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Barilla Dumplings

3_half star rating 48 reviews

Telephone 09 638 8032

571 Dominion Rd
Auckland City

Mon - Sun 11.30am - 11:30pm


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Reviews for Barilla Dumplings

3 star rating
by Karin L.
30th April 2014

Dumplings are really tasty and reasonably priced. The dishes other than the dumplings are OK. Nothing to rave about.

4 star rating
by Fleur P.
29th April 2014

I would give this place 5 stars if the staff weren’t so miserable/rude.

The food is great – huge fan of the dumplings here, really have never had a bad batch so I rate it highly. The staff are Chinese – they work hard and don’t chat / don’t smile. It’s just how they are here. If you look past that and realise how crazy busy they are and how good the dumplings are then it’s not a huge deal. Glad they don’t have a D rating anymore!

I come here when I am in the area and will keep coming here.

4 star rating
by Mishaela B.
29th April 2014

Between 3 of us we had the pork buns, pork and spring onion dumplings, a plate of fried rice and some sugar pancakes.
We couldn’t eat it all, even though we tried very hard to!
At $14 each, it is very reasonable.

The service, while unfriendlier than most restaurants, was not terrible, like some people have said. They were efficient but emotionless.

Don’t be put off by the service reviews – the food is great – I will definitely be back!!

5 star rating
by Mike M.
18th April 2014

Best dumplings in town by a long shot. Grumpy staff. Although they had a D rating in the past, the last I was there it was A rated.

They are always busy, but usually the crowd rotates quickly. Go there. Now!

Oh… And you can buy the frozen dumplings to bring home.

4 star rating
by Jane
17th April 2014

Pork and onion dumplings so delicious. How do they get that juicy burst when you first bite the dumplings. Good price. It does get a bit busy because usually I wait about 20mins for dumplings but worth the wait because you can phone order in anyway. Staff aren’t the friendliest.

1 star rating
by Evian
14th April 2014

a. Long wait both before seating & waiting for foods
b. Uncomfortable atmosphere.
c. Terrible Service (waiting staffs, cashiers etc)

The very famous crowded restaurant terribly disappointed me even after first visit.

Waited 20 mins and almost hunted to grab a seat by myself.
I ordered foods and waited about 40mins and realised other people came after me had their foods first. Why wait 40min? This place hardly gives you a chance to talk to waiting staff.
Felt something wrong asked the manager what’s going on.
They tried to hide they mistakenly didn’t even place the order yet but keep saying they’ll check so just wait.
Look, it’s ok for a mistake. Imagine that busy restaurant with hundreds of orders could be mixed up sometimes. But if you realise the mistake, the treatment, sincere apology etc should have been made. But all of above were missed and I couldn’t waste another a second at the place.

All other local Chinese restaurants in your town would be either similar or better than this place. So why would you border even visit this place?

My curiosity on why this place is so crowded, left me just pain and disappointment. I will never ever go this place again.

Remember, You’re dining out not just because of food.

3 star rating
by Chloe
30th March 2014

Food was pretty tasty – service was terrible – the waitress was rather rude

1 star rating
by Joanna G.
28th March 2014

I ordered fried chicken dumplings, when they finally arrived they were swimming in fat. Staff was busy and not really welcoming, had to ask for serviettes. While eating, I discovered 2 of the dumplings were pork, when I tried to tell it to the waitress, she didn’t understand much English and just walked away. The taste wasn’t anything spectacular and rather blend. Wouldn’t recommend this place and definitely won’t go there again.

4 star rating
by Josephine L.
22nd March 2014

At first glance the place looks terrible – bright neon green paint on the walls, cheesy sign, and the fluorescent lighting doesn’t help either.

The dumplings are incredible, though. They’re the only ones we’ve found here that have a burst of ‘juice’ inside, like how xiao long bao does. Our favourite is the pork, prawn, and chives dumplings. Only $14 for 20 huge ones. Service can be a bit hit and miss, but the great price and taste makes it more than worth overlooking.

1 star rating
by Tayla R.
19th March 2014

Worst service I have ever experienced. Dumplings were bland and boring and tasted like the ones from a supermarket and rest of the food bland. Wouldn’t even waste your time as the servers look annoyed that someone just walked through the door anyway. Won’t be returning!!

