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4 star rating 193 reviews

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09 6388032

571 Dominion Road, Balmoral, Auckland

11:30 AM to 11:30 PM (Mon-Tue, Thu-Sun), Wed Closed


Reviews for Barilla Dumpling

4 star rating
by Aleki Bon
one month ago

One of my good builder mates rang me the other day around 3pm as his wife was away – “M8, come round for a vino” – I tried to decline but he pulled the loyalty card.  Fortunately he understood that I only wanted a couple as I got pinged by the cops the day before for speaking on the mobile device, the very same day the car-kit went bad :( $80 and some negative points :(

"Let’s go get some dumplings on Dominon Road."  I didn't need to be asked twice, off we went.

We found the Barilla Dumpling place whilst looking for the place we went to last time.  This was confusing as the taxi driver from the last dinner outing (we were pissed as mutants that time round) kicked us out and well, we couldn’t remember where it was again :(

Fortunately we found the Barilla Dumpling – boy oh boy was it worth it on the food front.  The service could be improved, but that's really about all they're slack on.

Now I’ve eaten beans and dumplings all over the world, and these are good – not as good as the Queen of Darkness ones (my Ex), but good nevertheless.

And cheap too, all of what you see below was only $74 – it was the boys turn, but he did the ‘haka lost my wallet trick’ :(

1 star rating
by MNA
one month ago

Horrible service, flys everywhere. Waited over an hour for dumpling and when they did arrive there was a hair in our food. Was so disgusted we left. Will not return or recommend!

4 star rating
by Mezza
one month ago

Been going to Barilla for years, absolutely love the place. We hadn't been for a while and it was a miserable day and I had a craving for dumplings, so we headed to Dominion Rd. We instantly got a table for four and ordered without looking at the menu. We had the chilli &cumin french beans. These beans are so more-ish and they're the only beans my partner will eat. We also had fish&chive dumplings. These are the BEST dumplings EVER. Little pockets of flavour!
I don't go to Barilla for ambience or service, I go for the fish&chive dumplings.

2 star rating
by Katrena
one month ago

Had pork fried rice today. It was very oily and hardly any pork....pork is cheap.....very disappointing.
Wish we had just had a stale sandwich at home.
It was takeaways so didn't feel like taking it all the way back.  I think the carrots and peas were frozen from the packet.  Will never have it again.  Have had dumplings before, tasty but very fatty.
Definitely not recommending Barilla to anyone.
Could not even finish the meal, in the rubbish......

2 star rating
by Dennis Zhang
one month ago

This used to be my favourite place to go for weekend dumplings in Auckland, but after the last few experiences I'll be visiting a lot less. The food nowadays takes 20-30 minutes even for simple dishes, something always seems to be left off our order and tea refills are a rarity. I used to love all the different flavours of dumplings, whether steamed, boiled or fried. But for some reason they just don't taste as good as they used to. Guess it's time to venture to find a new favourite dumpling place.

1 star rating
by Hseoun Lautner
one month ago

Claimed closing at 11.30pm but being told rudely they have shut down while I visit at 10.45pm and just want to do the takeaway! If you are closing at 10.45pm then say it clearly, consider people may travel from far distance. Annoying service.

3 star rating
by Mana Katsukawa Otimi
one month ago

The good thing about this little restaurant is the Delicious dumplings, they are the best $12 for 20 dumplings. Also $10 for 10 pork buns we combined this with beef brisket with brown sauce and rice . The brown sauce with the pork buns gave it a extra kick and was so yum. The dumplings are so delicious when steamed i will guarantee you a full stomach when you come here and I also promise you that it will not cause a dent in your wallet as everything is so cheap.

Bad thing about this place is the service is appalling, i just don't understand when I come into some restaurants and I come with my son who just turned one and they don't offer a high chair. Everything that I needed for him that night I had to ask and I hate asking staff all the time what I need as to me it sounds like I am nagging but simple things like "can you please get a high chair for my baby" "could we please have some water" "could I please get a spoon for my son" for common sense you would get a small spoon for a baby but they gave us a big soup spoon ? I had to ask twice for a spoon this time to specifically say " a teaspoon please"

Another let down is the flys many flys and other insects around the place it got annoying .

The staff seem like they don't know their food info properly every question I asked about the meal they said "ahh I don't think so" if you don't think so why don't you ask your boss to double check ? All their answers were "I don't think so" or "I don't know"

That was the downfall but the food is still yum. Maybe next time we will just get takeaway 👍🏽

4 star rating
by Benedict Uy
one month ago

I usually only come here for the dumplings as I find the other items aren't as good. Generally go fried. Lots to pick from and most are quite good. Came for lunch and it wasn't too busy until we sat down (around 12.30). Food didn't take too long to come and was good.

We generally go for 20 dumplings per person but that is usually overkill. Not too expensive and remember they charge extra for steam and fried.

4 star rating
one month ago

I do wish that I could've given this place a higher rating. I had heard so many good stories about this place that I HAD to give this place a go. As soon as my partner and I walked through the gates, the restaurant was absolutely packed and people were lining out the door. In terms of the food, yes, the dumplings are delicious. I really enjoyed their pork and corn dumplings which I believe were very well seasoned, cooked (as it is quite easy to get the floury taste of the dumpling shell if not properly cooked) and for the price you pay, it was worth every last cent. However, their hygiene was a bit of a concern. Table tops and sauce trays covered with old grease and grime?... Not the most favourable. The best way to enjoy their awesome dumplings is to get it takeaway! Nonetheless, if you are after some good quality dumplings then I recommend this place.

5 star rating
by Nidhi Ojha
one month ago

The best chicken and mushroom dumplings I've ever had! 👍🏻
Quite busy during dinner time so may be check prior to dining in over the phone.

4 star rating
by Tip Varnakomala
2 months ago

Good, but nothing special.

What i got : Pork and chives, pork and cabbage. 

Good: Lots of seating, amazing range of tasty dumplings.

Bad:  Meh. The dumplings are solid and spectacular. They're good but i dont understand the hype of this place.

1 star rating
by Dinigianti Eliezer
2 months ago

4 of us had dinner last Saturday and we had a really bad experience. We came about 10 pm but we were unsure their closing time and when when we ordered, the waitress did not mention that they about to close. So, we thought that they will open until midnight since it was weekend. The food came and we said thank you but the waiter did not reply anything, then we asked for extra plates as we shared the food and the waitress did not happy about it.

Next, while we were eating, the other waitress came and asked us to pay it straight away as they want to close. So, I went and paid the bill, but after I paid, I just realized that they over charged our bill and asked them to recount the total bill, but they were angry to me and said that "I ordered the steamed dumplings so it will be extra charge.". Then, I replied that "Yes, I ordered steamed dumplings but still, the total bill was wrong." Finally, they realized that they counted wrongly and gave it back my money without any apologizes.

Then, we continued to eat as we have not finished our food, but we did not realized that we were the last customers. so what happened was there were 3 waitresses are waiting beside us and looking to us while we were eating. Once we just finished our food, they just took our plate straight away without asking us whether we have finished or not or even said 'excuse me' to take the plates.

We did not expect that we got such of services for a popular restaurant in central city.

So, guys please check carefully your bill before you pay and be ready for unfriendly and rude waiters and waitresses.

1 star rating
by Sarah May
2 months ago

Normally love the food but my work mates and I went on the weekend and 3 out of 4 got quite sick the following days. The one who wasn't sick was the only one who didn't eat the prawn and pork dumpling. 

The plain pork and chives dumplings were amazing and really good value But the prawn and pork ones were disguising! The prawns tasted really off and had a strong fishy smell + taste to them, obviously not fresh or not stored properly. We would have said something but the service was so bad we couldn't be bothered trying to get anyone's attention/ trying to explain it to the people who work there. 

We also got some beef dumplings that I swear were just pork cooked in beef stock because they tasted/ looked/ smelt/ same texture as the pork ones. 

Would normally rate them higher but the grossness of the prawns, how terrible the service is, and how sick we were the next few days I have to give them a 1. Would not reccomend

4 star rating
by Stango
2 months ago

Barilla Dumpling is still one of my favourite places to go and the first place I think of when my family say they feel like dumplings. The beef and cumin (must be fried) and the pork chive are still my favourites. Prices have gone up recently which has stopped me from visiting as often as I used to. Also be sure to try the beef brisket noodle soup if you're looking for something other than dumplings to try.

3 star rating
by Ky
3 months ago

Barilla dumpling has some fairly good dumplings I had the pork and chive and Prawn and pork Shao mai. The table was nice and clean the down side was the customer service it was not great and was what let the place down.

3 star rating
by Hannah Dyson
3 months ago

After hearing amazing things about Barilla, my sister and I decided to have lunch there. We ordered the chicken fried rice, chinese greens in garlic and pork and chive dumplings. 

The fried rice was way too oily, would find better at my local takeaway. The greens were ok, not enough garlic on them. The dumplings that everyone raves about were burnt and not very good. 

Go down the road to New Flavor, much better!

4 star rating
by Jasmine Sanson
3 months ago

Went here on the advice of a friend who is huge on Asian food and wasn't disappointed. So many dumplings! Absolutely delicious too. I also had the salty squid which was really different to any squid I've had elsewhere but it was really yummy. The service isn't the best but the food is excellent and cheap. The restaurant itself is pleasant and busy. Will definitely be back for more dumplings again and again.

4 star rating
by Candii Cao
3 months ago

This place have the biggest selection of dumplings I have ever seen. It will take quite a visits to try then all out. Even the cooked dishes had a good variety. My friend told me it was recently renovated and the place was quite nice and new. Service was ok, we went for a very early dinner so there was no rush.

4 star rating
by Vitale Eti
3 months ago

BD has had some wonderful and not so wonderful reviews, but if it's dumplings you want, then this is one of the best places on Dominion Rd to get them. You get real value for money and their shrimp fried rice is tasty also. We pop into BD often and we prefer the steamed over fried w. Shrimp fried rice and some of those delicious green beans.

Definitely give the chicken, spring onion, mushroom and the pork and cumin steamed dumplings a go. You get 20 for $12-$14, now that's real value.Andrew @anjeats

3 star rating
by Lucille Abygail
4 months ago

The food was good. the shu mai did not taste processed like the ones in yum chas but was homemade. The service was rather poor and unwelcoming. Price wise it was worth the money

3 star rating
by Anna Daley
4 months ago

The side dishes here are average and SO variable. One time the dish is bland as ever then next it has had a seriously bad run in with some horse radish.

The dumplings here don't do it for me either. They never seem to have that (new) flavor..

I'll stick to my all time favorite just down the road.

4 star rating
by Sonia.bhagirath
4 months ago

Have been to Barilla twice now with the family and I love it every time!!! People often talk about bad service etc but I have never experienced it and I love the atmosphere of the hustle and bustle! Great place to enjoy meals with friends and family and great on the pocket too!!!

4 star rating
by Prem C
4 months ago

If you are a dumpling person, very good dumplings served here. And just not dumplings, we ordered some chicken with veges and a lamb casserole kind of dish and it was good food. The lamb dish had some strong spices but was still worth the money. Overall good experience, nice food and worth your bucks.

2 star rating
by Dee
4 months ago

Tried this place coz a friend said it's worth the try. We sat at a round table with two other couples. It was awkward at first especially not knowing if they were going to be a tidy eater or a messy one. Since the place were so full, we decided to take the seats and looked through the menu and ordered the dumplings and fried rice. Luckily the other couple were very nice people and that was the highlight of this experience. The food itself not so much. Dumplings were not that great. They tasted similar to the frozen ones from the asian shop. A bit dissapointed really. Definitely not coming back as I have already found the best place for dumplings!

