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Reviews for Aubergine

4 star rating
by Thegreeats
one month ago

Went for dinner with the bf
Lovely staff, I think the lady whose always there is the manager /owner but she us lovely ! Sometimes it was a bit too much but at least she was attentive :)
We had the 40pp course meal
Soup was very average - kumara one. Don't order it :P
Main was delicious ! Meat was cooked perfectly and loved the sauce
Dessert was average but all for 40 this was a great meal!
Would recommend :)
I believe they also have lunch deals that is 2 course?
It's very spacious with many seats - outdoor and indoors.
Great food for it's price

5 star rating
by Ros Benton
one month ago

Wonderful service and food.  Went there for lunch today for a birthday.  Such good value and healthy choices of food too.  The maitre d. brought out a fabulous chocolate slice with a candle on for the birthday celebrant which was so thoughtful and kind.  Highly recommended restaurant.

5 star rating
by Foodie Nom Noms
one month ago

Choosing from the $20 lunch menu myself and three friends had a wonderful experience on the 2nd January. The staff were polite, attentive and very friendly. The food was delicious. Many thanks for catering to all budgets and serving them all as if they were paying top dollar.

4 star rating
by Joanne Chiang
one month ago

Walking around Takapuna and decided to have dinner at Aubergine. It was quite busy with a corporate xmas dinner going on. The lady who served us was really friendly.

We got garlic bread to start. The garlic bread was very average and it was dry. They only gave us 3 pieces of it and it wasnt garlicy at all. My boyfriend got the steak and i got the lamb shanks. The steak was delicious, sauce was falvourful. For the first time a place which do delicious steak sauce and they give you generous amount. The Lamb shank was good, it was so soft and tasty.

Overall aubergine is good. Just dont get the garlic bread in the future.

5 star rating
by Bill Smale
4 months ago

Another great meal tonight one of Takapuna's stars it has stood the test of time, never fails to please, food, service and atmosphere is great, as well as being priced very reasonably it was always great in the past and hadn't been back for a few years, my recent 3 occasions to dine there have been great just like it always was.

5 star rating
by Vixmeister
4 months ago

Went there and had a two course lunch with some friends. Lovely seating outside, semi-covered.  Included a nice glass of wine with the $20 lunch.  I had the chicken filo parcel with salad with garlic bread prior.  Great meal and great value for money.
Service was perfect.  A great staple in Takapuna which keeps you coming back.

4 star rating
by Sheena
4 months ago

We came to Aubergine for a friends birthday dinner! After going to Jump in the day, we were looking for somewhere close. Aubergine had like a $45 set dinner menu, which was amazing value for three courses! I ordered a soup for my entree, the steak for my main and for dessert we had a choice of creme brûlée and cheesecake! A lot of us ordered the creme brûlée but there was a mix of the two. For $45 I can definitely see myself going again! The food was decent and the service was friendly and efficient as well :) The whole group had a lot of fun dining here!

4 star rating
by WeiTing Ashley Shyu
4 months ago

My family doesn't really celebrate xmas so I booked a table at Aubergine because mum didn't feel like cooking. The place was very packed and even though we made a booking, we had to sit at the bar for a moment till a table was free. The set menu was really nice and it had options that catered to all. I really enjoyed my dinner here and so did the rest of the family. The staff were very sweet. It was a nice xmas that was more enjoyable thanks to Aubergine and our dining experience here.

4 star rating
by Imogen Trupinic
4 months ago

I've been going to this restaurant occasionally for about a decade now. Great food, friendly staff (including friendly management/owner!) And classy atmosphere. Some items are a little pricey but that's just what you'd expect of Takapuna so it doesn't bother me. It's worth it for the level of service you receive.

Last night, my husband ordered the carbonara while I had the salmon and avocado salad. Delicious!

4 star rating
by Jade
4 months ago

I came here with a group of friends and was the only vegan. We mentioned to the staff about this and they were incredibly understanding and gave the great suggestion of turning the fettuccine vegan by using rice instead of pasta. The dish was absolutely delicious! I was not able to finish it all by myself, as the serving was huge. This was normally a part of a $20 deal, but I obviously didn't get the wine, or garlic bread/soup, so I am not quite sure whether it was my moneys worth, but we were told that we had a discount because of the rice instead of the pasta. The atmosphere was lovely, with beautiful music playing. Definitely recommend, and will visit again.

