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Bloody Mary's

4 star rating 15 reviews

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03 9435937

Rydges Latimer, 30 Latimer Square, Christchurch Central, Christchurch

6 AM to 12 Midnight (Mon-Fri), 7 AM to 12 Midnight (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Bloody Mary's

2 star rating
by Steve Clarke
one month ago

arrived with work group for xmas outing - service sharp and friendly - self touting as the towns premier steak house set a high expectation - my slipper lobster (aka morton bay bug) starter produced a teasingly miniscule amount of sweet succulent meat - the beef carpaccio was reportedly excellent - however a medium rare fillet arriving nearly well done is simply unforgivable - my neighbour received same and promptly sent back - i soldiered on with my pinkless offering which was accompanied by 6 green beans & a wedge of potato dauphinoise - another appeared to thoroughly enjoy her salmon dish with creme brulee to follow - overall difficult to recommend

3 star rating
by Lauren McLellan
3 months ago

First time here, came on a recommendation.  The wait staff were excellent and we got a table easily.  Unfortunately the atmosphere is very hotel like and for that reason we won't be back.
However the food was good, 10 oysters $45 - really, a little pricey but my husband enjoyed them.
The beef fillet was great, but its not hard to cook a good steak well.  It came with sauce and fries, not a leaf of lettuce or any other vegetable in sight.
Thanks anyway.

5 star rating
by Hector Plains
4 months ago

Yowser, here's a deal!  For every table of 5 you book on Friday it's a free platter AND $5 beer /wine from 4 -7pm!  How good is that?  The platters were impressive - fish bites, calamari, prawns, mini pizza, olives and hot nuts, cor!  Not to look a gift horse in the mouth but I'd be double-happy if they subbed the tom sauce for a chipotle!  A bigger range of tap beers too.  It looks like a Lion pub, so howabouts a guesting tap - start with some Emersons!  Great Friday night work drinks venue!  Looks like I'll be a regular.

5 star rating
by Kelly Anne Purdie
6 months ago

We had a thoroughly good time here. The decor is very manly, but actually I quite liked it. The food and staff were very nice and I would definitely come here again

2 star rating
by Kelly
7 months ago

Food 2.0
Value 1.0
Atmosphere 3.0
Service 3.0

We have 13 people to celebrate a friends birthday, got forced to order set menu instead of single dishes. and came out like this. To be completely honest, I was very disappointed to this restaurant, maybe because the reputation was good quite a few of my friends said its pricey (85 pp) but definitely worth trying, and I personally don't mind paying this much but it has to match with the quality. we know there were 4 kind of sauce/gravy for the meats.but it wasn't outstanding at all. I would say its below average.

Salmon - insipid and cold, I expect the skin should be crispy or at least season it well but it just like you put the salmon in the over and after add some pepper and salt on top. that's pretty much it.

Lamb - allergic to it, so couldn't get a chance to taste it.

Beef - insipid and chewy, can hardly cut out by a knife.It looks cooked beautifully but if that's what I want to taste tasteless meat i think i can rather just go to buy a good quality meat at just do it at home. 

Chicken - insipid...dry inside like I said I can buy another chicken just to rub it with salt and put it in the oven.

Oyster - Not the worst one, not the best one. 

Dessert - its not something fancy but...too sweet too sour?

Hopefully next time when i come here other food can change my mind. I want my dish to be cooked with flavors, skills and techniques,  I know its hard for cooking for lots of people at the same time. we rather wait for good food instead of having something bulk tasteless food. Sorry for being completely honest about how I feel but as a food lover, I just hope to have something good which matches the price. 

I dont know why the waitress kept coming and ask if we dont want the dish there are still plenty food on it tho. Thanks

5 star rating
by C Solomon
8 months ago

Excellent meal this evening with fantastic service.. The red wine was served at just the right temperature. Well done to whoever trains the staff.

5 star rating
by Paul Lowrie
8 months ago

***** Exquisite ***** . The most succulent Braised Canterbury Lamb for two you could imagine. Seriously recommended. Service was also five star.

5 star rating
by Yunxiang Kelly Chen
11 months ago

Best English breakfast tea in Christchurch! The service was superb every time we went there. Even we just ordered a cup of tea and enjoyed the atmosphere there, the waiting staff treated us with some VIP standard of service. They used to have a very nice apple donut in the dessert menu but not any more. How we miss it! Haven't try their lunch or dinner yet, but will definitely recommend it for its high respect to every customer.

5 star rating
by Graham
Feb 12, 2015

An absolutely devine breakfast. You could mor ask for anything more in a buffet style breakfast. All cereals are available. Massive selection of pastries, breads, condiments, etc and the cooked breakfast options are standard fare with a hint of class. Many drink options are available including a strange bottled juice section, but perfect. Personally, I believe a bit over priced but as we were dining on a prepaid two for one voucher I was comfortable with the price we paid, ie, a one person price for two meals, which under breakfast option prices around Christchurch, would be the same price for two normally. I'd definitely go back on another two for one deal but not on a full price option.

4 star rating
by Brad Sherry
Jan 31, 2015

Great food and service, little pricier than some but worth it. Popped in for a drink after work on a Friday and made to feel really welcome

4 star rating
by Frida Dai
Jan 28, 2015

I love food there! I went there twice. I still can remember how tender their venison ribs were, disappointedly it is not on the menu any more. I love their creativity in dish! Certainly I will go back again.

3 star rating
by Amy
Aug 16, 2014

My partner and I came here 3 nights ago for his birthday. I had made the booking the day before but when we went in they couldn't find our reservation. The lady i spoke to on the phone had made the reservation for the day I phoned not the following day as requested but they informed us that as it was quiet we could have a table.
After a 20 minute wait we were finally given a menu, another 20 minutes went by before our order was taken, followed by a 55 min wait for our meal even though it was not busy.
My partner had the 700gm ribeye which he enjoyed while I had the 300gm which was cooked perfectly.
The meal was nice but I would say that it is definitely a bit pricey as we paid $155 for 2 drinks and 2 mains (you have to pay extra for sides e.g peas & carrots $6)
Overall the experience was ok but I don't think we would come back

5 star rating
by Joanne Barnes
Apr 19, 2014

Went for my birthday tea. We all had steaks except my husband who had chicken we all agreed the food was lovely and very well cooked. Menus are a bit hard to follow but lovely waitress helped us out. It is a bit dear but still it was a special occasion, and we did have a $15.00 off voucher, we will be back.

4 star rating
by Grant Gault
Mar 02, 2014

Dined at Bloody Marys last year not long after the opening. The food is terrific and the atmosphere is really cool...nothing else like it in Christchurch.
I think they are on to a good thing here and although it is a bit pricey I will definitely come back...will have to save my penny's first though!

5 star rating
by Chris Musson
Nov 06, 2013

One of the best dining experiences Ive had in Christchurch.
Given that they are called Bloody Marys we had to start with some but if you are more of a wine-o they had a huge list to read through. We ended up in the restaurant for dinner - service was excellent - unobtrusive and very polished fine dining feel in a luxury steakhouse environment. I understand that they are using premium ingredients but it does feel a bit pricey - but we got past it when the food arrived. food was simply outstanding. Lamb entree delicious and the mains (steaks of course) were perfectly cooked and literally melt in your mouth.
Well done to the staff and visionary behind this place. Next time I'm in Christchurch I will be back.

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