4 star rating
by Ekta Sharma
4 months ago

My workmate is a dumpling fiend so we needed up here one day. As much as I wanted to try their dumplings I was won over by the chicken noodle dish which is more my style.

When it arrived it looked like a good portion, fresh and smelt ridiculously appealing! I'm terrible at picking up on Asian flavours but the chicken noodles tasted like they were made in chicken stock or something of that sort. I really enjoyed the dish and my friend smashed through her pork and choice dumplings like 20 were no challenge! Great flavours.
Service could've been better.

We came here during a weekday and it was absolutely packed so we were seated upstairs. But we were on a work break and having to go downstairs to ask to pay (even though we could've paid upstairs, we were denied) was a little frustrating.

5 star rating
by Shradha Khiani
4 months ago

I ordered vegetables and egg dumplings with seaweed salad, it was yum and very well satisfied!
Definitely recommend anyone who is hungry!

2 star rating
by Leticia Andrews
4 months ago

Good dumplings but unfortunately service wasn't. One woman was very rude walking off mid order and not even acknowledging customers waiting to order right beside her at the counter.

4 star rating
by Ed
4 months ago

Very delicious place to grab dumplings if you're around Dominion Road.

It's one of those cult places that fills up quickly as they offer great tasting affordable food.

Food: 6.5/10
Service: 3/5
Ambience: 3/5
Value: 4.5/5
Overall: 17/25

4 star rating
by Karuna Deobhakta
4 months ago

Best cheap eat, at any time of the day. Well till 3am anyway. I normally just go for the dumplings because they are super delicious. But their curries and other dishes are also really good. It is good hearty and relatively healthy, depending on what you get. I would recommend it to anyone looking for something cheap but satisfying. Sarah Forsyth #g1

5 star rating
by Sarah Parke
4 months ago

The best dumplings in town! One of my most frequent spots. So cheap and delicious. This isn't the kind of place for great service but the food is perfect! #gidschallenge

4 star rating
by GideonMarisa MasterchefNz2015
4 months ago

Dumplings heaven! clean delicious tasty! it doesnt get better than this in terms of quality and value for money! these guys have hit the nail on the head and have got a good name for themselves because of the exquisite dining and takeaway experience #g1

5 star rating
by Helena Chen
4 months ago

A definite go to for yummy dumplings on Dominion Rd. I've ordered the pork and chive dumplings from here a few times and have always been satisfied with the yummy filling. The skin has a good texture, with a little bit of runny soup on the inside that bursts with flavour when you bite into it. They are very hot though, so careful not to burn your mouth! I haven't tried anything else from the menu here before so can't vouch for that, but the dumplings have my approval.

4 star rating
by Louisa Vickers
4 months ago

I was devastated last year when this was closed for renovations, but it's newly opened so I was excited to try it out. We popped in one night after work (thinking it wouldn't be too busy on a weeknight) and had to wait for a table. The place was packed, but luckily it was only a 5-10 minute wait. We were seated at a big round table, and had to share it but we didn't mind. Better to do that than have to wait 30 minutes for a table for two. 

The dumplings are what I came here for, and I wasn't disappointed. I got some fried dumplings, and they were delicious. Hot and a bit sticky, filled with delicious filling, and exactly what I wanted. On the table were soy sauce, vinegar, and chilli, so we could make our own perfect dipping sauce. 

This isn't the most fancy place, but the food is great, the service is quick, and it was an enjoyable meal. I'm keen to head back soon!

4 star rating
by Charlie
4 months ago

First time to Barilla and ordered takeaway.
I have never had dumplings before, but got a great reference from a friend and decided to dive in and try. Wow, they were delish!!
We got the Pork & Chives dumplings and for $12 for 20 dumplings its a cheap eat and pretty filling.
It took a while for them to cook them, but there were crowds of people, so it was to be expected.
I'll be back to try other flavors.

1 star rating
by Chloe-Mae
4 months ago

Came here one night after a long drive from back up north as every one was talking about it (prior to the bad press) any who it was not my choice but the boys wanted to go... First impression there was ear buds on the floor, dirty looking and stunk... Anywho ordered some
Dumplings they tasted ok.... But upon going home that night I was as ill as one thing.... Food poisoning. And it was def what I ate hear as i hadn't eaten anything apart from fruit that day .

5 star rating
by Sharan Dhanala
4 months ago

Indeed one of the best dumplings in Auckland city. Ordered pork & chives dumpling and chili beef dumplings. It was really delicious. Being a dumplings lover I wish I could eat here everyday.

4 star rating
by Lauren
4 months ago

I had heard many good things about Barilla Dumpling but was never truly convinced, how good could dumplings be? But trust me. These dumplings and buns are not only delicious, but their service is also unbelievably fast and it's so affordable. It was quite busy when I went and we assumed that we would be waiting a while since they have to boil the dumplings, but within 10 minutes of ordering, our food was on our table. Such a nice place to relax and eat delicious cheap food.

4 star rating
by Vincent Warner
4 months ago

Good simple cheat eats. The pork and mushroom dumplings were sublime. Everything else was pretty standard Chinese with tonnes of oil and chilli. Would certainly go again and try some other dumpling varieties.

3 star rating
by Sheena
4 months ago

Barilla is only good for their dumplings. They have so many choices with their dumplings and they're super cheap as well, around $12-15 for 20 dumplings. I like getting them steamed, which is $1 more and so worth it. The pork and chives are the classic dumpling filling we get, and I also like the three fresh delicacies filling as well. Also tried the chicken with green peppers which wasn't too bad.

Service isn't great here, and neither is the rest of the food. The fried noodles that I have gotten here were oily and didn't taste that great either. The hot and sour soup came with a large portion but they used spam which I didn't expect at all, and didn't like at all.

Overall, good dumplings and I'll be back for them.

2 star rating
by Betty Diao
4 months ago

the dumplings were quite nice, we got the beef and celery one and one plate was enough for 2 people. however the place was very busy so we had to wait 40 mintues for the dumplings.

5 star rating
by Kelsey Quine
5 months ago

Best dumplings in auckland :) pork and chive is my favourite, pork and onion is also a goodie, the garlic bok choy is to die for along with the sweet chilli eggplant. Some of the staff are nice, some not so much, the place is clean and tidy now after recent renovations but you go there for the dumplings and dont expect anything more

4 star rating
by Vicky Fletcher
5 months ago

Dumplings are amazing and cheap, funny place with funny decor and staff not that friendly but still the best dumplings and Bok choy. Always busy, which as good sign and they have tables upstairs, if you like it quiet.

2 star rating
by Summerlee Fataoui Schick
5 months ago

Spontanious dinner night out with friends.
barilla was very busy so that is normally a good sign. However the service was super average. The food was very very oily and the lamb dumpling meat just tasted like lamb fat. We mentioned this to the waiter but he didnt seem impressed of our review.
I prefer dumpling ace based in northcote anyday

3 star rating
by Shelly
5 months ago

Ohhhmygod the dumplings are so amazing here!! Portions are good, well priced. 2 points for service - but its not a place id expect amazing service at anyways because of the type of restaurant it is. On a bad note, my tea cup was dirty and greasy. Keep a look out of your utensils!

4 star rating
by Paul Evans
5 months ago

Barilla always leaves me so conflicted.

The dumplings are cheap, plentiful and tasty. I love the pork and chive, and the enormous pork siu mai.

The fried French beans with Szechuan salt are possibly the unhealthiest yet most incredibly delicious greens in the history of food.

If it was just about the food this place would rate higher...but sadly their staff are terrible. The surliest bunch I've ever come across...honestly it's like you're inconveniencing them by being there. Obviously service isn't their focus...shame as it could be great!

4 star rating
by Larissa Edwards
5 months ago

The food is awesome and really well priced, but the service is terrible. We used to go here a lot, until we took friends and waited over an hour for our orders, which were wrong. 

That being said, even though the service is bad (like its really really bad), the dumplings are to die for.

4 star rating
by Lucille Sia
5 months ago

Definitely serves delicious and tasty dumplings. We came on a Thursday night last week so they were busy but we easily managed to get seats by joining other customers' table which we didnt mind. We had to wait for a while for our orders to arrive and even had to mention twice for our rice to come. The squid was tough although tasty. Husband didnt enjoy it and thought it was overcooked to be that tough. The pork shao mai was good though.

2 star rating
by Tanz
5 months ago

Back here 2nd time and it would be last time for me. I ordered of course the beans, beef noodle and fried dumplings.
Beans and noodle came first, 30mins later dumplings were served when we finished other 2 dishes and were so full.

If this place is so famous for the dumplings, they should cook them faster than this. I can see many tables have more than half of their dumplings left and other dishes are empty. This is not right at all!!

Review from my 1st visit;
- Fried pork and chives; classic dumplings and they were alright.
- Fried lamb and carrot; not too bad
- Fried beef with something (I didn't order this one so I'm not sure about the name); they were not our favorite
- Steamed prawn dumpling with pork shaomai ; they didn't look like shaomai at all. They just looked like BIG dumplings and tasted like other dumplings we ordered. 12 of them were big like 20 dumplings
- Fried rice; you know...just normal fried rice
- Braised pork belly with clear noodle (I have no idea what it's called as I didn't order it); the pork melted in your mouth and was really delicious. I like this dish.
- Last but not least and it was highlight of the meal...I recommend everyone to order this dish 'Fried French Beans with Spicy Salt'. They deep fried the beans first then mixed with their spicy salt that is not spicy but salty and sweet.

4 star rating
by Lara Custance
5 months ago

One of the things you quickly learn when you move to Auckland, is that dumplings 'are a thing'. Barilla has been the dumpling go to spot for a while now, and delivers every time on the promise of a yummy cheap bite to hit the spot. You can't go wrong with an order of pork and chive pan fried dumplings and chicken fried noodles at Barilla.

2 star rating
by Jeremy Tacon-Heaslip
5 months ago

Not great unfortunately. Not that busy as we went earlier in the evening. Non existent service. Very slow. As they got busier the older "owner/family elder" was yelling at the wait staff and apologizing to customers in Chinese. We weren't afforded this courtesy however. Had to ask three times for water then a plastic jug was dumped on the table with no tumblers to use ( we had to use our green tea cups ) Food was ok at least. Not great though. I wouldn't go again. There are far better Chinese/yum cha/noodle/ dumpling places in Auckland

4 star rating
by Genie @ BunnyEatsDesign
5 months ago

I’ve been going to Barilla for years and came back again last night. Firstly, it’s busy. Even late on a cold, wet Tuesday night. Clearly popular with locals and there was a mix of Chinese and non-Chinese dining in. We had a party of 5 and managed 2 tables pushed together. You may have to share a table with others if you have a small group. Expect a wait in Fridays and Saturdays.

Barilla is clean and brightly lit and have been through a series of renovations. Staff are efficient and no frills but not rude at all. The menu is HUGE and overwhelming so have a browse online before you visit or have an idea of what section/s you want to order from, especially if you are hungry. 

We were here for dumplings and a couple of other dishes. We started off with 4 dishes to share: Vege and egg steamed dumplings, pork and chive fried dumplings, shredded pork in spicy garlic sauce and eggplant with spicy garlic sauce. We had a few bowls of rice to share. Everything was delicious but we still felt a little peckish so we added a second order of the pork and chive fried dumplings. We polished off the lot. I would usually recommend 4 dishes for 5 people but we must have been hungry because we easily finished 5 dishes between 5.

Their pork and chive dumplings are perfection. Crispy on the bottom, juicy and flavourful all over. They come out piping hot so be careful when you take that first bite it doesn’t explode with juices in your mouth. I’m also a fan of their pork and fennel dumpling, though fennel isn’t for everyone.