5 star rating
by Rachel Cullen
5 months ago

We always love to try different restaurant in New Zealand cause we are food lover. Today we choose Aubergine just depend on the feeling that we want this restaurant. After we ordered and tried..Is really amazing..awesome food with reasonable price..fantastic service..highly recommend..I feel myself making right choice after I tried and saw the rate is actually quite high for this restaurant makes me feel we do not make a wrong decision to come in..if you are a food lover..don't feel shy to come delicious..

4 star rating
by Ru Nyan
5 months ago

I love Aubergine its quality food at reasonable prices. The restaurent is usually packed and the service is exceptional. I Ordered the braised lamb shanks served on garlic mashed potato with basil pesto. The meat fell right off the bone and the whole meal was full of flavor.

4 star rating
by Ayden Barnett
5 months ago

Partner had the Lamb Kofta and I had the Venison, would be a struggle to improve anything on either meal. Service had been great, friendly knowledgeable. Then the restaurant got busy, we ended up forgotten and waited over 20 minutes for desert orders to be taken. Deserts were of the same high standard. In short super food, average service.

5 star rating
by Corina
5 months ago

Loved the food and the atmosphere. I had the Fish Sauté and the flavour was really nice and lite. My companions had the Scotch Fillet and the Chicken Siciliana, which were also very good and nicely presented. I also liked the very prompt service. Would definitely go back.

5 star rating
by Tania
5 months ago

I had lunch special with my husband. This is 3rd time visit for us. We both order soup, Open Stake sandwich and flat white after meal. The warm soup was nice starter for  today whcih  was rain & cold today. Open stake sandwich was also very nice. It's good volum for men (and for me, too) . After lunch flat white was creamy and we were both very happy. The staff are aleways friendly and welcoming. We are going to coming back again and again!

4 star rating
by Maddie
6 months ago

My partner and I love dining at Aubergine. The staff are very friendly and the food is consistently good. The entrees could be a little bit bigger though, we ordered the calamari and the scallops and I only recieved 5 bits of calamari and my partner only recieved 3 scallops. Still, definitely one of our favourite places to eat at in Takapuna.

4 star rating
by Kat M
6 months ago

Aubergine is always a fail-safe choice for a good dinner on the shore. Their dinner specials are good value for money, with plenty of choices. The lunch special is still quite expensive compared to other choices in Takapuna, and there's not really any need for soup + bread + a main for lunch! My favourite lunch option is the Greek salad with chicken.

5 star rating
by Miss Bon Viveur
6 months ago

We went here for Lunch a few months back and would love to come back here again. Staff was attentive and all smile, that's already a tick in my book! And, it wasn't too crowded when we went there but enough to see that people actually eat here for Lunch. Now, that to me is a good sign.
I ordered a pasta based meal (Fettucine) - I enjoyed the food and was taken a back as for the first time, it was able to differentiate itself from other European restaurants I've tried. I was able to finish up my plate ...! (note that I almost, always end up having to bring something home, so another clue that I really enjoyed my visit). I also had a bite of my company's steak and it was cooked just the way we like it - I rarely order steaks because most barely get 'medium well' right ... so maybe, just maybe - if you like your steak cook the way it is then give Aubergine a try. You might just have the same pleasant experience I did.

5 star rating
by Sophie Rivas Donald
7 months ago

My boyfriend and I love this restaurant! Have been around 5 times and we always get the $35 deal. The lamb dish and the duck are my favourites.
Food: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Company: 10/10

5 star rating
by Frazer Noble
7 months ago

I took my girlfriend out to lunch on Saturday and we came to Aubergine by chance. We ordered the lunch special for $25, and had the soup of the day and a mains. The tomato and capsicum soup was fantastic, and mains plates were great. One of my most pleasing dining experiences. The staff were fantastic and the service excellent. Would definitely recommend to friends, family and followers.

4 star rating
by Kershia
7 months ago

We drove to this place all the way from East Auckland and never regretted it. Arriving for dinner on a cold winter evening and stepping into this beautifully appointed, warm and ambient restaurant was really lovely. When we went it was sort of dark with low level lighting which was actually quite cosy and had a real softly softly feel to it. The staff were friendly and the pricing wasn't too bad. The food arrived steaming hot and we all had a really enjoyable meal. I ordered my meat medium to well done and it was cooked perfectly for me with lots of flavour. Highly recommend

5 star rating
by Matt Lemmens
8 months ago

Had a great family dinner here, meals were all delicious (great fresh tuna steaks - recommend the seafood dishes) and the staff showed superb hospitality in helping us to celebrate my partner's birthday, so thanks very much.