3 star rating
by Greg
11th February 2014

Can’t see how they got an award for their dumplings- way too much MSG, very high fat content and taste like their seasoned with salt. Compared to overseas these dumplings wouldn’t rate a mention I’m sorry to say.

4 star rating
by Pania W.
9th January 2014

I went knowing the place had previously received a D (for dumplings) food hygiene ratings BUT excellent dumplings (apparently)- and frankly what you see is what you get, an extremely busy (always a good sign) Chinese restaurant with a lot of Chinese eating there. Sure- a few young stroppy Asian girls working there, but also some friendly staff. They have an upstairs and downstairs and while our service upstairs sucked- it’s a cheap Chinese eatery not Meredith’s! So- suck it up-get assertive! The frozen takeaway dumplings were amazing, and I need to go back coz I’ve just run out. I recommend the pork & fennel-yum!

4 star rating
by Tina C.
22nd November 2013

Just had dinner there, ordered cucumber salad, tofu & spring onion salad, lamb & carrot boiled dumplings and pork & green beans hot pot.

Cucumber salad was too salty, tofu & spring onion salad was good, dumplings were amazing, hot pot was average.

Will definitely go back for dumplings. Service was good.

1 star rating
by Sue L.
22nd October 2013

Had lunch at Barilla Dumplings this afternoon with a party of four. Never again! With some 5 employees milling around and two other customers in the restaurant, we waited quite a while for our food to be served. I wish we had walked out at that point!

Pork Fried rice was dried leftover Sunday pork roast (if you could find it in the mountain of rice) cut into julienne strips that had the texture of leather boots. It wasn’t fried but had some colouring sauce to disguise the remains of leftover steamed rice.

Beef Brisket dish was 3/4 steamed rice 1 tablespoon of actual beef and the remaining space on the plate was the cutoff from chunks fat tissue from the beef. Oh! and three bok choy leaves (The only highlight of the dish)

Save your money. The dumplings may be nice, but not worth the food standards of the remaining questionable menu. The new A grade rating can’t save this place if the main dishes are E grade.

1 star rating
by Sherryl O.
1st October 2013

A friend of ours took us there for a dumpling treat last sunday lunch. We liked the dumplings and taste really good so I have bought 2 dozen of frozen prawn dumplings for takeaway. The packaging is just in a plastic bag so I did not bother checking the quantity of it and I thought they are nice staff. I got disappointed when I went home and found out that I missed 3 pcs of dumplings. It is a ripped off considering their dumplings are $14/dozen.

4 star rating
by Catherine T.
18th September 2013

I’ve been going to Barilla Dumplings for sometime so have always rated their food but after their recent exposure in the media, thought it would be good to give them the benefit of doubt and return. I was really impressed, they have certainly made some huge changes to the cleanliness and there were smiles on the waiting staff which was really nice to see. Coincidence but as we were there waiting for our dumplings, a courier arrived and there was a lot of excitement. Soon discovered that the courier delivered their new grade which now happens to be an A. Well done Barilla for stepping up and I will look forward to more great food from you guys.

4 star rating
by Philip
15th September 2013

I actually went here because I read about how popular the restaurant has been.

The dumplings were top notch. The place looked clean and tidy. I even went upstairs next door to the toilets and saw a lady preparing dumplings in a secondary kitchen. It all looked clean and hygienic.

Anyway, we were here mid afternoon Sunday, the service was friendly (contrary to most other reviews). Service was slow.

Overall, quality, authentic dumplings at a good price.

3 star rating
by Nicole C.
1st September 2013

Even though it was D rated (wtf) but who cares, went for the food anyways.
The dumplings were so good! Especially when fried. Their small sides dishes were juicy and tasty too :)
Ignoring the service and the hygienes, everything else was great. So I guess a 3 star rating would be reasonable as the food pulled it up!

