should have paid NZD14.99 when she handed me the dollar.

I’m a Malaysian and I’m embarrassed that this restaurant is promoted as Malaysian restaurant. Nothing about it represent Malaysia.

Bad food, rude waitresses and horrendous service!

2 star rating
by Lauren O.
10th July 2011

The experience for a large group tonight was disappointing. Service was slack with the waitress avoiding the table and giving sharp and rude answers to questions on top of trying to move a baby in a capsule down to another end of the table for convenience reasons which wasn’t necessary as it wasn’t a hazard. Took one of the table asking to order drinks and then food to be able to order anything. The food itself was lovely but that is a credit to the kitchen staff not the service. The whole table of 11 was shocked by the rudeness of the waitress and would definitely think twice before returning.

5 star rating
by Rochelle
24th April 2011

As a non-fan of the Mango restaurant situated in Richmond, I was a little more than slightly apprehensive about trying the one based in Nelson City, but my friends continue to rave about how good it is, so I decided to give it a second chance. Well, the decor and room setup was MUCH more improved as opposed to the small, crowded one in Richmond. The food wait time was brief and when the food arrived I was VERY happy with the outcome. There were MANY vegetarian options available and I ordered a chana masala which tasted perfect and I could choose my preferred level of spice. My fellow diners both ordered lamb korma and loved it too. We also ordered some naan bread which was very tasty and the staff were always friendly and welcoming. Only issue I had was with some fellow diners who were in a table across the room who seemed to be a bit tipsy and kept yelling and laughing loudly, however I understand that some customers are difficult to deal with. Will DEFINITELY be back soon!

5 star rating
by Lainey
10th December 2010

Always have fantastic food and friendly service. Excellent value for money

5 star rating
by Philip v.
24th March 2010

I give Mango Restaurant 10 out of 10 best value best food and best service.
They deserve the Nobel price for the best restaurant. You will want to go back and back and taste all 43 dishes

4 star rating
by Brenda G.
18th March 2010

We were on the way to the airport last Friday and picked up takeaways from Mango to eat at the airport. Thanks to the staff for the great service and food was wonderful as always.

1 star rating
by Katie A.
6th March 2010

I am not too sure what to say really. I saw their advert in one of the tourist guides and got interested in the look and concept of fresh, healthy Indian/Asian food. But I was completely disappointed with everything while I was there. It was not fast or healthy as they claim. It is just another middle of the road Indian restaurant with big branding as something unique. I had Lamb Masala wich was just okay. My partner’s Palak Paneer tasted funny, the spinach tasted like it has gone off. The manager (could be owner) was really trying hard to keep the show running but he severely lacked professionalism. Must be new in the industry. The deco was a patch work and seemed confused… ‘neither here nor there’. Altogether the place did not look clean. Oh and we did not get any water to drink till we asked for it after finishing our meal. Dont think we will give it another try. :(

4 star rating
by Julie Bay
24th August 2009

I think the Richmond Mango restaurant is great. We go there very regularly and have always had wonderful dining experiences or takeaways. We have never had a bad meal there.

5 star rating
by Bevan S.
25th May 2009

Have eaten at Mango Restaurant several times and I always find their food fantastic and the service fast & friendly. Their menu also represents great value for money. Highly recommended !

5 star rating
by Chris H.
25th May 2009

From day 1 it has been my favorite restaurant. Very tasty food and unbelievably reasonable price. Great service too. Highly recommended.

5 star rating
by Julius Tyukodi
6th April 2009

What can I say? I dine at Mango at least three times a week. Great food, excellent service and great people! Wouldn’t imagine dining anywhere else in Nelson or Richmond. Absolutely Love It!!

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