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3 star rating 18 reviews

Telephone 03-341 6883

102 Riccarton Rd

Sun - Thur 11.30am - 9.30pm
Fri - Sat 11.30am - 10.00pm


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Our famous dumplings!
Our beautiful cake cabinet! You can order cakes from our restaurant now!
Stuffed Tofu with minced prawn.
Spicy King Prawn.

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Restaurants, Takeaway / Fast Food
Price Range:
Moderate, $15 - $25
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Lunch, Dinner

Reviews for Joyful Restaurant

1 star rating
by Andrew T.
6th May 2014

They refused to serve me and my companion, despite 2 small tables remaining vacant – very obviously so. Because they were busy they claimed they would only accept tables of 3. Go figure. Despite what I saw was more people leaving than entering, go figure even more.

So I went to the equally busy Indian restaurant across the street. They went out of their way to accommodate us and even despite saying there may be some considerable delay in serving us, it didn’t turn out that way. Far from it. Shame on Joyful, you performed very poorly and exemplify the worst kind of customer service whilst your competitor across the street exemplifies the best. I shall never return.

5 star rating
by Sharon L.
2nd February 2014

I eat at Joyful Restaurant regularly. The food is always amazing and the staff a generally very good. This restaurant is very very good value for money; the atmosphere is great and they are very child friendly. Every now and then on a busy day we may wait a little but so what!!!????….. it’s cheap and cheerful and if you are with good company it really doesn’t matter.
See you again soon Joyful!!

1 star rating
by Samantha B.
25th January 2014

I am a 15 year old vegetarian, and have been to Joyful Restaurant many times with a group of 3 families (12 people). When we go to Joyful, as a starter we get large trays of wontons, pork dumplings and vegetarian spring rolls.

Today while I was there for dinner, I bit into one of the spring rolls and it tasted different to usual. I looked into the spring roll, and it had meat in it. Meat in a vegetarian spring roll.

I was honestly horrified. I will never ever be dining here again, which means when my family is there I will have to sit there doing nothing. It has put me off spring rolls forever and I despise Joyful for this.

2 star rating
by Nicola
13th December 2013

I have been going to Joyful Restaurant for over 25 years, regularly taking people there both from Christchurch and all over the world.
I have recommended it countless times, been hundreds of times, and never regretted it.
Until this year.
I have been embarrassed and disappointed, every visit this year so far. In fact, my companion and I considered refusing to pay the visit before last. it was that embarrassingly bad. not only was the food not tasty, some was cold, it took ages, wasn’t correct and the service was damn awful.
Not to mention the entire time we were there, there was a trolley of dirty dishes parked right next to our table, right near the main entrance. it wasn’t cleared once, just occasionally added to. Not a good impression.
It is with regret, I am no longer a fan of Joyful, and I am now seeing other Chinese restaurants, no longer on auto dial on my phone. No more dumplings to takeaway, because I was nearby and couldn’t resist. With sadness in my heart, I’m moving on.

1 star rating
by Teresa L.
28th September 2013

The food is average and the service is terrible. Lady at the checkout has too much pride in her face and doesn’t even reply with a thanks. Don’t think I will be stepping inside this restaurant again if they don’t change their attitude.

5 star rating
by Michael P.
11th August 2013

In my business as a horse trainer I often entertain owners, The Joyful is a fantastic dining experience. The food is outstanding and the restaurant layout suits groups of people. My only fear is that it is now so popular that you need to book in days ahead.

3 star rating
by Leigh R.
25th July 2013

We have been to this restaurant four times in the last year, each time it has been a girls night, and i will admit we were a bit loud, but the other diners were good and gave us some ribbing…. the service is slow…. the meals are mostly good…. fried rice could have more flavour, the crispy chicken is delicious… so it has its good and bad points there, but if they upped their service, it would be great… will be going back though.