4 star rating
by Vikz
30th August 2013

OK, so if you’re going to have your pants charmed off by the waiting staff, then best not bother…but who cares? I’d rather they just dealt with the dumplings to be honest. Service was speedy, dumplings were amazing (I had the pork, prawn and egg), price is acceptable. Have them steamed – looking at everyone’s, the steamed certainly looked the best.
Its got a fast, busy atmosphere and is right opposite my favourite cinema, so I’ll defo be back again.
We didn’t take a poke around the kitchen, so I can’t comment on the hygiene levels, but none of us got sick…so all good! ;)

1 star rating
by Jasmine M.
21st August 2013

The staff are so rude and seem to have a real disdain for their customers. When we went here the food took sooo long, and the woman at the counter decided to make (not take, actually start dialing) a phone call in the middle of taking our order and was about as friendly as a sack of dead fish.

The dumplings are alright, but honestly, I think it’s just the hipster cool-points factor that keeps drawing people back there. There are better places to get dumplings along Balmoral with higher food ratings that treat their customers with actual respect (or at least care enough to pretend/smile!).

4 star rating
by Jane M.
16th August 2013

The food here is incredible but the service is consistently horrible. The wait staff are unbelievably rude but you have to suck it up because everything tastes great.

2 star rating
by Marlee C.
8th August 2013

Mmm wasn’t impressed with this place. Took ages for the dumplings to come out even tho the restaurant wasn’t busy or full. Staff are just doing their jobs, so no smiles or friendliness from our waitress. Was not impressed with the dumplings, I’ve had better. With every bite of a dumpling water squirted out onto our clothes. The pork buns are nice tho that’s why I have given this place two stars. I really wanted to like this place. But all in all this place is a typical substandard restaurant.

4 star rating
by Amber-rose S.
7th August 2013

Excellent dumplings and cumin coated fried beans (not sure of actual name). My partner and I have eaten here on various occasions and have never been disappointed with the above. Some of the other food can average and the service is abysmal at best but the dumplings are well worth it!!!

4 star rating
by Monica M.
23rd June 2013

Wow the ratings are true. The dumplings are so good and one order is enough for two we also a ordered the sautéed cho sum, and chose the trio with seafood pork and egg. Three words. Go there now.. Service is average but the food is the clincher.

3 star rating
by Katie47 M.
9th June 2013

I know a lot of people feel that these are the best dumplings but we didn’t have that experience. This place is suggested by Metros cheap eats, but sometimes they get them wrong.

Yes they are OK and come in large portions, but we were so disappointed because we were looking for the best. Comparing them to Melbourne’s Chinatown is ridiculous – not even close.

Easy, cheap bustling place. Poor service, but hilarious to watch. But not amazing. Great place to go with friends after work x

4 star rating
by David B.
2nd June 2013

Fantastic dumplings – full stop.

The service is pointing and grunting but somehow it got us to a table and our order taken. The dining room is painted in art deco colors which is ok for the outside of a house, not so good for the inside of a restaurant. It all added to a great experience.

Standouts were the pork and fennel and ensure you order the French beans as a side dish. Doggie bags are stacked on the end of the counter so do not worry if you order too much.

If you feel like dumplings, hunt this place out.

4 star rating
by Bernadette B.
15th May 2013

Probably the best dumplings place I’ve been to in Auckland and it reminds me of Melbourne’s Chinatown! I love the 3 delicacy seafood shao mai or 3 delicacy fried dumplings (I think that’s what they’re called on the menu). Didn’t like their other dishes that aren’t dumplings but understandable since dumplings are their speciality. This place is always busy so be prepared to wait if you’re in a big group and often they don’t take bookings over the phone. Great food though and service isn’t as appalling as some other Chinese restaurants of this callibre!

4 star rating
by Tony H.
26th April 2013

Best dumplings I’ve found in Auckland, especially the pork and capsicum and pork and pot herb mustard. Service is not always great but well worth it for amazing dumplings!

4 star rating
by Rey
15th April 2013

Great range of dumplings and decent, if curt, service. Dumplings are tasty and well cooked. Thankfully they give you quite a few to chow down on.

4 star rating
by Matt S.
1st April 2013

This is a great dumpling place. We’ve only ever had takeaways from here and haven’t been disappointed yet! We stick to our favorites of pork and chive dumplings and spicy garlic eggplant – fantastic combination.

The service seems a bit unpredictable but I think that’s what helps make this place what it is!