Barilla do a great range of vegetarian dishes and my vegetarian friend was very happy. Prices are cheap and the food comes out fairly quickly. You really can’t go wrong with $12 for 20 dumplings. A heads up, steamed dumplings take longer than the other dishes.

This place is great for a cheap or late dinner. Bill came to about $14 per person. A bargain that is hard to beat!

Note, Barilla place is not licensed. For some reason we thought they were…don’t bring your bottle of wine from home!

4 star rating
by FoodLoco
5 months ago

Its like Mc D of dumplings..
They recently renovated which is good! Cz it was a bit dingy and unclean before.
When they are busy they sometimes get your order wrong so be patient.
Sizzling black pepper beef and pork& fennel dumplings are good

4 star rating
by Porvi Fomra
6 months ago

Honestly I was not expecting much from this place, on the contrary Barilla Dumpling exceeded all my expectations. If you after some great pan fried dumplings then this is the right place! I ended up going to this place twice in a week. But it does take quite a while for the food to arrive so be prepared to wait. One of my fav places for dumplings now!

4 star rating
by Katerina
6 months ago

If you like dumplings, go there. All sorts of dumplings, you name it. My fav is chicken with mushrooms and onion. They are quiet busy on Fridays eve so be prepared for a little wait. Service as you ll have at most Chinese places but dumpling are good. 
Honestly, why they never wait for you to leave before they clean your table or learn how to do it properly. Its soo disgusting to see how they clean any tables! Juices are spilling over everything - yuck!
 I did ask about MSG and yes, they use it "a bit".
Cheap and cheerful.  Parking is easy.

1 star rating
by Maize Dang
6 months ago

I came here once then really liked the pork and chives dumplings so i came back the 2nd time, but the 2nd time was the most disgusting and horrible experience i have ever witnessed. My partner bit half into the dumpling and we saw a curling hair which could either be from the hygiene the cooks have or .. you know what. I would not recommend this place to anyone at all, imagine what else couldve been in there without anyone knowing. Disgusting.

4 star rating
by Monique Porteous
6 months ago

A friend of mine took me here and proclaimed that the served the best dumplings in the whole of Auckland - so naturally I was very tempted in giving it a go. While the service wasn't anything to write home about, the food was another story. 20 dumplings for $14, steamed/boiled/fried and a large variety of flavors. The dough on each pocket of heaven (or dumpling as most people call them) was so fresh and soft and just melted in the mouth. What totally won me over was the variety of fillings, I've never seen a dumpling house which served this many varieties! A must go in Auckland - if you can get a table!

4 star rating
by Fare Henry
6 months ago

If you are after great dumplings and are prepared to wait for them.. then this place if perfect! the dumplings are always great... and the spicy salt beans are yumm! & garlic bok choy ... it does get quite busy and the wait at times is too long... my partner and I have been here many times... although at times the wait can be incredibly long hasn't stopped us from craving dumplings from here.

3 star rating
by Joanne Lim
6 months ago

wasnt bad,but the service need to be improve..left the restaurant few times with incomplete order .doesnt make or else ,don know,about the reason..end up need to go to other place for second meal ...that sad

4 star rating
by HJ
6 months ago

If dumplings are your thing, then you have to give this place a go! Although they aren't the best I've ever had - they are up there on my list. The restaurant is spread across 2 levels and when we visited on a Saturday was packed. We were lucky enough to get a table upstairs with little waiting time. The service wouldnt get top marks, but this could be due to them being fully packed. However the food is somewhat delicious and its obvious by the amount of people dining in and also taking away.

We ordered the lamb and cabbage dumplings (steamed), mixed vegetable & egg dumplings (fried) and the braised eggplant in brown sauce. This was plenty for the 3 of us and the prices are quite reasonable! We enjoyed all three dishes we ordered. I would recommend their dumplings steamed or fried!

This place is a perfect location for a group dinner or causal met up and given there prices are affordable and not over priced I'd happily eat here again.

1 star rating
by Mann
6 months ago

This place got most terrible service I have ever received in any restaurant . We ordered some food and food was not even warm , we told the staff that food is so cold not even warm, she said we can't do anything, if you want to eat then eat!!!!! How rude was that!!!! Will never come again

4 star rating
by Iamcii
6 months ago

Haven't been here for a while and was thoroughly surprised by the service. We used to have to constantly wave down or even walk up to servers to get their attention. Tonight we had our tea filled multiple times, questions answered, and servers eagered to take our order. We got pork and celery dumplings, lamb and cabbage dumplings, potato salad, ribs soup noodle, spring onion pancake, and hot and sour soup. Everything was great except for the spring onion pancake. It was cooked properly, we sent it back but it still came back not thoroughly cooked. Also, the lamb tasted like it wasn't prepared properly. But everything else was what we expected.

Food: 3.5/5
Drinks: 2/5 (perhaps investing into some better tea? It was pretty tasteless. As a Chinese I'm disappointed)
Service: 4/5
Atmosphere: 3/5 (much better after the renovations)
Value for money: 5/5

4 star rating
by Libby Jane
6 months ago

This place is flippin' awesome. 20 dumplings for $12 and they are really yummy too. Love the pork and coriander ones their definitely my fave. Always super packed in here so you know it's pretty decent. Just good, cheap and tasty Chinese food you can count on really :)

5 star rating
by Eden O'Brien Ford
6 months ago

Barilla Dumpling exceeded all my expectations.
Went here for a group dinner with a large dining party and we ordered up a storm!
We ordered pork and chive, beef and chive and pork and coriander dumplings, french beans, sweet and sour pork, black bean beef, prawns, salt and pepper calamari amongst other dishes and they were all amazing!
The dumplings were steamed perfectly, and the flavours were tasty. Everything was seasoned well and came out piping hot and in a timely fashion. And the French beans! Ugh, delicious ?.
With dumplings being around $10-$12 for a large plate it was great value for money.
The service was quick, polite and attentive even though they were very busy (as they always are) and they were incredibly helpful with choosing dishes and describing what each dish involved.
Definitely one of my new favour food haunts for good Chinese cuisine.

3 star rating
by Lenka Veza
7 months ago

Apparently these are the best dumplings in town. I would have to disagree. First of all the service was terrible. Our "ten minute wait" turned into a forty-five minute wait with no apology. I didn't feel to hot after eating here either. I went with the pork and cabbage steamed dumplings and I'm not in a hurry to go back

4 star rating
by Ophelia Buckleton
7 months ago

Be prepared to immerse yourself in a fast paced environment! This place is always busy so waiting for a table or food is not unusual- all worthwhile tho! The huge range of dumplings are all delicious. We usually go for one plate of pork and chive and another of chicken, mushroom and onion, both pan fried which makes the dumplings a teeny bit crispy! For the more adventurous type, the menu is huge with plenty of options other than dumplings. From the vegetable section I would highly recommend the fried green beans in spicy salt which are super addictive. All in all, as long as you are patient, a meal at Barilla never fails to satisfy!

3 star rating
by Keri
7 months ago

The NZ Herald raves on and on about this place on how good it is so I went to see what the fuss was about. Never have I been so dissapointed at a resturant that gets great reviews. Herald, you have no idea what Asian food is supposed to taste like do you?

The dumplings were so oily as soon as you bit into it the oil from the meat just floods out and by the end of the night you are left with a very oily plate. Just shows they use really cheap meat, which is reflected on their prices.

If you grew up in an asian home and is familiar with that yummy dumpling your grandma or your mum makes at home these dumplings are a cheap joke. Don't go here if you know what real asian food is.

Service was horrible as well. The restaurant was full so I understand the slow service but it took 30 mins to get 1 dish out, and another 20 mins to get another dish out meaning we had to wait about an hour to get our food. By the time the 2nd dish arrived our first dish was cold when we wanted to have it together.

If you are after a cheap asian meal, go ahead and eat at this place but keep in mind, with cheap dumplings comes a cost of them using cheap meat that goes into our body.

3 star rating
by M_92
7 months ago

This place has become our late night food destination when we are feeling peckish for dumplings.
We usually order the chicken or pork dumplings and most times the food has been good. The downfall of this place is the service - it's absolutely horrible as you would expect from a busy Asian restaurant.... Despite this, when the food arrives you quickly forget about it! :)

5 star rating
by Damien Jake
7 months ago

Been here more than a few times. Good place to take a crew or a date. Meals are kosha. You dont have to wait for long. And the dumplings are the best around for sure. Menu is kosha. Staff is good. My spot for sure

5 star rating
by Thomas
7 months ago

Best dumplings. Always good. Open late for night owls so i visit regularly.
The service leaves somewhat to be desired but who cares when they taste so good!

5 star rating
by Kirstie
7 months ago

Best dumplings in auckland - beef and cabbage pan fried are amaaaazing ! Service isn't too great but the tasty food definitely makes up for it!

4 star rating
by Reonr Di
8 months ago

Best Dumpling in Auckland
Very popular and busy
Price 4.5/5
Food 4.5/5
Servic 3/5
Atmosphere 3/5
All dishes delicious.
Try again.

4 star rating
by Dawn Tetauru
8 months ago

Fresh light food. The dumplings, buns and noodles all taste hand made. We had the chicken curry, lamb and eggplant dumplings, pork spare rib noodles, pan fried 3 surprise buns and garlic choi sum. Deliciously delicious! The soup broth was simple but not bland, just right. The choi sum was a little bit watery for my liking however very tasty :). Oooooooooo I loved the dumplings, buns and noodles. Usually I feel so stuffed when I eat these foods but to my surprise they are very light and tasty! Had to buy some dumplings to take home. 4.0 due to it being a Lil bit pricey and average to good customer service.

3 star rating
by Gianina Castro
8 months ago

I love the food but the service is just absolutely horrible. The staff are really rude and make you feel like any request you make to them is such a huge burden. The place is quite icky as well. So I suggest getting them for takeaways so you wouldn't have to deal with the staff as much.

2 star rating
by House Of Eats
8 months ago

If you love dumplings, well dumplings is what you will get. Its a business that produces what seems masses worth of tasty little balls. However the hostess is extremely rude and makes you feel every request you make is such a hassle such as asking for another drink etc.... Staff barely talk or make eye contact with you which I find quite rude, it doesnt take long to learn how to say Hello and smile. I wont rate this high no matter how good the dumplings are, if the service is poor. Perhaps takeout is a better option.

4 star rating
by Charlie W.
8 months ago

Still the best dumplings in town. If you know a place that's better, message me & we can go there together. The dumplings are always insanely juicy (mostly from a high fat content but fat is flavour) with just the right amount of wrapping to contain the parcel of the good stuff.

The only downside is how busy they are. It can be rough securing a spot and when you do, the wait time can be long. I still drive across town for this.

5 star rating
by Steph Wells
8 months ago

Affordable and absolutely delicious food. It's busy and vibrant. Loved the Chicken, Onion and Mushroom dumplings. So flavorsome and delicious I couldn't stop eating them.

4 star rating
by Richard Tran
8 months ago

The atmosphere was very busy and rushed. It made me feel like I was in China rush hour. I felt like the food was rushed and could've been made much better if they took the time to cook it. The spring onion pancake was abit too doughy for my taste. Overall it was a new experience that I will probably return too but not anytime soon.

