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De Grand Thai Restaurant & Bar

4 star rating 42 reviews

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09 5222233

93 Great South Road

12 Noon to 3 PM, 5:30 PM to 10 PM (Mon-Fri), 5:30 PM to 10 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for De Grand Thai Restaurant & Bar

5 star rating
by Dimitrios Konstantopoulos
9 days ago

Almost perfect. Great food super clean good service. Cannot go wrong here.
Maybe a bit pricey but hey this is the ultimate Thai experience in Auckland in my opinion.
Keep it up....

5 star rating
by BQW "creme Brulee"
one month ago

With guests in town given Chinese NY this was a well reputed Thai establishment. A
Quite a large roomy outlet so getting a table isnt the usual chore. Still recommend reserving on key days. Spring rolls pictured come in a glass 4 served. These were a little over fried and oily. 3/5.
Chicken satay was perfect fresh spring roll is menu but note they are vegetarian.
Mains were of good standard service was uneven.

4 star rating
by Kulbhushan Joshi
2 months ago

Great ambience. Actually a really humming place. Food was good and tasty. Some vegetarian options but only manipulated meat dishes. would be nice to see more vege options. 
Prices are high but I suppose it goes with the area and the class of ppl they maybe targeting. Maybe. Portions were good.

1 star rating
by Su Yeon Lee
3 months ago

We went there last night and Grand it is not !
Service is pretty poor, as staff that serve you look very uninterested in even being there.
Food was poor, being red curry was the only exception as it was ok.
We ordered tempura vegetables , it was horrible ,basically just batter fried bits of random vegetable pieces, in really thick batter, just yuck.
Do your self a favour and don't waste your time and money going there !

5 star rating
by Stu
3 months ago

This place is our local - they have a great menu, and an excellent lunchtime deal.  They are also BYO, which is good for evening dinners too.

The curries are full of flavour, and not too greasy.  Can recommend the De Grand Duck - tastes delicious flamboued in brandy.  

Service is friendly, and they do takeaways too.  Not the cheapest Thai around, but well worth it.

1 star rating
by Polina Kozlova
5 months ago

This restaurant is a shocker! I've never came across a place (a restaurant) with zero hospitality service knowledge & experience. This restaurant is either very short on customers, or has so many of them that they don't care about getting more!!!

My son today decided to order some takeaway from there when I was going away for the evening. He placed an order that needed to be picked up. After approximately 2 minutes our plans changed and we've called the restaurant (timing - it was not more than 3-4 minutes from the time we ordered!). What my 10 year old son was told when he said ''I am sorry, we need to cancel the order''. He was told that ''We don't care. You order is already ready!'' (2 minutes after the order was placed- it was allegedly ready. I've never been to a restaurant like that, have you? Where an order of 6 dishes is ready in 2 minutes). To that my son told that he is home alone and no one would be able to pick up the food and he had changed his mind. A person on the phone answered him: ''we don't care. We will deliver it to you''. My son told I am sorry I don't want it anymore, I don't need it delivered and I am not going to pay. They just told him ''whatever, it will get delivered to you!''. My son then called me and I had to call the restaurant myself. They've told me exactly the same thing (I've spoken to the manager, than was redirected to the boss) - they told me it will get deliver and that they don't care. I questioned them about the fact that food could not have gotten cooked in 2 minutes - that this was just ridiculous - and that they are breaching basic hospitality and contract law in general!!! Even if we've breached the contract, they had no rights to deliver the goods (food) to me. All they could do is go and sue me for the money if they believe I've breach the ''basic'' contract between us. The lady on the phone did not care. She just told me it will get delivered and you will be charged. I've asked her ''how do you think you are going to charge me? You don't have any credit cards details''. To what she said: ''I will keep coming to your house every day until you pay!''. I was simply speechless on that phone!!!! I would never have expected that someone who works (owns!!) a restaurant could even say something like that!! And obviously, it is not about the money at all - i could pay them thousands - it is just that feeling you get that these people are not deserved to get paid when they go against all the rules. (Especially when you are a lawyer- like me - and know you can easily take them to court on the ground of contract law).