3 star rating
by Josie B.
28th March 2013

always packed, I’d recommend not going at peak times. Looking a lot better after renovation and also more room now. Food is yum, don’t expect good service though.

4 star rating
by Ninan G.
28th March 2013

Excellent food, great price, quick service, no frills – never disappoints!

4 star rating
by Aj Y.
18th March 2013

Great dumpling place. We also like chilli long beans and squid

4 star rating
by Warren B.
24th February 2013

Barilla Dumpling is notorious for bad, indifferent, almost aggressive service….which we have come to accept and even look forward to. The food however makes up for that ….sensational food….cheap and generous portions…..since the renovation the ‘lack of atmosphere’ has improved marginally….try the sugar pancakes…they are addictive… absolute jewel of Asian food!!!

3 star rating
by Amanda P.
22nd February 2013

If you have a craving for amazing, authentic Chinese food then this is definitely the place to go. They are most famous for their delicious and very reasonably priced dumplings but I never tried anything there that wasn’t absolutely tasty. I was also excited because there were a lot of things that I have never seen before so I had a great time experimenting with new dishes. You can even buy their dumplings frozen and take them home for later. Amazing!

The down side is that there is absolutely no ambiance or customer service. The second time we went there they lost our order and we waited over an hour for our take away. It was chaotic and absolutely packed with nowhere to move. This was partially due to our poor timing (my boyfriend and I went during their weekend dinner rush) so I would highly suggest you avoid weekend evening hours and go during the week sometime. If I could give a star rating for the food it would be a five but I would rate their customer service a one. Still, It was one of my top places to go because the food was great so just plan your trip accordingly.

5 star rating
by Nikki S.
17th February 2013

This is one of my favourite places to eat on Dominion Road, besides New Flavour! Although the surroundings and the service are both rather basic (don’t take anyone here if you’re keen to impress), the food has always been great. Everything on the menu is good and is served piping hot, which I love. Come here for a cheap and satisfying feed :)

4 star rating
by Lena
16th February 2013

Visited Barilla with a friend for the first time a few weeks ago after reading the praise in Metro and a lot of word-of-mouth. We arrived at around 10.30pm on a weekday and the place was packed, the only table available was a huge table for ten in the corner which my friend and I were seated at. The menu is extensive however we don’t eat meat which narrowed it down substantially. We ordered the steamed mixed-vege dumplings, fried French beans and for dessert deep-fried milk buns.

The dumpling filling wasn’t terrible but we both felt it was lacking.. maybe an extra ingredient or more seasoning. While we appreciate vegetarian options, I feel like a lot of eateries think it’s sufficient just to have a vegetarian dish and then not give a crap about whether it actually tastes good.. just because we don’t eat meat doesn’t mean we don’t have tastebuds. The fried French beans however were so so good, I’m coming back for those specifically (and maybe to give the seafood dumplings a shot). The deep-fried milk buns were lightly fried bread rolls served with condensed milk on the side and were surprisingly tasty.

This place seems to get a bad rap for service, I thought the service was basic but not terrible. I appreciate that although there were only two wait staff for the entire restaurant our food came fast and our tea quickly replenished. If they’re rude it’s because they’re busy, not because they’re pretentious and I think that distinction needs to be made. The servings are huge and the French beans made a great breakfast the next day, I really recommend Barilla and I’ll be returning asap!

3 star rating
by Robert P.
6th February 2013

The dumplings were good – service really poor. For places this cheap I don’t expect anything other than a smile, greeting.

However, waitress was unsmiling, wearing something really inappropriate (basically a see-through shirt) and when one of our party discovered a large hair cooked into a dumpling there was no apology, just “do you want me to replace it?”. Disappointing.

5 star rating
by Anna S.
1st February 2013

Wowee! Awesome Dumplings – crazy busy and well worth waiting for a table if needed. Very reasonably priced the dumplings were some of the best I have had. Loved the Broccoli Garlic dish too. Dinner for 2 hungry girls and enough to take home for lunch the next day – $40 – value for money and exceptionally tasty – well done Barilla :-}

4 star rating
by Regan D.
23rd December 2012

I’m a big fan of Barilla. There is a huge amount of variety in the dumplings they make and I’ve had them on three or four occasions and each time they’ve been consistently good. I’ve usually only gone at lunch time and so haven’t had any of the problems that other people have had in terms of wait times.