4 star rating
by Cheap Cheap Foodie
8 months ago

Time and date: Monday Dinner
Food ordered : Pork and pickled vege dumpling, beef and celery dumpling, Three delicacies Shaomai, pickled cucumber, pickled pig ears, sour and spicy soup
Ingredients     : Cant really judge their freshness as most would be pre-made or made with pickled ingredients
Authenticity    : Dumplings and Shaomai are quite authentic (based on my own experience and Chinese friends), Sour and spicy soup on the other hand are somewhat different than the authentic version (authentic version does not include chili)
Taste               : Very tasty, dumplings have soups or gravy in them, pig ear is cruchy and a bit spicy
Environment   : Very pleasant compare to two years ago, they renovated the whole shop twice in 4 years time, photo of the shop above are not re-presentable as they just recently renovated
Service            : Mechanical but efficient
Costs               : less than $20 per person
Will I return      : I'm  a regular there

4 star rating
by Khoa Le
9 months ago

Decent dumplings and rice dishes, the noodles aren't as bland as most other dumpling takeaways. Service is average but that's to be expected from the dominion road joints. I personally think people sometimes do expect an a better service than the place can offer. They do what they are supposed to do.. clean the table, bring out the food and tea, polite service etc.

3 star rating
by Lee V
9 months ago

I have mixed feelings about Barilla. The food was really yum but the service was subpar and it took ages to get our food. It was crazy busy though, but still, maybe get some more staff? At the very least, have a dedicated person on the counter taking orders. We had to wait a really long time just for someone to take our order, and then the waiting time for food was even longer. 

Usually spicy house just a couple of shops down is my go to for yummy asian food. And they are super quick too. Hence the mixed feelings - both places have yummy food, but one has way way way longer wait times and unfriendly staff. I will have to try Barilla again and see what kind of experience I have, but for now, it's fairly neutral.

3 star rating
by Rhiannon Baldock
9 months ago

After a long day at work, the idea of delicious, warming dumplings on a chilly night was a extremely tempting one. After little convincing, a friend and I popped to Barilla dumplings for a catch up over some tea and a few too many plates of food.

We arrived at around half six, and the place was PACKED. My friend managed to score us a table, and we were seated really quickly, followed by a complimentary pot of steaming hot tea and menus.

Pork buns were an obvious choice (I am a sucker for them), which we shared along with pork & cashew dumplings, beef shao mai and a chicken & cashew main dish.

Starting with the pork buns; the dough was light and perfectly steamed. The filling was that of a tight pork mince mixture rather than a BBQ pork filling, but it lacked the flavour that you get with the BBQ pork buns. We ate ours with soy which was a very much needed accompaniment to give it some extra flavour. The pork and cashew dumplings were delicious and extremely juicy, but like the buns, they just needed an extra kick.

When ordering the shao mai, I had the vision of delicious, tightly wrapped shao mai I had eaten at Yum Cha in the past. Although the flavour was similar, these were really difficult to eat, especially when you have slight chopstick butterfingers like myself! The wrappers barely held to the filling, making it quite difficult to pick up. On a positive note, they were really juicy and weren't dry in the slightest.

Last but not least was the chicken and cashew main dish. This was my least favourite of them all, I tried so hard to like it.. But with no success. Slightly dry chicken breast sat amongst diced carrots and cooked cucumber (something I've never come across!), covered in an overly congealed sauce that reminded me of aloe vera? I would be hard pressed to want to order this again.

I will definitely come back to Barilla, the atmosphere is busy and authentic, but next time I think I'll be sticking to dumplings, pork buns and the delicious tea.

5 star rating
by Aucklanders
9 months ago

Best Chinese food in town... They make the best steamed dumplings... Always really busy and since they change the decor it seems very well cute decor..
Staff is efficient and service is also fast...

4 star rating
by P L
9 months ago

Such a busy place every time that I have been here and definitely for a good reason - well priced home style Chinese food. The place has obviously been redecorated - I would definitely not be able to recognize the restaurant from looking at these photos. great thing is they're open until late , had a meal here at 11 pm (second dinner nom nom) and people just kept streaming in for dine in/takeaways on a Friday night. 1 star taken off as there is sometimes a wait time for seats, and also wait time for food could be improved - can take up to 30 minutes during very busy times (whereas it can be as little as 10 during not so busy times (still a full house perhaps with less takeaways)).

4 star rating
by Trin C
9 months ago

Come here if you're after a cheap and yummy meal! Don't expect to get good service though as staff is not attentive at all (don't give out napkins or take awhile to get their attention). Food took forever to come, one table waited for 45 mins and left without their food. The restaurant is a bit dirty and table is sticky etc. But who cares because you get what you pay for right? And the food is pretty good for what you pay for! Make sure you come early though because this place is always busy! I was super lucky to get a table here!

I really like their pork and chives dumplings! Since it was my first time here I thought I would go with the safest option! They have so many other options that I have never heard before! Definitely recommend their steamed dumplings instead of boiled. I also ordered this spicy chicken dish and it was very yum! Will definitely go back!

4 star rating
by Garry Graham
9 months ago

It is certainly an experience eating here. It is noisy and cheaply decorated. The food however is very good and very cheap. Don't order too many things because you won't be able to eat them. Unfortunately they aren't licensed. But all in all it's worth going to but the staff certainly give you the impression they couldn't care one way or the other.

4 star rating
by Megan C
9 months ago

Come here if you're looking for great Northern Chinese food but don't expect   attentive service :P 

Their dumplings are really, really nice - especially the pan-fried apple and pork dumplings. Make sure you always enjoy dumplings with the chilli and vinegar :) 

Another favourite of ours is the Shao Mai with three fresh delicacies (pork, prawn and egg). It is consistently moist and flavoured enough without being too salty. 

I also reckon their cold dishes such as the shredded potato, tripe,  and cucumber salad are pretty good as it's nice to alternate hot dumplings and chilli with cool and sour food. 

I'm happy to say they've removed the lime-green walls and refurbished their interior. So ambience has definitely improved and I find it doesn't get too loud even when busy. 

Yes, service can be sometimes lacking (forgetting serviettes, rushing orders) but all is forgiven when you come away with a full stomach and a happy wallet.

5 star rating
by Foodie
9 months ago

This place gets quite busy, so expect a bit of a wait or prepare to share a table with strangers. Can't really fault the restaurant for doing well though. It took us about 15 mins to get a table, but once we did it started to get better, much better. Of course the dumplings are very good and very good value too. We tried the sizzling beef with oyster sauce and it was some of the best beef we had ever had, yes it's that good. Would highly recommend this restaurant and we shall be back again, soon... Very soon

4 star rating
by Sweet Mama M
10 months ago

Going in on a Monday night, I was surprised at how popular this place was. Despite being told on the phone that we didn't need to book, the waitstaff were surprised that we hadn't booked a table. The waiter begrudgingly offered up a larger table and brought extra chairs and a strap-on high chair over and to his credit he did attach it to the seat. The table was a little dirty and we did have to request it be cleaned.

As other reviewers have previously stated, this isn't a place you go to for the service. You will be waiting, to be seated, to place your orders and to pay at the end of your meal. The dining area is cramped and the thoroughfare often taken up by people waiting for takeout orders.

Where this place really shines is in the food. We were lucky to be eating with repeat customers and there wasn't a single dish I disliked. My favourite would have to be the pork and cashew dumplings, nicely washed down with Jasmine tea. Bear in mind that the steamed pork buns are not of the more widely known BBQ pork bun style, they are more similar to a pork dumpling wrapped in bread rather than a dumpling wrapper.

Would we return? For the food, yes, but I'd be more inclined to get a takeout order and skip their service dramas.

4 star rating
by Dumplingninja
10 months ago

Believe the Hype! Yum yum yum. Generous serves with taste to match. I'm a dumpling snob so was reluctant to try them. Very impressive! Who wants to spend Friday making their own when you can buy 20 for $12? The only downfall was the huge wait on takeaways. They said it would be 20 mins... 50 mins later... so not quite a 5/5 from me.

3 star rating
by Marcella
10 months ago

Came here to try out the dumplings and I can happily say that's what we got ( plus a dirty ish table unfortunately ) We ordered 3 different types- pork and chives, egg and chives, pork, prawn, egg and chives and also some noodle beef thing my bf got. We got all the dumplings fried and they came fairly quickly.
We devoured the pork ones but the egg and chives were not a winner. The ratio of egg to the chives was like 1:10 and they were just chives overload.
We only ordered it because one of my mates was vegetarian but we all thought the dumplings would've been much nicer if they had more egg in them.
Would've been nice if the dumplings were less oily too but hey, they were still tasty :)
I didn't taste the noodle beef thing but the bf said it was pretty shit. So that was that.
We ended up paying like $15ish each which was pretty cheap for dinner. We all got out of there pretty stuffed and happy :)

4 star rating
by Super(・_・;Phoebe
10 months ago

Well,dumpling surely shines for Barilla. I felt a bit spoilt for the choice. I ordered lamb&coriander dumplings because my boyfriend is a big fan of lamb. The dumplings were very flavoursome. Putting coriander with lamb is very inspiring that I'd make same fillings at home next time!

I also ordered braised beef and mushroom. We were disappointed as it was too sweet when the fact is it's ought to be more hot and spicy. Plus their fried rice was just average. Not authentic at all. I guess that's because after all their speciality is dumplings.

1 star rating
by Sally
10 months ago

Barilla has given me some good ish experiences. Not great, but they've always been okay. I was quite happy to know they've renovated and had got rid of the fluro green and orange walls.

The previous time I dined here, which was a month or so ago, there was a long strand of hair on my plate. It wasn't on my food and humans make mistakes so I didn't bother complaining. Just bad luck I guess.

Tonight, appalling service. No serviettes, no chopsticks, no tea, and last but not least, there was a fine plastic-y elastic string within the pastry of my dumpling. How can you serve your customers plastic?!

Wouldn't even come back if they paid me. Mandah

1 star rating
by Hiro Omigawa
10 months ago

Worst place on dominion road for service. waited an hour to be served, only to be given the wrong order. Staff ignored our table all the time, gave us weird looks when we asked questions. Food was too oily and didnt taste clean, ended up having diarehha. Would avoid

3 star rating
by Flemo
11 months ago

Pricier side of dumplings.. Not to mention the lady serving was noticeably grumpy she then couldn't count and got the price wrong #awkys. When I asked her why she was grumpy she said mee naawt gumpy

3 star rating
by S. Joberg
11 months ago

I don't understand the hype.  The dumplings were SO oily.  They tasted fine otherwise, but nothing particularly amazing.  A couple of the dumplings were overcooked.  Didn't eat them all due to oiliness and the slightly burnt wrapped of a couple of time.   Unlikely that I would go back there.  Getting really sick of the low level of quality on Dominion Road now, time to move on I think.  Gets points for price.  Probably pretty good for Uni students etc just wanting a real casual, cheap feed.  You can share a couple of plates of dumplings between a larger group.  If you just want a decent amount of food, for a pretty reasonable price and you don't care much how good it is, or the service, then this is the place for you.

4 star rating
by Kenji
11 months ago

One of the best Dumpling places in town!!

Cheap (roughly 10-12$ per plate)
Great food, tasty and filling. You must try the dumplings here!
Handy location
Huge parking at the back 
Always food left over for take away. 

Really Busy due to being popular so be ready to wait for a table.
Dont expect the best service in town, once you been served your not going to see a waiter again so get everything at one go. In all fairness they are really really busy all the time. The cheap food also makes up for no service and rarely on dominon road will you ever find good customer service. 
This ones important.. The dumplings can takes ages to come out. in one case we ordered dumplings and they came out 20min after all other mains had been served. Either order them early or ask what the waiting time is for them.

4 star rating
by Amit Tripuraneni
11 months ago

One of the better dumpling places. Service and speed is nothing much to write about but the food makes up for it. You can't go wrong with Pork with chive dumplings - get them fried. Their 3 flavor Shao Mai (egg, pork, prawn) is good as well.