1 star rating
by Geoffrey H.
8th July 2013

Didn’t have a chance to try the food. Was given a table and waited for service for 20 minutes before leaving. We did try to attract the attention of the staff but we were ignored. Worst service experience I have had in chch and I regularly eat out in New Zealand and throughout Asia.

5 star rating
by Daphne M.
5th April 2013

We went there last night. 60 of us. We had the best time. Great food and excellent service. No problems at all even though we were such a large group.
The staff were very attentive and the food came with no gaps or waiting between courses. We made a lot of noise but never felt we were disturbing the other diners. Would recommend dining here to any one.

3 star rating
by Alan L.
6th March 2013

I had not been there before and have family and friends who had and my expectations were high, but my comment is “disappointing”. I make better Kiwi Chinese food with a more diverse vegetable selection, more protein ingredients and better tasting.

1 star rating
by James M.
31st January 2013

The Joyful Restaurant is anything but… it was my first time here since its re-opening and it’s fair to say I won’t be back. The restaurant was very busy with most tables filled, we sat down and waited to be served, after about 15 minutes we had to go up to the counter to order drinks then after that try to attract one of the staff who were neither friendly or helpful to take our order. We had dumplings to start which were nice enough, and fish cakes which resembled little bland rubber bullets. For our mains we had satay chicken which was very bland, curry noodles which were ok, egg plant with pork mince which was nice, and one of the better lemon chicken dishes I have had, nice and crispy and a good lemon sauce we also had fried rice for the table which didn’t seemed fried at all and was very bland. Half the dishes came without serving utensils which we had to get our selves as the staff were too busy. I recommend Joyful only as a take away option, and the one star review is based purely on the terrible service and bland tasting food. In my opinion there is far superior Chinese restaurants out there.

3 star rating
by Kelly S.
21st December 2012

Ok meal. First time at new building. The lemon chicken was very sickly too much sauce and fake lemon flavour. Quite big meals though.Chicken cashew was nice lots of nice veges too.

5 star rating
by Joe R.
18th December 2012

I have been going here for 10 years and even though 5 years was over seas, every time I came back I had to go.

Now I’m back living here it is a weekly occasion.

Would recommend to anyone and the dumplings are great

5 star rating
by Arch C.
6th October 2012

Have been a long-term fan of Joyful since well before the earthquakes. V pleased to have them up and running again! I have taken literally dozens of groups to Joyful over the years: friends, international visitors, and international students. We have never been disappointed – the food is consistently fresh, hot, flavoursome and attractive on the plate. Our most recent visit a couple of weeks ago simply confirmed for us the consistency of this very popular restaurant. Certainly, their prices have gone up considerably, but understandably so, given the rebuild/relocation etc. I hope Andrei will give them another chance – as the other reviews show, his experience is very atypical.

5 star rating
by Katrina R.
3rd October 2012

Great meal at Joyful Restaurant last night it was the first time we had been. Amazing food brought super quick. Lots of very helpful smiling staff. Would definitely visit again soon. And they have a take away menu.

1 star rating
by Andrei M.
6th September 2012

Worst service I have ever received at a restaurant, tried so hard to get the staff to take our order or ask for some water and they were just useless and ignored us. I had to go up to the counter 5 times throughout the evening because there was no other way to get any service and I wasn’t buying drinks either. I saw 0 smiles on any faces of staff. The food was ok but I will definitely never ever consider going back.

5 star rating
by David H.
1st September 2012

Amazing food in a plush setting but very affordable. We dine here every 2 weeks. Crispy skin pork and chilli beans with minced pork are our faves. Would love to see dim sum menu added for lunch diners.

5 star rating
by Kiri C.
9th August 2012

OOhh my god when I heard you were re-opened in Riccarton it made my year! I missed your wonderful food and generous plate servings.
Always had wonderful experience dining in at “Joyful”. Worth the trip from Greymouth to Christchurch to eat your food again! Hallelujah best Chinese food ever!

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