4 star rating
by Brian Arnet
8 months ago

We came to this restaurant last month. This is a good place to have dinner such as nice foods and service were friendly, will come back to try more other dish on the menu

4 star rating
by Sarah Burge
9 months ago

Not overly impressed with my experience at Aubergines. I ordered the eye fillet steak - medium- and it was more like well done, so I would order medium rare if you like it pink. The juice the steak was in was nice and they were able to swap the potato mash for kumara, which was good, even though there was only a few pieces and not really much else will the dish. My dining company did not think much of the garlic bread but they were much happier with theirs mains, especially the chicken filo.

4 star rating
by Davo Stockton
9 months ago

A good all round experience for dinner at Aubergine, the chicken filo parcel was super creamy and the salad had a really nice dressing. The garlic bread starter was pretty mehh, I can make much better. Will be back to try the other mains and it sounds like they have a good $40 three course dinner special

5 star rating
by Katie Kiley
9 months ago

(i've never given 5 stars before..)
I can't fault Aubergine at all. I adored my meal and I adored the wine. The atmosphere was great . My absolute new favourite.

4 star rating
by Eli A
9 months ago

Went to Aubergine for their $40 for a three course dinner special. Had the garlic bread for starter- two pieces of bread. Quantity could be better for the normal price of the dish. Quality? Unremarkable. Same for the pumpkin soup my friend had- which didn't even come with a piece of bread and was only half a bowl. For Main: Sea Breeze (scallops with sauce, rice and salad) and confit duck for my friend. My main was ok, the only thing worth mentioning was that the rice was really delicious. My friend really enjoyed his duck main. For dessert, I had the chocolate fudge cake- portion size was really good and it was really good. My friend had creme brulee which he said was a bit of a let down. All in all, I enjoyed my evening; excellent service and a really nice, clean restaurant. However, I do believe that the quality could be better for their normal prices.

5 star rating
by Sylvielle
10 months ago

I was just here for lunch to try out their $25 lunch special. For just $25, you can order an entree, a drink of your choice and a main dish.

We ordered Garlic Bread and the Soup of the Day (Tomato Soup) as entree. For mains we ordered Fettucine Carbonara and Fettucine Bolognese and Lemon Lime & Bitters as drinks.

The Garlic Bread was crispy and the Tomato Soup wasn't too bad either. Fettucine Carbonara was very creamy and I liked how the mushroom worked together with the sauce to glide on my palate. Fettucine Bolognese on the other hand was a bit too tangy to my personal liking but there was still so much flavour in it that I just couldn't stop digging into it until I finally saw the bottom of my plate.

The place was quiet and the waitress was lovely and attentive which made the experience so much better.

5 star rating
by Desiree Norman
11 months ago

Great service and great food!! The sauces were a little intense but the steak was cooked to absolute perfection! The lamb shank meat was literally falling off the bone! The creme brûlée was gorgeous and I am always a sucker for a sticky date pudding..
I will definitely be returning especially at the price, very good for the quality and quantity of the dishes.

5 star rating
by Jane 'n Dave Harkin
11 months ago

We had to have an early dinner prior to our citizenship ceremony. Normally they start dinner service at 5.30pm but were happy to accommodate us. Meal was great and service was very goid and friendly. My 2 yr old granddaughter was with us and they were wonderful with her.

5 star rating
by Tariq Rahman
11 months ago

Aubergine has delicious food, excellent and fast customer service, and sensible prices.
A must try dish is the chicken siciliana - it's amazing! Every time we go we leave as very satisfied and happy customers. 
Highly recommended this restaurant to all nationalities .

4 star rating
by Stephanie J
11 months ago

Absolutely amazing food. The last time I went I had the bred platter for starters and the duck confit as a main - the seasoning was great and the meat was cooked beautifully. Atmosphere is cozy and nice! But the waiters/waitresses should really move around and remember when someone asks for water because I had to ask several times for my water to be filled. But other than that, the food and vibes of the place is excellent!!!

