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John Dory's Takeaway

3 star rating 14 reviews

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09 3601452

182 Jervois Road, Herne Bay, Auckland

  Fish and Chips, Seafood
12 Noon to 9 PM (Tue-Sun), Mon Closed


Reviews for John Dory's Takeaway

5 star rating
by Yitong Hong
8 months ago

I love the fish and chips here!!!!!! It's the best I have had! I always go there but sadly their opening time so weird like different time in week days.....

5 star rating
by Sheryl Glasse
Oct 24, 2014

Phoned for my order as I was busy working.  When I arrived they had given it to someone else ! grr.  However they quickly made my dinner and gave it to me on the house.  They even came up the street to deliver it to me.

Wonderful reprieve and great fish and chips and will go back again.

5 star rating
by Emma Craig
Mar 12, 2013

Being a local in Herne Bay, I visit John dory’s regularly.
I normally get crumbed snapper and chips. It is SUPERB! crispy and well drained. The fish burgers are divine too. Nice friendly service and love the short wait on the phone orders. Highly recommend !!

1 star rating
by Pandey Panderson
Feb 23, 2013

Such great potential, but let down majorly with the mussels. I ordered 1 chips, 1 spring roll, and 5 mussels. The chips were great, best I've had in a while. The spring roll was good value & tasty. But unfortunately, the mussels (of which I paid for 5 & received 5) were TERRIBLE!! They were absolutely tasteless, & 2 of them were tiny (slightly bigger than a $2 coin). Possibly the worst mussels I've ever eaten. Not what I would expect at all from a place that claims to have "the best seafood with fresh fish delivered daily"... I phoned the shop soon after & told them the situation, & all they offered me was an apology, no promise of action to rectify the situation; poor customer service to top it all off. I will not be returning.

4 star rating
by Sarah
Jan 12, 2013

Divine fish and chips. Clean store and friendly staff. The fish was also really fresh :) Not overly greasy like other fish and chip places. Would have preferred to have given 4 and a half stars if had been possible only wish they sold john dory, otherwise excellent Quality and Recommended!

4 star rating
by Timothy
Jul 22, 2012

Living nearby I collect bread-crumbed fish twice a week, always fresh and tasty.

1 star rating
by Robert Stevens
Jul 20, 2012

Worst fish and chips ever. Greasy, soggy and tasteless. Avoid at all costs! We will never visit this place again. It is the kind of place that even a call to explain how bad the meal is, is met with complete disinterest - so much for satisfying customers. Left with a vile, greasy taste after the experience.

4 star rating
by Thripence
Oct 29, 2011

These guys are generally pretty good. Reasonably consistent. Fish always fresh. Chips can be overcooked at times. I recommend this place.

3 star rating
by Dave Lee
Sep 16, 2011

Nice clean place & good fish - Snapper, Terkihi, etc.

But much to my disappointment John Dory does not sell John Dory.

4 star rating
by Kelly Waaka
Jun 16, 2011

Best chippie in Auckland! Shop is lovely and clean and the service quick and friendly AAA++++!!!

5 star rating
by Kay Baker
Feb 15, 2011

Just recently had a fleeting trip back to Auckland and fancied some schnapper! We were staying in Herne Bay and purchased cooked oysters, mussels,schnapper and chips from John Dorys. The shop was very clean and the food and service excellent.
Would definitely recommend!

5 star rating
by Priya
Apr 06, 2010

This was a fluke that turned out to be such a pleasant gift for a scrumptious, delishhhhhhh burger in the city! I haven't had such an amazing fish burger ANYWHERE...worth every cent, every minute of the wait :) Great size, well made for a burger (in terms of how the lettuce etc was placed too), well packed...even the fries felt healthy- probably coz of how well they were wrapped and ridden of excess oil. With eventual popularity, I hope the quality of their food NEVER transforms into that of any regular burger place.

5 star rating
by Tom
Jan 13, 2010

My wife and I stopped here for tea and order from the menu fish and chips we were so pleasantly surprise the quality and flavor of the food , we suggest you go here some time soon.

5 star rating
by Karen
Jan 13, 2010

We were there on a very busy night, things smelled so good, ordered fish and chips with a salad, it was well worth the wait and breaking my diet, I would go back here time and time again.Thank you for a absolutely wonderful meal and service with a smile.

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