4 star rating
by Rakesh Kanji
11 months ago

Value for money this place is the goods. Great place to catchup and take friends. Lots of variety.

2 star rating
by Shari
Jan 21, 2015

I had high expectations ("best dumplings in Auckland" ringing in my ears) and I was disappointed - I have certainly had it's mediocre equal and have been lucky enough to stumble across significantly better. I don't care about service, it's all about the food (though getting the right food in a timely fashion does help!) and with better tasting dumplings on offer from others along delicious Dominion Rd I won't be giving Barilla another try.

1 star rating
by Sayanti Chatterjee
Jan 19, 2015

Was here a few days back with friends and since the very next day, I have been sick. I have been here before and personally have experienced their horrible service (plus i reckon the other joints on Dom rd have excellent dumplings too at a much cheaper price), but was forced to go with friends. The service was less than average as usual, the dumplings oily but tasty. And now my best friend is the toilet. Thanks Barilla.

1 star rating
by Jason
Jan 18, 2015

Dined here last week as I was craving dumplings. I ordered pork dumplings and two bowls of noodles. Me and my mate waited 45minutes for 1 bowl of noodles to arrive and then when it hit 55 minutes we got the dumplings. Holy cow the service was atrocious and  absolutely appalling. They have about 10 staff running around and they just forgot about us like they're blind. We constantly reminded them that our food hadn't come but they would nod and run away. Further the restaurant wasn't even packed. In particular this young lady with a long ponytail completely ignored us on multiple occasions and when she finally gave us the food she gave us the evils. Far out all we wanted was a quick feed after gym but got ignored and that death stare. The dumplings tasted alright just lacking juice but the noodles were sloppy, oily and old , tasted like something 5 days old. The meat was those cheap hot pot pork slices you get frozen in those Chinese supermarkets. Would not recommend, Think all they care about is $$$$ not customers FFS.

4 star rating
by Fowl Mouth
Jan 17, 2015

Great food. Crap service.

They are well known for their dumplings but I Highly recommend their Sizzling black pepper steak! A bit oily but my god was it tasty.

4 star rating
by Jessica Gao
Jan 14, 2015

Go for the dumplings here at Barilla Dumpling. I came here at around 6pm, luckily it wasnt very busy. Service was good, waiter always came around to regulary refill tea.
I ordered noodles with vegetables, pork in soy bean paste (Zhajiang Mian) and my sister got fried pork and cabbage dumplings. My noodles were MASSIVE, had to put majority of the portion in a takeaway box. The noodles itself were good, not amazing but the sauce was a lil runny for my liking. Dumplings were obviously the star of the dishes don't need to add more then that. Will come back here again once I've toured the rest of Dominion Rds eateries

2 star rating
by Manic Diner
Dec 15, 2014

Dined here today with a friend. The pork & chives dumplings were delicious if a tad oily, the diced chicken with green peppers in chilli sauce was nice and the xi an lamb pancakes were flavoursome but the food just cannot make up for the atrocious service.

4 star rating
by Laura Hunt
Nov 25, 2014

I had mixed feelings about coming here because of how different all the reviews were.
Personally I had a really good time here. Despite multiple reviews complaining about service, my experience with it was all good! The food was also really yummy. We got 2 plates of dumplings - steamed beef and coriander and fried pork and coriander, pork buns, a chicken and cashew dish, and a lamb and cumin dish. I really enjoyed everything! Only a slight downside was that they had forgotten to do one of our dumpling dishes, but they came and apologised and got on to it right away.
Don't let negative reviews/ the dated decor put you off. It's definitely worth a try!

3 star rating
by LizzieB
Nov 23, 2014

Oil. That's what comes to mind when I think of Barilla.
The mains are overwhelmingly oily, in my opinion. Cheap, but not always cheerful - I often wonder what's wrong with the wait staff - because their manner leaves a lot to be desired. Or maybe the bright green and orange interior is giving them headaches... If you're after a large amount of food, endless servings of tea and prices which won't hurt your wallet - maybe consider Barilla. But as a self-confessed dumpling addict - I'm not placing Barilla in my hall of fame. Yum-cha restaurants and even street food carts have provided better quality dumpling fillings for competitive prices. I don't buy the hype, but do give it a try - even if only once :)))

4 star rating
by Bill Chien
Nov 20, 2014

Always great place for dumplings, either dine in or takeaway. We must remember the service is more towards a traditional asian service but it is improving which is a plus! IF dumplings aren't your thing they have a lot of other food on the menu which is also very tasty!

4 star rating
by Penelope Chua
Nov 19, 2014

Their dumplings are good, but their Yang chow fried rice is too oily. l didnt like their Shu Mai but the beef hotpot was good too. I am planning to try their other hotpot dishes in the future.

4 star rating
by Emma Forbes
Nov 14, 2014

Came here with a friend for a late Sunday evening bite to eat. Being gluten intolerant the dumplings were out for me so opted for a beef sizzle platter. Great portion size amd meat was nice and tender.

2 star rating
by AngeLi
Nov 14, 2014

Okay. Their dumplings are really amazing! But the staff?! So rude!!! I don't think they're too happy being there. Ruined meal due to awful service.

4 star rating
by Arpita Mandal
Nov 04, 2014

I have been to Barilla few times especially when I crave for dumplings.

Vegetarian dumplings are beautiful cooked and the serving is enough for 2 to 3 people. I also enjoy the sesame coated beans with the chilli and soya dipping sauce.

The food preparation and service is pretty quick. Must go for the delightful dumplings.

5 star rating
by Tessa Hall
Oct 27, 2014

I tried barilla for dinner tonight and it was really good! The dumplings were amazing (pork, prawn and chive) and the beans were yum! The chicken fried noodle was good too but would be nice if there was more veges. Reasonably priced too!

4 star rating
by Jungmin Ji
Oct 26, 2014

Food was good compared to the price. Fairly simple straight up dumplings. Greatbfor simple quick cheap eats. The customer service was okay. Have to admit it was pretty hard to communicate with staff.

5 star rating
by Kathleen Joyce-Reweti
Oct 25, 2014

Best dumplings in the country. You'll never find any better and they are the best quality at a reasonable price. Ok the service is average but the food is great so who cares

4 star rating
by Dave White
Oct 23, 2014

An almost always packed restaurant is a great way to tell whether a place is worth eating at. Barilla is one of those places. If you go during peak hours, expect to wait quite a while to be seated. Highly recommend their hand-made Shoamai, particularly their Shaomai with Three Fresh Delicacies (Pork, egg and prawn).

1 star rating
by Jacob Daniel Stevens
Oct 08, 2014

Be careful with your valuable possessions when eating at Barilla Dumpling. My 7 year old accidentally left his ipod touch on the table and we came back 2 minutes later and it was gone. No one was sitting at the table where he left it. The workers had just finished busing the table. I asked the server if he saw an ipod there and he tells me yes then goes back into the kitchen to get it and says its no longer there and it was a miss understanding. Meaning one of the workers elected to keep the ipod and there is nothing we can do about it. Food is good but I won't be going back because I don't want to give money to people who would steal a 7 year old's ipod.

4 star rating
by Kiwi Foodie
Sep 28, 2014

Behind the infamous neon green sign and fluorescent lighting lies some of the best dumplings I’ve had in NZ. The place looks deceptively small, with tables pushed as close together as they can manage. Do not be fooled, though – there is another huge dining area up the dodgy-looking stairway, and the group of dumpling-making chefs in the kitchen are constantly busy.

We are seated with barely a word by a grumpy-looking lady – but words are not what we are here for. Our dumplings arrive shortly, steaming hot in their tray – we typically order either steamed or boiled, not fried. The prawn, pork, chives and egg dumplings deserve special mention, but most of the others we’ve tried are good as well. The other mains are a bit hit and miss, and we usually give them a skip. The soups are passable, and the side dishes (including the pancakes) are pretty good.

But yes… the dumplings. What sets them apart from regular dumplings is the little bit of soup contained within. If you have tried xiao long bao, envision just that – except bigger, with thicker, doughier skin and varied fillings. The first bite of each dumpling is a flavourful explosion in the mouth, a welcome change from the typical dry dumpling fillings. The chili flakes in oil provided at the table make an excellent accompaniment to it.

Don’t go for the service, or the ambience, or even the mains… go for the dumplings, as their name suggests. Oh, and the proverbial icing on the cake? 20 dumplings is about $12-14.

2 star rating
by Candy Boy Food Journey
Sep 27, 2014

Horrible service, ok food. Don't get why there is always line to get in. They found animals in kitchen last year and it had E rating for some time.

4 star rating
by Jazz Wilson
Sep 18, 2014

This place makes me humorous..service is terrible but its very cheap and pretty tasty!!! Would be awesome if they were licensed

1 star rating
by Dining Enthusiast
Aug 31, 2014

Store bought dumplings in average atmosphere. Not for me and I don't really understand the appeal. But good for them as they were packed when we went.

4 star rating
by Vinmanrules
Aug 28, 2014

Best dumplings I have eaten in Auckland. Effecient service. Other food on the menu was average but I only go here for the dumplings so my rating reflects that.

2 star rating
by Debbie Goldsmith
Aug 27, 2014

Very busy and the service is terrible, add that to the recent D grade for hygiene and thats why I give it a low rating. The dumplings are cheap but taste average.

3 star rating
by Jonathan Falconer
Aug 25, 2014

Was looking for a quick and easy feed on the way to the airport and remembered reading about this place in Metro's Cheap Eats. Went on Sunday night. Was super busy and the staff looked over run so didn't expect quality service. Usually the case at cheap Asian joints. But $12 for 20 pork and chive dumplings compensated for the fact. Also had pork and onion buns and the prawn & pork dumplings. Overall taste was good. But if you've been to high end Yum Cha they really don't compare. Price to portion ratio great. Quality a little more than ok. Service terrible but amusing. Nice place for quick easy food.

4 star rating
by Heartshrooms
Aug 24, 2014

Calling this place The Best Dumplings in Auckland is a bit excessive in my opinion. As someone who has grown up eating dumplings (both homemade and store brought), my expectations were very high. It took ages for the dumplings to arrive and they were.. average. They resemble and taste like dumplings, but that's it really- it tastes like the ones you can make yourself at home. Perhaps my taste buds aren't as sensitive or defined as other people because I was sorely disappointed :/ Reasonable dumplings, just not wow/ amazing as it's been made out to be.

EDIT: Revisited again a few more times and tried various orders. My recommendation is go for the steamed ones such as the beef and coriander, or the massive seafood ones (not sure what they're called but they look quite different to the usual dumplings). The Xi An pancake with pork was mighty good, the bread was SO soft and pillowy, and it encased the succulent and tender (albeit a bit fatty), dark and boldly flavoured pork pieces. With these recent choices, the experience with food has dramatically improved. Service was actually pretty good too, you don't go into Asian restaurants expecting them to cater and look after you anyway, as long as they're efficient and get the food out, I'm happy.

3 star rating
by Amy Webb
Aug 15, 2014

Some friends invited me out to dinner tonight to Barilla, and after reading the reviews I was very intrigued. The ratings seem to be quite extreme! Although I can see why.

The food is awesome. We ordered the bok choy, sliced potato in vinegar and spring onion pancakes to start. Highlight was definitely the pancakes, very savoury with excellent pastry. The potato serving was massive and we probably didn't need it as it filled us up quite a bit before the dumplings came out.

We ordered the vegetarian, chicken & mushroom and pork & celery dumplings, all fried. Such massive servings! I really think this place was great value considering it came to $82 for 4 people.

The service is really as bad as people say it is! The staff members actually look like they are completely hating it and never once smiled even when I tried talking to them. Barilla was extremely busy tonight, seems to be quite a popular place, I figure service can be ignored for such tasty, cheap food.

