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3 star rating 21 reviews

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09 5752329

3/429 Tamaki Drive

  North Indian, Indian
11:30 AM to 2 PM, 5 PM to 10:30 PM


Reviews for Curry Village

3 star rating
by Peter Chatteris
21 days ago

Not too bad.... certainly nowhere near Khanas in Maskell Street... more a takeaway that makes takeaway class food. Prices tend to be on the high side

5 star rating
by Mathieu Duval
6 months ago

Friendly waiters, fast served, great food!!! What else do you need from a restaurant? I recommend the korma and the curry village special!!!

4 star rating
by Bella Lily
Nov 18, 2014

One of the best Indian take outs I have come across. Their chicken tikka is authentic and full of flavor. And it is safe to say their butter chicken does not disappoint. They also deliver which is an added bonus. We have enjoyed take aways from here many times without disappointment. We have also dined in which was unfortunately less that desirable, the resturant itself at the time was fitted with flashing lights that made it extremely uncomfortable to enjoy our meal. Other than that I have no complaints.

4 star rating
by Megan Stericker
Jun 09, 2014

My boyfriend's favourite Indian in Auckland. Great for takeaways. Good prices, though not super cheap, but made up for in quality and quantity!

4 star rating
by Mark Hammersley
May 10, 2014

I like the lamb rogan josh here

4 star rating
by Kim Selby
Jan 23, 2014

Great food, excellent flavours. Staff were very friendly and service was very prompt.
We will be back.

2 star rating
by Michelle
Sep 27, 2013

Go to the Jewel of India in Mission Bay instead, we love curry and eat it once a week, we tired here as we are new to the area but prefer the Jewel of India, the food here is bland and tasteless. We have eaten Indian food all over the globe and this is at the bottom of the list!!!

2 star rating
by Nicola Paul
Sep 02, 2013

Had dinner there last night, there were 3 adults and 1 child, slow service, waited 40 minutes for mains and entrees, my butter chicken was nice, in laws had vegetable curry very average.

The waiter was coughing throughout the whole time we were seated, i watched him cough all over our warm plates, behind the counter, he then used a dry tea towel to wipe our plates. They have a tiny kitchen out the back, we could even hear people preparing our food coughing.

I took my 5 year old to the toilets out the back which were not cleaned, i thought it was the office as they had piles of folders with invoices hanging out, piled up 1.5 metres high right next to the loo!

we told the lady about the waiter coughing throughout the restaurant all night, she was not at all concerned.

Great way to catch the Super Bug!!!

5 star rating
by Christine Prestwood
Aug 26, 2013

We ordered a selection of meals from Curry Village for a 60th birthday party to be held at our home for 16 people. The chef was so helpful making sure we didn't order too much (or too little) and we ended up with a perfect selection/variety of tastes and textures. The meal was delivered to our address in Kohi, on time, piping hot, and well labelled. All we needed to do was place into our own dishes to impress our guests. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meal and came back for more. The food was absolutely delicious, and everyone agreed it was a great way to have a dinner party without all the hard work. Thank you Curry Village, we'll be back again some time soon.

4 star rating
by Larry Grigson
Jun 17, 2013

Curry chicken - so full of flavor with succulent fresh cooked chicken

5 star rating
by Jason Kennedy
May 24, 2013

Living on the east side of the city, this is one of our favourite Indian take-aways. My wife is Indian and is a fantastic authentic Indian cook (taking after the rest of her family), so she's not easy to please when it comes to restaurant Indian food. We both like this place very much.

We like things very spicy (by Kiwi standards - to us this ends up being "normal" spicy), and Curry Village is able to deliver on this. Just make sure to ask for "Indian hot" if you actually want it to be truly spicy; otherwise, like most Indian restaurants, they will err on the side of too mild so as not to offend some palates.

We've ordered from here many times and have always had great experiences with flavourful curries. The naans are also large, soft, and fresh, which makes them good value for money.

I'm especially fond of their Chicken Jalf Frazee, the lababdar, and the kumara curries - which is a nice NZ twist on Indian food.

Good delivery deals as well!

