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2 star rating 12 reviews

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09 2991111

Southgate Shopping Centre, 230 Great South Road

7 AM to 4:30 PM


Reviews for BB's Cafe

5 star rating
by Aleki Bon
one month ago

Large cup of reasonable coffee and a delicious mushroom/chicken filo for around $10 - what a deal.

Spacious, open cafe with outdoor seating if that's your preference.

Newspapers on hand - perfect for when you are in a hurry and want to skim through yesterday's blur.

Bon is coming back.

3 star rating
by Razelle Icaro
4 months ago

Went here for brunch one time. It is pretty close to my house so it was really convenient but it's pretty average. The coffee isn't that great as well as their food. The music was a bit too loud when I was there, definitely not cafe-appropriate. I also had to wait quite a while to get my food. I've only been there once and didn't go back.

1 star rating
by Dana
5 months ago

Went here for lunch ordered mushroom and chicken pasta, fish and chips for my niece, a chai and flat white. Our food was disgusting, the fish was old and so thick with batter, the pasta I returned as it had a hair through it. The blonde behind the counter thinks she's a supermodel and makes good coffee in actual fact the chai was so sweet and flat white so strong. We wasted near on $50, never again! Should have just gone to mitre10 cafe

1 star rating
by Carrie
10 months ago

Not a great place at all, service average as well as the food. I ordered a melting moment which came from a large jar and it was OLD. Don't believe they throw out these cookies just wait for the next sucker to buy it. I returned it got my money back and never been back since. Mitre10 cafe 100% better

5 star rating
by Iwi Concept
Jan 06, 2015

Spent 10$ for lunch with coffee there, I like the chicken parcel , the service is good, nice place in takanini area, easy to find parking too!

1 star rating
by Xima
Oct 27, 2014

Not even if I were desperate. The service is horrid, the prices too high, the Manager threw herself at a number of middle aged men in the short 20 minutes we were in the café, and most of the staff members couldn't answer any of my queries as to what the cabinet food consisted of! The tall teenage bloke was the only pleasantry, making coversation and picking up the peices after all his co-workers.

1 star rating
by Reece Coro
Jun 15, 2014

I would not go to this café again even if I was thirsty and hungry. $18.00 for two medium coffee's and for little mince savouries that had just come out of the fridge by the feels of it and when asked to heat them by my partner, she was assured they would be hot enough. They were binned down the road. Coffee very average.

2 star rating
by Ryan Judd
Apr 05, 2014

Was all good until one of the staff took a 5 min break, sat at the table opposite and rolled up and started smoking a cigarette. Sorry guy but thats not acceptable anywhere in New Zealand.

5 star rating
by John Leitch
Feb 13, 2014

I love having a cappuccino in a bowl with trim milk and lots of chocolate on top.
I'm never let down when getting my coffee from BBs in Takanini, South Auckland.

The staff are always friendly and the shop is always clean - a nice change from some of the 'local' coffee shops.

They open early too which is good on the occasion when you want an early FIX !

cheers folks and keep up the good work.

I for one appreciate it !

4 star rating
by Sharlene McGee
Sep 23, 2012

For me. I have never had any issues with this cafe. It is far better than the cafe in Mitre10 Mega.

There is plenty of food with a variety of choice.
I love the blueberry & cream cheese muffin. The coffee and green tea is yum-o. Service is always friendly and quick. little thing does bug me. Your teapots\tea cups are in need of a real good clean to rid of those stains from the tannin.
Use dip-it solution...please....

Cheers ;0)

1 star rating
by Jesse James .
Mar 02, 2011

Hubby was not impressed with his breakfast. However one awful staff member ruined the entire thing. A "teenage" staff member was so rude and actually appeared to be bullying another staff member as well as swearing and telling sex jokes very loudly. I contacted the franchise owner about this and they said they would contact the manager. One other time I was there with a large group from work, we had to all spilt up among tables because a staff member who i presume was the manager had sprawled out all of her paper work across the largest table there.

1 star rating
by Carol
Oct 19, 2008

Visited a couple of times, was very dissapointed with the food, scrambled eggs were a funny orange colour, and cakes dry/not fresh. Everything is heavily overpriced. Will not be back again!

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