4 star rating
by J.T547
Aug 13, 2014

Love the dumplings here, so delicious, especially the pork and chive and the beef and cumin. The best thing however are the beans!!! Cheap and cheerful place. Don't expect to be blown away by the service or decor.

2 star rating
Aug 10, 2014

Food, average. Customer service, 100% crap.

Aside from having had a D grade and being publicized in the newspaper/online a while ago, we finally ventured into this place after getting sick of our usual Dominion road restaurants and because it had an A grade again.

The first time I came with a group of friends and we ordered steamed dumplings, sweet & sour pork (x2), lamb with cumin, chinese veges and some spicy chicken dish. The food came out in an okay time frame (5~10min) during the early dinner rush; my only issue is with the service because they gave us 2minutes before checking if we were ready to order then it ended up being a mission to get their attention again when we were ready to order. The waitress that day also got my order wrong and gave me squid with cumin, and when we said its not what we ordered, she came back and tried to tell me that it is what I ordered - squid and lamb isn't even under the same category on the menu!!! The food was okay, decent and pretty standard for Chinese food.

We came again today because we couldnt decide where to go, and since the food was okay last time we just took the chance. Biggest mistake ever. We ordered our meals and it took the usual 5~10 mins for each of our dish to arrive but they didn't give us the rice until the 2 dishes I ordered arrived (lamb with cumin and fried cabbage with vinegar) which doesn't make sense. The rice was hard and dry, day old and reheated. The fried cabbage was more or less boiled cabbage and cooked with vinegar. The most irritating thing was, after waiting 10minutes we realized my friend's dish still hasn't come out - he went to go check and they kept saying its being made (whilst looking at the order dockets); another 5 mins later the lady comes over with sweet & sour pork which wasn't what he ordered and then asked if its okay? We said no and she said it'll be 5mins and we waited for another 10..... Then another lady comes out with sweet & sour pork without the sweet and sour sauce (essentially deep fried pork)??? When we asked what it was she got the menu and showed us it's what we ordered, the 'fried pork fillets'.... Anyone and everyone knows that's not what a 'fillet' is or looks like. Then 2mins later she comes our with the salt/pepper to dip the 'pork fillets with'. Not only did we have to wait a long time for that last dish, they tried to give us a different dish, we didn't get an apology and we had to ask to exchange the bowl of rice because it had gone cold and hard.

Barilla needs to review their waiters/waitresses (in terms of english speaking customers making orders), their menu (because their description doesn't match what food they cook) and their service! Its appalling and we won't come back.

4 star rating
by Eat Pray Love
Aug 03, 2014

I don't care about what anyone says about Dom Rd joints and their hygiene ratings :P :P Barilla Dumpling has the best dumplings ever!

If you're looking for cheap dumplings that are equally delicious - Barilla has got you covered! I recommend the pork and chives steamed dumplings. It's a classic and you cannot go wrong. I prefer the steamed dumplings because I just like the dough to be soft rather than crunchy. Barilla fillings have really good flavour which is really nice because a lot of the times dumplings can have bland fillings.

Barilla is quite popular and recently they've started to take bookings for large groups so would definitely recommend that if you're thinking about going with a lot of people. The service is not that friendly as there is a language barrier but it is speedy none the less especially if you're ordering take out (which I recommend cause it is quite loud and hard to get staff attention in the actual restaurant).

Pop into Barilla if you're looking for something cheap and satisfying!

4 star rating
by Lisa V
Jul 19, 2014

I've been her multiple times before and after their stint in the papers for their hygiene grade and I have to say that afterward they cleaned up the good still tastes just as good after before. Their dumplings are full of flavour and well cooked. It's also really cheap if you are sharing dishes. It's a place you can come to with only a few people or a bigger group and will still be really cheap and enjoyable. The only problem would be getting a table. Even during lunch time they fill up fast. My person favourite is the shredded potato. I've tried quite a few different flavours in dumplings, my two favourites are pork and corn and pork and chives.

4 star rating
by Samantha Minny
Jul 10, 2014

We got take out from Barilla and I have to say that it wasn't too bad! It wasn't cheap but the food was definitely tasty.
We had the potato and eggplant sauté, pork and chive dumplings, chicken noodles, chilli beans and a chive pancake.
The pancake was a little doughy but everything else was super tasty. The beans weren't too spicy but they were crunchy which was amazing. The noodles were probably the best noodles I've had on Dominion Road and there was a generous amount of filling in the dumplings.
I would probably go back to Barilla but I'd want to sit in next time. I think some of the experience is the atmosphere rather than the food itself. And it always looks busy so that's a good thing.

4 star rating
by Ben MacLaren
Jun 18, 2014

5 for takeaway/dumpling awesomeness and price, 1 for decor... Nothing like a fluoro green/orange motif

4 star rating
by Henry Chiang
Jun 14, 2014

The dirtiest foodie paradise !!!! Scoring a D for their hygiene but a A++ for their flavor !! Gives it an overall average of a B+ rating if you ask me lol!!

4 star rating
by Auckland Food Tours
May 28, 2014

Barilla is probably the most well known and most popular Chinese eatery along Dominion road, and it's definitely a great option for a cheap meal out.

The Sichuan cuisine is known for its bold flavours of garlic and spice, and Barilla can deliver on both. But what Barilla is most known for are their dumplings, and the pork and chives, and pork and cashew nut I can highly recommend.

They do particularly great vegetarian options which make for a great addition to dumplings, and I can recommend their garlic potato with eggplant and capsicum, chinese pancake and garlic bok choy.

Why you won't get service with a smile and the decor leaves little to be desired, Barilla will satisfy that dumpling void and is easy on the wallet..
Update Oct 2015:
You still won't get service with a smile, but its been renovated and the room is a nice venue now, modern and open.
Unfortunately there is a lot more competition for quality dumplings and I think that there are other places that do them better, but still not as cheaply.

3 star rating
by The Incredible Edible
May 21, 2014

This place was a hit on Metro cheap eats, then a few months later the hygiene rating was widely publicised - but what can be worst than mainland China. It was still Asian food.

This place has been overrated but if you're not a dumpling connoisseur then you will enjoy it. It's cheap and tasty.

With the amount of competition on Dominion road it is managing to survive so it must be good.

Found the dumplings were lacking but still should be tried

3 star rating
by Miss Kiki
Apr 30, 2014

Dumplings are really tasty and reasonably priced. The dishes other than the dumplings are OK. Nothing to rave about.

4 star rating
by Fleur Peps
Apr 29, 2014

I would give this place 5 stars if the staff weren't so miserable/rude.

The food is great - huge fan of the dumplings here, really have never had a bad batch so I rate it highly. The staff are Chinese - they work hard and don't chat / don't smile. It's just how they are here. If you look past that and realise how crazy busy they are and how good the dumplings are then it's not a huge deal. Glad they don't have a D rating anymore!

I come here when I am in the area and will keep coming here.

5 star rating
by Mike Mazerolle
Apr 18, 2014

Best dumplings in town by a long shot. Grumpy staff. Although they had a D rating in the past, the last I was there it was A rated.

They are always busy, but usually the crowd rotates quickly. Go there. Now!

Oh... And you can buy the frozen dumplings to bring home.

4 star rating
by Jane Saunders
Apr 17, 2014

Pork and onion dumplings so delicious. How do they get that juicy burst when you first bite the dumplings. Good price. It does get a bit busy because usually I wait about 20mins for dumplings but worth the wait because you can phone order in anyway. Staff aren't the friendliest.

1 star rating
by Evian
Apr 14, 2014

a. Long wait both before seating & waiting for foods
b. Uncomfortable atmosphere.
c. Terrible Service (waiting staffs, cashiers etc)

The very famous crowded restaurant terribly disappointed me even after first visit.

Waited 20 mins and almost hunted to grab a seat by myself.
I ordered foods and waited about 40mins and realised other people came after me had their foods first. Why wait 40min? This place hardly gives you a chance to talk to waiting staff.
Felt something wrong asked the manager what's going on.
They tried to hide they mistakenly didn't even place the order yet but keep saying they'll check so just wait.
Look, it's ok for a mistake. Imagine that busy restaurant with hundreds of orders could be mixed up sometimes. But if you realise the mistake, the treatment, sincere apology etc should have been made. But all of above were missed and I couldn't waste another a second at the place.

All other local Chinese restaurants in your town would be either similar or better than this place. So why would you border even visit this place?

My curiosity on why this place is so crowded, left me just pain and disappointment. I will never ever go this place again.

Remember, You're dining out not just because of food.

3 star rating
by Chloe
Mar 30, 2014

Food was pretty tasty - service was terrible - the waitress was rather rude

1 star rating
by Joanna Grabowski
Mar 28, 2014

I ordered fried chicken dumplings, when they finally arrived they were swimming in fat. Staff was busy and not really welcoming, had to ask for serviettes. While eating, I discovered 2 of the dumplings were pork, when I tried to tell it to the waitress, she didn't understand much English and just walked away. The taste wasn't anything spectacular and rather blend. Wouldn't recommend this place and definitely won't go there again.

4 star rating
by Josephine Lim
Mar 21, 2014

At first glance the place looks terrible - bright neon green paint on the walls, cheesy sign, and the fluorescent lighting doesn't help either.

The dumplings are incredible, though. They're the only ones we've found here that have a burst of 'juice' inside, like how xiao long bao does. Our favourite is the pork, prawn, and chives dumplings. Only $14 for 20 huge ones. Service can be a bit hit and miss, but the great price and taste makes it more than worth overlooking.

1 star rating
by Tayla Reynolds
Mar 19, 2014

Worst service I have ever experienced. Dumplings were bland and boring and tasted like the ones from a supermarket and rest of the food bland. Wouldn't even waste your time as the servers look annoyed that someone just walked through the door anyway. Won't be returning!!

4 star rating
by Madicattt
Feb 23, 2014

It's public knowledge that Barilla makes damn good dumplings (the pork and chives or pork and cashew nut are my favourites!)
It's also well known that their French Beans are to die for. But the appeal of Barilla does not die there.

I've been a regular for over a year now and I'll admit. Pretty quickly ordering the same old favourites can get a bit boring. That's when you have to venture further and should I specify, into the vegetables section.

Between the bok choy with garlic, broccoli with garlic, shredded potato and spring onion pancakes alone, a vegetarian can have a pretty satisfactory meal. But the piece de resistance? The sauteed potato, aubergine and peppers.

Holy moly.

That dish alone is pure, unadulterated taste bud heaven. Personally, we like to order the pancakes and then dunk it in the sauce, savouring the flavour. It is really that good.

And these days the dining experience isn't too bad either. It's amazing what a lick of paint will do right?

2 star rating
by Loved By Katie
Feb 12, 2014

I was longing for dumpling for sometime so when my friend asked me to go to Chinese with him, I didn't hesitate to say yes. We initially planned to go to New Flavour as it was my favourite dumpling place but the restaurant was packed with people lining up outside. We were not the patient kind so we decided to try a new place, Barilla. It had some good reviews so we were hoping to have a great experience. We ordered Prawn and pork dumpling ($14) which came with prawn tail inside. Are you kidding me? The dumplings were really big and far from being crispy. Some were burnt. The other dish was slightly better - Spicy chicken with veges were okay but plain. Maybe we didn't order the right food. We saw some people ordering fried french beans and they looked yum! Ah well, there is always a next time. Also, what is up with the service here? Lower your expectations...

Please visit ♥ for other photos and stories.

3 star rating
by Greg
Feb 11, 2014

Can't see how they got an award for their dumplings- way too much MSG, very high fat content and taste like their seasoned with salt. Compared to overseas these dumplings wouldn't rate a mention I'm sorry to say.