Anyway, food got delivered around 6.30. 
At 9.30 while my son was still home alone a guy from that restaurant came and rang the ball and said he it from the restaurant and came for money. 

I am still in shock recovering from this situation. Having being to Thailand so many times, and having communicated with Thai people a lot, knowing how polite and kind they are - I am simply shocked by people working in this restaurant and have a strong feeling that they are not from Thailand - people from Thailand would never behave like this. 

I would never recommend this restaurant to anyone. When employees and owners of it behave in this way.. I can't even imagine how bad everything else is. 

I might actually wait till they come and knock at my door again and call police for removing them on the basis of trespass. People like this need to be taught a proper lesson. 
''I will come to your home every day till you pay the money'' - living in New Zealand you don't come across these kind of people very often.. actually this is my first time. Maybe the lady boss should come herself if she fancies some action in court.

4 star rating
by Eat Pray Love
8 months ago

De Grand Thai is my fave Thai restaurant in Auckland. My sister and I always get take out from here and it never disappoints.

We love the pad Thai, masaman lamb curry, chicken Penang, Tom yum soup and the mixed appetisers (curry puffs, satay chicken, money bags and I think spring rolls, can't remember the last one!)

The pad that is full of flavour and they can cook it according to your spice preference. The masaman curry and penang curry are both cooked in a coconut milk base so share the same flavours. They are good substitutes for each other depending on whether you're a lamb person or a chicken person. The currys come with generous rice portions that are always fluffy and light

Dining in at de grand is awesome as well. Staff are attentive and friendly and they also have traditional Thai performances once a week (can't remember what day!) the ambience and decor is really nice and modern and it's a great place to celebrate an occasion!

If you're keen to try a new Thai place, make it De Grand!:)

3 star rating
by Nirma Killa
10 months ago

I went to De Grand Restaurant on Saturday night with my family. The ambiance was awesome, a bit too noisy though. Service could have been better. We got an incorrect order which we ended up taking because they brought it twice. The staff taking my order refused to come closer while taking order..he said he could hear me, guess not.

The spicy curry we ordered had more water than a spices. the rest of the food was good.

5 star rating
by Nadine Dornbusch
Feb 24, 2014

The food is absolutely fantastic. So much choice. Fantastic service. They made sure we had everything we needed during the evening. Great atmosphere. We had someone with us in a wheelchair and the access was great. The bathroom facilities were immaculate and perfect for her to use. We will be recommending this restaurant to all our friends and we will be back. Thank you.

3 star rating
by Minyee Seow
Jul 14, 2013

This restaurant has very nice atmosphere and interior designs. Ordered the banquet dinner, Fried snapper sweet and sour ( i think Pla Lard Pik) is really nice, unfortunately it just stops there. Stir fry veges with chicken/pork/beef - using the same veges only different sauces. Not impressed at all. Red curry was okay. I think there are other Thai restaurants that serve much more authentic Thai food in Auckland.

5 star rating
by Marta Piszel
May 26, 2013

It's a great place. Nice atmosphere, great, fresh food, fast and pleasant service and a lovely corner for young children which made us feel so welcome when we visited with a toddler. Will definitely come back.

5 star rating
by Michelle Young
Apr 26, 2013

This restaurant has been my saving grace. I haven't always been able to dine in although when I have the service has been lovely. We tend to get takeaways and it feels like such a nice treat, so handy to us and all the family love the food from here.

1 star rating
by CC So
Mar 23, 2013

The food was OK, was served pretty fast.
Service was pretty average, wasn't polite or attentive like other friendly Thai restaurants.
This was my third time and the service is getting worse.
Wouldn't go again from next time.
There's plenty of other Thai restaurants that I would go to

5 star rating
by Katrina Bellamy
Mar 12, 2013

A lovely stylish restaurant with attentive service and great food. Food was really scrummy, spring rolls and dumplings had sensational pastry - crispy, light and non greasy. Didn't realise until the end but there was a lovely kids playroom under the stairs. We'll be back.

3 star rating
by Mane Bradich
Mar 02, 2013

Faultless service, beautiful ambiance, attractively presented food. But unfortunately the food was very bland! Thai food is my favourite so was disappointed/surprised that the food at this restaurant had such little flavour/no punch to it.