I haven’t had the problems with the MSG that other people have mentioned.

1 star rating
by Elle
9th December 2012

The dumplings I had were burnt so that the dumplings on the bottom were literally black. Asked the waiter if it could be changed and was blatantly told no and this was normal. Being Asian, I know that that is not the standard for pan fried dumplings. Customer service on top of that was terrible with three of their staff members causing such a commotion that the dumplings were not burnt, whilst the restaurant, full at that point in time was watching us, while not understanding the conversation in mandarin. The next lot of dumplings that was brought out to another table was not burnt and I requested that they make it to that standard but once again the request was refused. My mother decided that she would not eat the burnt dumplings and told the waiter if we could change it we would stay and dine with them. The waiter then proceeded to say in mandarin, “if you don’t want to eat it, just go!” To me this was terrible customer service and the standard was terrible. I fully do not recommend Barilla Dumplings unless you are looking for bad customer service and burnt dumplings for dinner.

2 star rating
by Eric H.
30th November 2012

The Dumplings had heaps of MSG in it, it felt very yucky afterwards, the dumplings flavour was average, I was expecting more since it was recommended by Metro.

3 star rating
by Thom
27th November 2012

Dumplings were mostly pork fat with lots of MSG and salt. Can’t believe it was recommended by Metro. Felt ickky afterwards and just wanted to eat fruit to make up for the unhealthiness I had just consumed. Sorry :(

3 star rating
by Jenee M.
27th November 2012

You wouldn’t come here for the decor or chirpy staff but this is a really nice cheap place to have a meal at where you are almost guaranteed to be full after eating their dumplings. We tried the pork and chives dumplings (pan-fried) and soup noodle with spare ribs for lunch today, and they were both tasty for their price. It’s $1 extra to have the dumplings fried however it was only on one side so I’ll probably just get the normal one next time as it didn’t really make a difference. Would definitely come here again to try other fillings in the dumplings.

3 star rating
by Gatekepa
18th October 2012

Came here on the recommendation of a friend and from the way the place was packed I had high expectations! We ended up waiting close to 20 minutes for a table, but I don’t fault the place for that.

We looked at the menu before we were seated so there wouldn’t be a huge wait between then and when we actually received food. There is an insane amount of options you have to choose from, so we basically chose some random options that seemed good.

The dumplings we chose were pork with chive, and chicken with celery. Both were pretty average. Not much seasoning, but an ample supply of soy and chilli oil are available. They just didn’t rock my world

We chose a bun with three-delicacies which was really nice, actually. Our second favourite thing of the night. The texture was good, although the filling had shrunk a lot inside the bun.

Lastly we had the fried french beans which we got because we saw everyone else getting them, and they were AMAZING. I know they use cumin on them, but there’s a sweetness as well, and the crunchy coating just makes it all better. When you go, GET THIS. You will not be disappointed.

I spoke with a regular while waiting in line, and they said if you don’t want to wait it’s best to come before 6.15pm, or after 8pm, and sure enough when it hit 8pm there was no more line.

As someone mentioned, the staff aren’t really there to have a good time with you. They’re there to make sure your table is clean, make sure your food comes out as fast as possible, and make sure you can pay.

Next time I think we’ll go with our friend so they can order for us, but we will definitely be back.

3 star rating
by Noms B.
13th September 2012

The place always looks a bit oily and you question the hygene rating.
However the food is great, with a large range (especially dumplings) and reasonably priced.
The dumplings have some authentic fillings as well as alternative, plus you can have it boiled, steamed or pan fried, which is options a real dumpling house should alway have!

3 star rating
by Jana
14th August 2012

Love the food here! The dumplings are juicy and full of flavour. Don’t expect royal treatment but just wish the staff here were less grumpy.

4 star rating
by Raj M.
5th August 2012

Yummy dumplings and pancakes! Been there a few times with friends and loved it. Usually pretty busy in the evenings, you’d be lucky to get a table straightaway. Always ask the waitress for the wait time! You get 20 dumplings for $10 which is very filling! Make sure you confirm your order as some of the staffs’ english isn’t very good.

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