4 star rating
by Maggie G
Jan 09, 2014

We'd been eating at Barilla quite regularly for a few months when they got the bad hygiene grade, and really wasn't surprised! But we'd eaten at restaurants like it in other countries, and if anyone's going to get sick from dodgy food it will be me!and I never did! And we love the cumin spiced deep fried French beans , the pork and fennel dumplings and the garlic bok choy. In fact all the dumplings we've tried are delicious. The fried rice is quite dry and tasteless though and the vegetables don't always seem as fresh as they could be. Green tea is served throughout the meal if you like, ( not always frequently and almost never with a smile) and they're not licensed. Obviously they've had a big clean up and a lick of paint to get their A grade hygiene rating, but it's still very basic decor and feels a bit cramped
We now prefer New Flavour a few doors along - dumings almost the same, but their other dishes are better and it feels a bit more welcoming.

2 star rating
by Rebecca Warren
Dec 30, 2013

Although Barilla do make tasty dumplings, there's plenty of places in the area that also make good dumplings and don't have cockroaches in them, or have bad hygiene standards!

5 star rating
by Callan Knowles
Dec 27, 2013

Barilla was amazing! Have travelled all the way from nelson to try these highly recommended dumplings... And super impressed. Shall be back to try the steamed bun before we fly home :)

1 star rating
by Vivian Luui
Dec 25, 2013

I found a boiled COCKROACH in my food while eating in barilla dumplings. I was sitting there crying and shacking for I don know how long! but after i realise i need to take a photo of it the stuff has already took it away and dumped it. People are STILL EATING THERE FOOD AFTER I FOUND THE COCKROACH IN MY FOOD!!!!! This is 25 Dec 2013! On a Christmas Day! Thank you!!!

4 star rating
by Dog Eats World
Dec 15, 2013

An award winning restaurant, specializing in Chinese dumplings. Barilla Dumpling has an enormous range of fantastic tasting dumplings but if dumplings is not you're thing then you can try their other Chinese dishes. The prices are super cheap, for 12$ you can get 20 dumplings which is just crazy. I can't recommend any better place for those looking to satisfy their dumpling cravings. Personal favorites would be the pork range but the chicken dumpling are pretty darn good too. Woof.

4 star rating
by Two Honest Truths
Dec 12, 2013

You can’t miss Barilla with its outrageous green and orange decor. Barilla is dumpling heaven.

Flavours expand over two pages of the menu. Between three people we had a set of steamed lamb and spring onion dumplings, fried pork and apple dumplings and some fried long beans. These were very well made – not too thin, not too thick and cooked just right. The meat was juicy.

Personally I’m not a fan of long beans, at a young age I had convinced my mum that consuming them would make me vomit. Barilla cooked them with tempura style batter and added a slight sweetness to it as well as some chili. They were edible, but I’m still not convinced. It is worth noting that this is their second most popular dish after the dumplings.

The price is excellent, for $12 you get 20. Service is poor - but as long as I get my dumplings, I'm okay.

More photos and text here:

4 star rating
by Amy @ My Dining Journey
Dec 09, 2013

Barilla Dumpling is an award-winning restaurant that has featured in Metro and Viva and has earned praise by many people, including celebrity chef, Al Brown. Dumplings being their major seller, Barilla has a considerable variety made with different ingredients and they can be prepared in three different ways (boil, steam or pan-fried). We tried a variety of fillings, all prepared differently so we could compare the separate techniques.

The steamed pork and chives and the pan-fried pork and prawns are my favourite. My preference is to have the dumplings pan-fried as it gives the dumplings a crispy exterior as well as intensify the flavours of the dough. The steamed version is good for people wanting to have a healthier option and I personally did not enjoy the boiled dumplings, the wrapping was close to falling apart and some of the water have seeped into the filling.

We also ordered a serving of deep fried mantou, served alongside a small dish of sweeten condensed milk. Mantau is a type of bread that originated from China and was a staple food source for Northern China where wheat was commonly grown. They are usually served steamed but you can have them deep fried so that it is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. These ones in Barilla could have been fried for slightly longer as they lack the distinctive crunch, but they were polished off regardless.

Barilla Dumplings offers delicious and affordable food that is truly worth trying. However, do not expect friendly and efficient service and be prepared to wait for a table as its popularity status continues to grow.

If you like this review, please check out my dining blog - for more reviews

4 star rating
by Lillian
Dec 09, 2013

Great dumplings spot and cheap eats! A group of 10 got pretty stuffed for dinner and only came out to just over $13 :O The service can be a bit hard to come by cos they are so busy (eg asking for extra bowls for the rice), and now they only give you a sauce dish and no other dish/bowl? We had many many dumplings, although I usually go for the boiled one, the fried ones a pretty good, I don't think I like the steamed ones cos it made the skin a bit harder. They also have shaomai dumplings which are similar to normal dumplings but with an open top (not like the Cantonese one when you go yum char). I also quite enjoyed the tofu (cold dish) we got and the buns were also fluffy :)

4 star rating
by Daniel Wang
Dec 08, 2013

I think here is the most popular restaurant for dumplings in Auckland.

You can see how many kinds of dumplings they have on the menu. There is always many people there and even lots of them are kiwi. expect to have dinner share the table with other clients as the place is so tiny, otherwise you need to wait for quite a long time.

I like the pork with vegetables in the dumplings$12 /20 piece, quite cheap ,but the meat is very yummy and juicy, the cabbage is very sweet, the combination of the food could open your sense of taste.

and the wonton can order pork wonton $9/10 piece, or my favorite wonton soup with pork prawn eggs,traditional northern chinese style, the combination of the food just balance in your mouth and very very yummy.

I also recommend the casserole food , the casserole could maintain the smell of the food and the ribs are soft tender juicy, very Delicious.

4 star rating
by Lucyeats
Dec 06, 2013

I was lured to Barilla Dumpling due to the fact that bad press (with respect to their hygiene rating) failed to deter their regulars who swear that the dumplings are to die for. The interior is clean, the service is quick and the price is very resonable. I was floored by the variety of fillings!

We ordered the pork and chive dumplings (an old favourite), the pork and eggplant dumplings (something I had never seen before) and a side of gailan vegetables. Everything tasted great and I liked being able to mix up my own dipping sauce. For full review see here:

4 star rating
by Tina Cheung
Nov 22, 2013

Just had dinner there, ordered cucumber salad, tofu & spring onion salad, lamb & carrot boiled dumplings and pork & green beans hot pot.

Cucumber salad was too salty, tofu & spring onion salad was good, dumplings were amazing, hot pot was average.

Will definitely go back for dumplings. Service was good.

4 star rating
by Rebecca Smith
Nov 07, 2013

I am a dumpling fiend and Barilla dumpling is one my favourite places to go for dumplings in Auckland. Their selection is vast and they are always delicious. Usually when I go to Barilla I only get dumplings and pork buns (which are also great, especially the buns with pork, egg and prawns) but I decided to branch out a little on this week and ordered the soup noodle with pork ribs and fried pork and potherb mustard dumplings. I had not heard of potherb mustard before and our server described it as a little bit like spinach but spicier. The dumplings were wonderful as always, however the soup noodle with ribs was slightly disappointing. The ribs were flavoursome but were cold in the middle. I put them back in the soup and waited for them to warm up a bit and they were fine. The soup was good but not amazing. It very large, so between my partner and I we could not finish the dumplings or the soup. Luckily they have handy takeaway containers for leftover dumplings. Barilla is definitely in the cheap and cheerful category of restaurants with our meal for two (plus leftovers) coming to $23.

1 star rating
by Sue Lee
Oct 22, 2013

Had lunch at Barilla Dumplings this afternoon with a party of four. Never again! With some 5 employees milling around and two other customers in the restaurant, we waited quite a while for our food to be served. I wish we had walked out at that point!

Pork Fried rice was dried leftover Sunday pork roast (if you could find it in the mountain of rice) cut into julienne strips that had the texture of leather boots. It wasn't fried but had some colouring sauce to disguise the remains of leftover steamed rice.

Beef Brisket dish was 3/4 steamed rice 1 tablespoon of actual beef and the remaining space on the plate was the cutoff from chunks fat tissue from the beef. Oh! and three bok choy leaves (The only highlight of the dish)

Save your money. The dumplings may be nice, but not worth the food standards of the remaining questionable menu. The new A grade rating can't save this place if the main dishes are E grade.

1 star rating
by Sherryl Ocampo
Oct 01, 2013

A friend of ours took us there for a dumpling treat last sunday lunch. We liked the dumplings and taste really good so I have bought 2 dozen of frozen prawn dumplings for takeaway. The packaging is just in a plastic bag so I did not bother checking the quantity of it and I thought they are nice staff. I got disappointed when I went home and found out that I missed 3 pcs of dumplings. It is a ripped off considering their dumplings are $14/dozen.

5 star rating
by Cheap Eats
Sep 24, 2013

Poor Barilla has had a hard time as of late, but it now has its A grade for hygiene re-instated and is as good as it always was. This is one of the best places in Auckland for dumplings but don't make the mistake of only ordering those as there's a lot more to offer. It's had a bit of an interior spruce up and while it's still not chic by any means, the (very bright) green walls and the fact that it's ALWAYS full make it a lovely jovial place to eat. One of the cheapest places to eat in town too. For full review and dish recommendations see here

4 star rating
by Catherine Tewhare
Sep 18, 2013

I've been going to Barilla Dumplings for sometime so have always rated their food but after their recent exposure in the media, thought it would be good to give them the benefit of doubt and return. I was really impressed, they have certainly made some huge changes to the cleanliness and there were smiles on the waiting staff which was really nice to see. Coincidence but as we were there waiting for our dumplings, a courier arrived and there was a lot of excitement. Soon discovered that the courier delivered their new grade which now happens to be an A. Well done Barilla for stepping up and I will look forward to more great food from you guys.

4 star rating
by Philip
Sep 15, 2013

I actually went here because I read about how popular the restaurant has been.

The dumplings were top notch. The place looked clean and tidy. I even went upstairs next door to the toilets and saw a lady preparing dumplings in a secondary kitchen. It all looked clean and hygienic.

Anyway, we were here mid afternoon Sunday, the service was friendly (contrary to most other reviews). Service was slow.

Overall, quality, authentic dumplings at a good price.

3 star rating
by Nicole Collins
Sep 01, 2013

Even though it was D rated (wtf) but who cares, went for the food anyways.
The dumplings were so good! Especially when fried. Their small sides dishes were juicy and tasty too :)
Ignoring the service and the hygienes, everything else was great. So I guess a 3 star rating would be reasonable as the food pulled it up!

4 star rating
by Vikz
Aug 30, 2013

OK, so if you're going to have your pants charmed off by the waiting staff, then best not bother...but who cares? I'd rather they just dealt with the dumplings to be honest. Service was speedy, dumplings were amazing (I had the pork, prawn and egg), price is acceptable. Have them steamed - looking at everyone's, the steamed certainly looked the best.
Its got a fast, busy atmosphere and is right opposite my favourite cinema, so I'll defo be back again.
We didn't take a poke around the kitchen, so I can't comment on the hygiene levels, but none of us got all good! ;)

1 star rating
by Jasmine McCoskrie
Aug 21, 2013

The staff are so rude and seem to have a real disdain for their customers. When we went here the food took sooo long, and the woman at the counter decided to make (not take, actually start dialing) a phone call in the middle of taking our order and was about as friendly as a sack of dead fish.