1 star rating
by Stuart Ross
Apr 19, 2013

I have just had the most terrible curry from here! Undercooked chicken.. Pink! Chicken madras was a sloppy bland excuse for a meal. The manager and his wife are rude!
Ignore comments made about jewel of India! It is actually one of the best Indian restaurants in Auckland !
Please avoid this restaurant like you would avoid the plague!!

Yours sincerely,
Indian connoisseur (has been to Birmingham, England where the best curries are made!)

5 star rating
by Blair Hill
Oct 01, 2012

What a great night, the most excellent curries I have ever had, very authentic dishes, we all enjoyed the evening very much, staff were helpful, I think we chose their best selection, we will be back. Well worth a visit. Happy eating.

4 star rating
by Drew Duthie
Sep 07, 2012

We have had many deliveries from here over the last four years.

Always high quality food and they have mobile eftpos also.


2 star rating
by David Newbury
Aug 22, 2012

I had been going to the restaurant for 5 years and had always enjoyed the food and the service. Eat there a couple of months ago and met the new manger, who was rude and obnoxious. After that i decided to find myself a new Indian Restaurant.

4 star rating
by Shannon
Feb 05, 2012

Passed this place many times and never looked twice. Big mistake, wish we had tried it sooner. Until now we have been settling for mediocre curries. We've lived in Auckland 7 years now and this was by far the nicest we've had in a long long time. We had the onion bahjis which were lovely as well as a butter chicken and a korma with garlic naans. It was cooked to perfection and the meat was perfectly tender and supple. Asked for medium spice but found it a bit mild which didn't worry me as I'm not usually that brave!!! Would recommend to anyone in the area it's worth a drive (they deliver as well). Will be making this a regular in our home =)

1 star rating
by Tejpal Singh
Nov 09, 2011

Been here several times and it's always been a satisfactory experience. Not this evening! 3 meals and one bowl of cold, overcooked rice to share... I pointed out that the rice was cold and overcooked, it was replaced by hot overcooked rice (stuck together in a big lump in the bowl.) Hungry & tired we ate the now cold curry. At payment the owner looked shocked that the meal was dreadful but was still happy to ask for and accept full payment of $70+ dollars!! Never again..

5 star rating
by Cameron
Aug 10, 2011

We live in the area and simply cannot stop going back to this place!

One of the most authentic tasting Indian restaurants in Auckland, if not the most. The lamb takatak, chicken tikka masala, beef madras are all superb, as are the onion bargies and the keema naan bread. The waitstaff are charming, and it's owned and run by a lovely Indian couple who are always looking to please. On occasion our meal has come out too mild and we've asked them to fix it, and they do so with absolutely no fuss. Don't get me wrong either, they know how to make it spicy if that's what you like.

All round just a quality curry house. If you're in the bays, avoid Jewel of India in Mission Bay (it's awful!) and come to Curry Village in St. Heliers instead. But don't come too often, because I want to be able to get a table!

Simply the best curry around.

1 star rating
by Richard
Dec 11, 2010

Absolute creatons!!!


Completely stuffed up my takeaway order. Missed my starter and somehow a mild chicken turned into burning hot lamb. Thankfully Indian takeaway places are everywhere so I never have to return to give these knuckle dragging clowns anymore of my money or my time.

Please Please Please spend your money elsewhere!!!!

5 star rating
by Ali
Sep 15, 2009

This place I had heard was under new management, being down the road from my place it is now a convenient good indian place to eat. Being health conscious I ordered the saag lamb which was beautifully fresh, tender and juicy with a thick healthy sauce. The bread had dramatically improved - soft light garlicy goodness a huge change since the last time we visited 3 years back! We also tried the butter chicken which was generous chunks of chicken thigh in a creamy, smooth and moreish sauce. The staff were well presented and friendly, helping us choose the right meals and offering plenty of rice. We wil be back!

2 star rating
by Abby
Sep 01, 2009

The meal started nicely with a tasty enough mixed platter with nice condiments, but went downhill from there. The naan was too doughy and thick; the Goan Fish Curry was not made using fresh fish (had that bad smelly fish odour) and was not tangy enough; the Saag Gosht (lamb & spinach curry) had very chewy lamb (possibly hoggett or mutton but certainly not cooked until tender) and the curry was a little tasteless. Unfortunately we won't be going back.

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