5 star rating
by Lochbuie
Nov 02, 2014

Yesterday we finally went to the Aubergine for their famous $20 lunch deal (2 courses + wine/etc). The weather was pleasant so we sat outside and ordered the garlic bread and minestrone soup for entree, and the Seared Tuna and Beef Burger for mains. We chose a Sauvignon Blanc with the tuna and a Merlot with the burger. The Seared Tuna, which was deliciously rare and tender, was accompanied by feta cubes, olives, and mesclun salad greens topped with a salsa of Mediterranean vegetables. The Beef Burger was a moist and tasty home-made patty accompanied by fries. The wait staff were welcoming and attentive. Overall, a good venue serving delicious food, and we would recommend the lunchtime deal to all.

5 star rating
by Hannah Short
Oct 26, 2014

Aubergine is one of my favourite restaurants over the shore. Amazing food considering you can get an entree main and dessert for 35 dollars.

4 star rating
by Rebecca Gray
Oct 18, 2014

Love this place, food is always awesome, staff are lovely, atmosphere is great:)

5 star rating
by Dany Malik
Sep 23, 2014

Aubergine Restaurant has never let me down! Their food,service and ambience is always superb. Especially, their great deal where youcan get a three course meal for only $35.

1 star rating
by Cazza Holland
Sep 10, 2014

We booked aubergine for my mother in laws wedding party of 20. The restaurant advised to arrive at 11am and the food would be served at 12pm and that they would make this extra special. When we arrived at 11am they were very rude and and when we simply asked for a drink while we were waiting the man who was working got very confrontational and said they weren't open yet, there were some elderly guests so just asked if we could have some water for them but he became more confrontational. There was also nothing done to make this special as advised. In the end the nasty looks from staff got to much we left and luckily GPK accommodated us at a moments notice.
On the food I have eaten here before and found it to be average, I had also found the staff complacent on our previous visits.

5 star rating
by Brendan Ginnever
Aug 27, 2014

Simply a great place to eat.

If you want real food, cooked by real people. little snoot, fantastic smiles. EAT here!@!

5 star rating
by Dan Meadows
Jul 27, 2014

Great friendly service, good food at a very reasonable price, my wife and I eat here regularly and have been for a few years now, lots of of other restaurants could take some lessons from these guys

4 star rating
by LucyGoosey
Jul 21, 2014

It appears that I went to this restaurant on a good day. My friend and I both did the $20 deal which includes an entree, main and glass of wine. I was very, very impressed with this deal. Now, let's be honest, if you put seared tuna in front of me, I'm pretty much going to be happy. I was even happier when the perfect tuna was accompanied by a generous, fresh salad and a nice glass of pinot gris. My friend ordered the open steak sandwich which she enjoyed. The steak was flavorsome. Only downside were the Pams wedges. I felt like it was acceptable to have ready-made wedges considering the price, but they would have got extra brownie points if they had made them themselves. Also, there was no sauce in sight. For entree I had the garlic bread and my friend had the soup, both were good. The service was also pretty good. Our waitress was very attentive but a smile or two wouldn't have gone amiss. I think this place is great value for money and has great atmosphere and decor, I will be going back for sure. Mixed reviews suggest this place might not be so good on a busy day, but I am getting ready for round two.

1 star rating
by Calandre
Jun 24, 2014

We will not dine in this restaurant again not because the food was mediocre but because of the appalling rudeness of the beverage waitress who, while delivering coffee to one of our party, made an unwarranted and loud comment on his personal appearance which was upsetting and embarrassing for him. We didn't think elective baldness was anything unusual these days but apparently it was a chance to have a laugh at someone else's expense - and at someone who was contributing to her salary. We won't be contributing again.

5 star rating
by David Swann
May 15, 2014

Really can't go wrong eating here. It's great ! Three courses for $35 and it's really nice.
Also we like the fact that it's warm, has soft furnishings inside, including..a carpet!!! These features are so rare these days, but it makes for a pleasurable dining experiencing as you don't get horrible sounds of chairs scraping, and helps mute people's reverberating conversations etc etc.

3 star rating
by Rachel Mackenzie
May 04, 2014

Food was good. Service was not so good, didn't seem confident staff were shaky, possibly their managers are too harsh. Not very good with recommendations.

5 star rating
by Allan Wendelborn
May 02, 2014

Excellent food & friendly service
Have used Aubergine many times & like to go back because of consistently high standard.
The head chef seems to have been there for a long time which to me is a good sign.