The dumplings are alright, but honestly, I think it’s just the hipster cool-points factor that keeps drawing people back there. There are better places to get dumplings along Balmoral with higher food ratings that treat their customers with actual respect (or at least care enough to pretend/smile!).

4 star rating
by Jane Mason
Aug 16, 2013

The food here is incredible but the service is consistently horrible. The wait staff are unbelievably rude but you have to suck it up because everything tastes great.

2 star rating
by Marlee Craig
Aug 08, 2013

Mmm wasn't impressed with this place. Took ages for the dumplings to come out even tho the restaurant wasn't busy or full. Staff are just doing their jobs, so no smiles or friendliness from our waitress. Was not impressed with the dumplings, I've had better. With every bite of a dumpling water squirted out onto our clothes. The pork buns are nice tho that's why I have given this place two stars. I really wanted to like this place. But all in all this place is a typical substandard restaurant.

4 star rating
by Amber-rose Sampayo
Aug 07, 2013

Excellent dumplings and cumin coated fried beans (not sure of actual name). My partner and I have eaten here on various occasions and have never been disappointed with the above. Some of the other food can average and the service is abysmal at best but the dumplings are well worth it!!!

4 star rating
by Mon Maharaj
Jun 23, 2013

Wow the ratings are true. The dumplings are so good and one order is enough for two we also a ordered the sautéed cho sum, and chose the trio with seafood pork and egg. Three words. Go there now.. Service is average but the food is the clincher.

3 star rating
by Wanderlust
Jun 09, 2013

I know a lot of people feel that these are the best dumplings but we didn't have that experience. This place is suggested by Metros cheap eats, but sometimes they get them wrong.

Yes they are OK and come in large portions, but we were so disappointed because we were looking for the best. Comparing them to Melbourne's Chinatown is ridiculous - not even close.

Easy, cheap bustling place. Poor service, but hilarious to watch. But not amazing. Great place to go with friends after work x

4 star rating
by David Boshier
Jun 02, 2013

Fantastic dumplings - full stop.

The service is pointing and grunting but somehow it got us to a table and our order taken. The dining room is painted in art deco colors which is ok for the outside of a house, not so good for the inside of a restaurant. It all added to a great experience.

Standouts were the pork and fennel and ensure you order the French beans as a side dish. Doggie bags are stacked on the end of the counter so do not worry if you order too much.

If you feel like dumplings, hunt this place out.

4 star rating
by Keith
May 15, 2013

Probably the best dumplings place I've been to in Auckland and it reminds me of Melbourne's Chinatown! I love the 3 delicacy seafood shao mai or 3 delicacy fried dumplings (I think that's what they're called on the menu). Didn't like their other dishes that aren't dumplings but understandable since dumplings are their speciality. This place is always busy so be prepared to wait if you're in a big group and often they don't take bookings over the phone. Great food though and service isn't as appalling as some other Chinese restaurants of this callibre!

4 star rating
by Tony Howat
Apr 26, 2013

Best dumplings I've found in Auckland, especially the pork and capsicum and pork and pot herb mustard. Service is not always great but well worth it for amazing dumplings!

4 star rating
by Rey
Apr 15, 2013

Great range of dumplings and decent, if curt, service. Dumplings are tasty and well cooked. Thankfully they give you quite a few to chow down on.

4 star rating
by Matt Smith
Apr 01, 2013

This is a great dumpling place. We've only ever had takeaways from here and haven't been disappointed yet! We stick to our favorites of pork and chive dumplings and spicy garlic eggplant - fantastic combination.

The service seems a bit unpredictable but I think that's what helps make this place what it is!

3 star rating
by Josie B
Mar 28, 2013

always packed, I'd recommend not going at peak times. Looking a lot better after renovation and also more room now. Food is yum, don't expect good service though.

4 star rating
by Aj Yan
Mar 18, 2013

Great dumpling place. We also like chilli long beans and squid

4 star rating
by Warren Bruce Muller
Feb 24, 2013

Barilla Dumpling is notorious for bad, indifferent, almost aggressive service....which we have come to accept and even look forward to. The food however makes up for that ....sensational and generous portions.....since the renovation the 'lack of atmosphere' has improved marginally....try the sugar pancakes...they are absolute jewel of Asian food!!!

3 star rating
by Amanda Pavese
Feb 21, 2013

If you have a craving for amazing, authentic Chinese food then this is definitely the place to go. They are most famous for their delicious and very reasonably priced dumplings but I never tried anything there that wasn't absolutely tasty. I was also excited because there were a lot of things that I have never seen before so I had a great time experimenting with new dishes. You can even buy their dumplings frozen and take them home for later. Amazing!

The down side is that there is absolutely no ambiance or customer service. The second time we went there they lost our order and we waited over an hour for our take away. It was chaotic and absolutely packed with nowhere to move. This was partially due to our poor timing (my boyfriend and I went during their weekend dinner rush) so I would highly suggest you avoid weekend evening hours and go during the week sometime. If I could give a star rating for the food it would be a five but I would rate their customer service a one. Still, It was one of my top places to go because the food was great so just plan your trip accordingly.

5 star rating
by Nikki S.
Feb 16, 2013

This is one of my favourite places to eat on Dominion Road, besides New Flavour! Although the surroundings and the service are both rather basic (don't take anyone here if you're keen to impress), the food has always been great. Everything on the menu is good and is served piping hot, which I love. Come here for a cheap and satisfying feed :)

4 star rating
by Lena Kodaira
Feb 16, 2013

Visited Barilla with a friend for the first time a few weeks ago after reading the praise in Metro and a lot of word-of-mouth. We arrived at around 10.30pm on a weekday and the place was packed, the only table available was a huge table for ten in the corner which my friend and I were seated at. The menu is extensive however we don’t eat meat which narrowed it down substantially. We ordered the steamed mixed-vege dumplings, fried French beans and for dessert deep-fried milk buns.

The dumpling filling wasn’t terrible but we both felt it was lacking.. maybe an extra ingredient or more seasoning. While we appreciate vegetarian options, I feel like a lot of eateries think it’s sufficient just to have a vegetarian dish and then not give a crap about whether it actually tastes good.. just because we don’t eat meat doesn’t mean we don’t have tastebuds. The fried French beans however were so so good, I’m coming back for those specifically (and maybe to give the seafood dumplings a shot). The deep-fried milk buns were lightly fried bread rolls served with condensed milk on the side and were surprisingly tasty.

This place seems to get a bad rap for service, I thought the service was basic but not terrible. I appreciate that although there were only two wait staff for the entire restaurant our food came fast and our tea quickly replenished. If they’re rude it’s because they’re busy, not because they’re pretentious and I think that distinction needs to be made. The servings are huge and the French beans made a great breakfast the next day, I really recommend Barilla and I’ll be returning asap!

3 star rating
by Robert Perry
Feb 05, 2013

The dumplings were good - service really poor. For places this cheap I don't expect anything other than a smile, greeting.

However, waitress was unsmiling, wearing something really inappropriate (basically a see-through shirt) and when one of our party discovered a large hair cooked into a dumpling there was no apology, just "do you want me to replace it?". Disappointing.

5 star rating
by Anna
Feb 01, 2013

Wowee! Awesome Dumplings - crazy busy and well worth waiting for a table if needed. Very reasonably priced the dumplings were some of the best I have had. Loved the Broccoli Garlic dish too. Dinner for 2 hungry girls and enough to take home for lunch the next day - $40 - value for money and exceptionally tasty - well done Barilla :-}

4 star rating
by Regan Doyle
Dec 23, 2012

I'm a big fan of Barilla. There is a huge amount of variety in the dumplings they make and I've had them on three or four occasions and each time they've been consistently good. I've usually only gone at lunch time and so haven't had any of the problems that other people have had in terms of wait times.

I haven't had the problems with the MSG that other people have mentioned.

1 star rating
by Elle
Dec 09, 2012

The dumplings I had were burnt so that the dumplings on the bottom were literally black. Asked the waiter if it could be changed and was blatantly told no and this was normal. Being Asian, I know that that is not the standard for pan fried dumplings. Customer service on top of that was terrible with three of their staff members causing such a commotion that the dumplings were not burnt, whilst the restaurant, full at that point in time was watching us, while not understanding the conversation in mandarin. The next lot of dumplings that was brought out to another table was not burnt and I requested that they make it to that standard but once again the request was refused. My mother decided that she would not eat the burnt dumplings and told the waiter if we could change it we would stay and dine with them. The waiter then proceeded to say in mandarin, "if you don't want to eat it, just go!" To me this was terrible customer service and the standard was terrible. I fully do not recommend Barilla Dumplings unless you are looking for bad customer service and burnt dumplings for dinner.

2 star rating
by Eric Han
Nov 30, 2012

The Dumplings had heaps of MSG in it, it felt very yucky afterwards, the dumplings flavour was average, I was expecting more since it was recommended by Metro.

3 star rating
by Tom Pine
Nov 27, 2012

Dumplings were mostly pork fat with lots of MSG and salt. Can't believe it was recommended by Metro. Felt ickky afterwards and just wanted to eat fruit to make up for the unhealthiness I had just consumed. Sorry :(

3 star rating
by Jay M
Nov 26, 2012

You wouldn't come here for the decor or chirpy staff but this is a really nice cheap place to have a meal at where you are almost guaranteed to be full after eating their dumplings. We tried the pork and chives dumplings (pan-fried) and soup noodle with spare ribs for lunch today, and they were both tasty for their price. It's $1 extra to have the dumplings fried however it was only on one side so I'll probably just get the normal one next time as it didn't really make a difference. Would definitely come here again to try other fillings in the dumplings.

3 star rating
by Kepa Tairua
Oct 18, 2012

Came here on the recommendation of a friend and from the way the place was packed I had high expectations! We ended up waiting close to 20 minutes for a table, but I don't fault the place for that.

We looked at the menu before we were seated so there wouldn't be a huge wait between then and when we actually received food. There is an insane amount of options you have to choose from, so we basically chose some random options that seemed good.

The dumplings we chose were pork with chive, and chicken with celery. Both were pretty average. Not much seasoning, but an ample supply of soy and chilli oil are available. They just didn't rock my world

We chose a bun with three-delicacies which was really nice, actually. Our second favourite thing of the night. The texture was good, although the filling had shrunk a lot inside the bun.

Lastly we had the fried french beans which we got because we saw everyone else getting them, and they were AMAZING. I know they use cumin on them, but there's a sweetness as well, and the crunchy coating just makes it all better. When you go, GET THIS. You will not be disappointed.

I spoke with a regular while waiting in line, and they said if you don't want to wait it's best to come before 6.15pm, or after 8pm, and sure enough when it hit 8pm there was no more line.

As someone mentioned, the staff aren't really there to have a good time with you. They're there to make sure your table is clean, make sure your food comes out as fast as possible, and make sure you can pay.

Next time I think we'll go with our friend so they can order for us, but we will definitely be back.

3 star rating
by Noms Burger
Sep 13, 2012

The place always looks a bit oily and you question the hygene rating.
However the food is great, with a large range (especially dumplings) and reasonably priced.
The dumplings have some authentic fillings as well as alternative, plus you can have it boiled, steamed or pan fried, which is options a real dumpling house should alway have!

3 star rating
by Jana
Aug 14, 2012

Love the food here! The dumplings are juicy and full of flavour. Don't expect royal treatment but just wish the staff here were less grumpy.

4 star rating
by The Coconut Man
Aug 04, 2012

Yummy dumplings and pancakes! Been there a few times with friends and loved it. Usually pretty busy in the evenings, you'd be lucky to get a table straightaway. Always ask the waitress for the wait time! You get 20 dumplings for $10 which is very filling! Make sure you confirm your order as some of the staffs' english isn't very good.

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