4 star rating
by Linda P
Jan 16, 2013

It was a most enjoyable evening. Very attentive staff, comprehensive menu, beautifully presented meals. We have been here before and will return.

2 star rating
by Cathy Smith
Jan 14, 2013

I've eaten here several times before but last night was a big disappointment. Although the restaurant was quiet, the service was shocking and we had to wave over staff several times ! The food was below usual standard ( sent the non sizzling steak back) and the ladies toilet was dirty and without basic requirements. I could go on & on but suffice to say, we won't be returning!

5 star rating
by Cherie Torepe
Dec 24, 2012

De Grand Thai Restaurant is my favourite and the best Thai Food ever. I always choose to take my visitors because I know that they will not be disappointed. The restaurant has nice ambiance and generally overall great service, food and made to feel welcome.

4 star rating
by Joy Hillman
Dec 18, 2012

Great service - prompt and friendly. Food was excellent and our party were well looked after. Clean & tidy - overall a lovely place. Would certainly recommend and would visit again.

4 star rating
by Anne Hunter
Dec 14, 2012

Modern, pleasant decor. Service very good. Food absolutely delicious - wonderful menu and superb food and variety. A wonderful evening spoiled only by EXCESSIVE noise. Couldn't hear ourselves think - or talk!! I recommend some noise baffling/dulling materials.

Anne Hunter

5 star rating
by Melanie Shaw
Dec 14, 2012

We held our work Christmas party here last night, we had over 90 people and the staff at the restaurant made it all so easy. The food was out of this world and came in abundance I have to say this is some of the best Thai food I have tasted and the feedback from the other staff attending was extremely positive.

The service is amazing and the manager and his team could not have been more helpful. They made our Christmas party a success and everyone had an awesome time. I highly recommend this place for either a nice quiet meal or a larger gathering, the team are professional and fun and worked really hard to make the event special.

Brilliant food, brilliant service, this place should be on every ones must do list!!!

3 star rating
by Mary Troup
Sep 01, 2012

Food was good but obviously most of it prepared earlier in the day as came out very fast from the kitchen.
Not a lot of flavour this time and that was disappointing .... I had brought an overseas guest with me this time.
Also size of portions has been reduced and for the price was too little.

3 star rating
by Cheryl Halliday
Aug 28, 2012

Decor was stunning but service was slow. We were a party of 9 and had to wait a very long time before a waiter came to our table. Food was nice but portions quite small. Good location.

4 star rating
by Adeline
Aug 26, 2012

Lovely lovely food. Very flavourful. I only wish they were less stingy with their portions! :)

5 star rating
by Fiona McTainsh
Aug 21, 2012

Delicious dining experience and warm and friendly service, even during a power cut! It was business as usual with extra candles - lovely!

The service was quietly efficient without being instrusive and the food was served to the table quickly, was very tasty and plentiful.

5 star rating
by Glynne Cockerton
Apr 30, 2012

The service at De Grand is excellent with the staff being attentive,courteous and friendly. The food is always superb with a wide range of interesting and tasty selections.I especially like the vegetarian options as one of our party prefers no meat. This time we tried a green curry option as one of our plates and it was also delicious.What more can I say--we will be back!!!

3 star rating
by She N
Apr 02, 2012

The restaurant was very modern looking and very busy. The food was yummy but the dishes were not big servings like some other Thai restaurants. Found it a bit hard to talk as the place was very noisy! Overall it was a nice and place and would come back again!

3 star rating
by Geoffrey Lamb
Mar 29, 2012

We enjoyed the quality of the food but thought it on the expensive side. The sense of spaciousness is spoiled for us by the hard surfaces which make noise a major problem and conversation difficult, not made easier by the bus stop outside. Their takeaway service we have also enjoyed and thought better value.

4 star rating
by Victoria
Oct 21, 2011

One of our locals! We eat at least here once or twice every two months. Why because we love the food! Delicious fresh ingredients, crisp flavours, friendly wait staff. It's BYO did anyone else mention. Quality food. we love the duck basil and garlic and always have prawns n bacon. Friends love being introduced to it. Great location on Great South Rd - the new restaurant mile!

5 star rating
by SoulnEmmz Amosa
Aug 30, 2011

Had a great time, the food was wonderful aswell as affordable, especially for sucha high maintanence venue?There was no doubt that you's had awesome customer service, will be returning in the future:)

5 star rating
by Connie Johnson
May 15, 2011

Beautiful and clean, lovely inviting place very comfortable and spacious setting, the food was delicious i could not find fault but the service was a tad off, i put that down to communication error, we will all be back again.

4 star rating
by Kerry Shenn
Apr 18, 2011

We went to there last week for dinner at 2, the food was great, tom yum soup very very tasty......

Nice staff! will be back..

4 star rating
by Murray Beckman
Feb 04, 2011

Occasion was a birthday party so there were about 20 in our group. The service was very good, the food was excellent and it is byo. A thoroughly enjoyable experience.

3 star rating
by Larik
Jan 14, 2011

Went there last night and were amazed: food's awesome, staff - friendly, service - perfect, etc.


Had takeaways - wasn't as good as dine in experience.

5 star rating
by Louise Connell
Nov 24, 2010

I always go here for takeaways!

Get the fish cakes, pad Thai and cashew chicken.

5 star rating
by RH
Sep 21, 2010

Thai is probably our favourite takeaway, so we were very happy when De GRAND opened at the Market Rd shops! I have lost track of how many times I have purchased from here (at least 20+) and it is always EXCELLENT.

We have always bought takeaways, but the restaurant is always buzzing and lively and has a lot of tables out the back as well so would be a good option if you want to eat in.

They are not the cheapest Thai around, but in my opinion they are the BEST!

5 star rating
by Lucy
Aug 14, 2010

Bloody excellent experience, good on you the staff at De Grand. As soon as we walked in we were blown away by the amazing decor - the place LOOKS visually gorgeous. We were quickly seated, given water immediately. Staff were immaculately presented and answered a few questions I had about the menu. We had the prawn entree which I will DEFINITELY be returning for - it was AMAZING. They came in their own little spoons with fresh vege, sauce, and a little lettuce leaf - sooo yummy. I had noodles and he had Red Curry - both were gorgeous. The staff were really attentive, refilling our water without being asked, asking if we needed anything, etc. Very impressive. Can't wait to go back. Amazing place.

5 star rating
by Darren
Jul 13, 2010

Excellent experience. We went on a night when there was a large group on the tables next to us, but this in no way affected the service or the quality of the food. There were four of us and we had the $49 banquet. Plenty of food, and everything from the appetisers through to the dessert was great. Crisp, clean flavours, nicely spiced where required and presented in a stylish way without the over-the-top garnishing you sometimes get in Thai places. The yellow curry was one of the best I've had, and the Tom Yum soup was delicious. Service was quick and attentive without being intrusive, and the fact we could bring our own wine and pay a very reasonable corkage was a major bonus. Can't wait to go back!

5 star rating
by Maree Keane
Jun 04, 2010

We were a group of six and we had a great evening at de Grand Thai. The ambiance is very modern. The food is very good - we had the banquet at approx $35pp and everything (except the beef) was very good. The beef was a bit chewy. The whole chilly fish was excellent and all the other dishes were very good too. The service was excellent and it was great to be able to bring our own wine. Overall we found the prices very reasonable. We'll be going back again.

5 star rating
by Lette
Apr 29, 2010

We went to this restaurant for my Dad's 50th! It was fantastic. I couldn't find any fault with the food - the Tom Yum Soup I could have eaten all night! We got the banquet which was about $50 each and definitely value for money. Absolutely adored it, and we will definitely be going back again for more! A++++++++++++++

5 star rating
by Louiethefly
Apr 28, 2010

Being a great lover of Thai food and eaten all around Auckland I would have to say this is the best around. Beautiful clean, modern and no carved carrots!!The staff are very attentive but not over the top.Great food.Great that it is BYO and not a huge surcharge.

4 star rating
by Richard
Apr 04, 2010

Nice clean modern Thai restaurant. Helpful attentive wait staff. We took a number of small entrees that were all tasty and nicely presented. For the main courses we played it safe and had a rice and a noodle dish. All the food was freshly prepared and light. The flavors were good and well defined. Good service good food well worth a look.

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