3 star rating
by Brunchalicious
Apr 13, 2014

Cheerful that's all I can say! Alright but nothing special...

5 star rating
by Ammar Raffo
Mar 08, 2014

Flavory food with great value for money. Will highly recommend it for those who love Euorpean and Meditrrenian food. A ++++.

5 star rating
by Joe Burjony
Mar 05, 2014

Always exceptional. Never had as issue neither with food or service. last visit for me was last week. was very busy and served by a real waitress who knows what she was doing. Me being a restaurant manager in the past, I can tell the difference between a good and an exceptional service. This one was exceptional, with no stressing and excellent knowledge of food and wine.
My Tuna salad was out of this world so was my Eye fillet cooked to perfection
Couldn't have a dessert cause I was full, maybe next time.
Never disappointing, Definitely will be back. Thanks Aubergine for being so consistent

5 star rating
by Dog Eats World
Mar 05, 2014

I work around this area and go to Aubergine with my team quite often. They serve a pretty good lunch for $20 which includes soup or garlic bread AND a beer/wine/coffee/tea! It's a great deal and the atmosphere is rather relaxing. Staff are always friendly. The only thing that kind of bothered me is the size of their salads my colleague ordered, it isn't the biggest but then it didn't bother her too much, The portions for everything else were fine. I'd definitely go back and do recommend it to people around this area. Woof!

1 star rating
by Carmel Graham-Williams
Feb 23, 2014

Went for a hen's party - everything was fine until they informed us they had given the cake we have made for the bride to the other table. They didn't seem concerned and offered us free dessert, however, this didn't make up for them giving another table a cake I had spent half the day baking and decorating for the bride.

5 star rating
by Khalid Ghanima
Feb 16, 2014

My favourite restaurant in the shore. Been going there every month or two for over 5 years. Excellent service and fantastic food everytime. Highly recommend the chicken filo with a nice pino gris...

4 star rating
by Megan Fitzsimmons
Feb 07, 2014

Great value when dining on the $35 meal deal. The service is good with very kind waiters and waitresses who will go out of their way to assist you with all your needs. The kitchen is lovely and open plan so you can watch the chefs working. The restaurant is very spacious so you don't feel like you're sitting with the people next to you! Overall a very nice meal, my steak was cooked perfectly, and a very nice restaurant with friendly staff and management

5 star rating
by James
Jan 30, 2014

Went for the $35 Three Course Meal Special and it was a great deal for such a great meal and such great service. Will definitely go back!

3 star rating
by Ian Holt
Jan 12, 2014

Went for dinner Saturday night. Took advantage of $35 3 course special. I had the Tomato soup for starter and the plate was smudged and the taste was slightly salty. For main I had the lamb shanks which were very good. For Dessert I had the Chocolate hot fudge cake which was light and very nice. The major criticism I have is if clientèle are making the effort to dress smartly then so should the management and staff. Being greeted by the maitre d' wearing denim jeans is poor.

4 star rating
by Joanne Isia
Jan 09, 2014

Just had a yummy meal at Aubergine and will be going there again. Good service as well

2 star rating
by Sophie King
Nov 22, 2013

Went for dinner tonight, what a shamble.... Service was great but that was all. Food: I had the Fettuccine Carbonara, chunky bits of boiled bacon and mushrooms with plain watery sauce and 3 pieces of grated carrots on top for decoration. My Shandy arrived semi-cold, and they don't do battered fish for kids, they're saying they go for the healthy option, how patronising that is. We were really looking forward to have diner there and we were so disappointed. Won't go again.

5 star rating
by Naydene Alexander
Oct 12, 2013

Thank you for a relaxing and enjoyable evening.
We wanted to go directly to management but alas no.
We had a table booked for 6 under Naydene tonight. The waitress we had looking after us was exceptional. Her customer service is an asset to the restaurant. She was informative, made requests at the right time, did not interrupt our group unnecessarily and made sure we were attended to when needed. Overall the best waitress we have had at any restaurant for a long time. We hope she is given the recognition she deserves - she is an asset to your business.
The food was impeccable and the rest of the staff were of top quality, assisting with irregular requests ie Multiple Sclerosis person requiring a trained dog to attend.
Aubergine definitely has people that will return and we will be recommending others for sure.
Thanks to you all, especially our waitress - cheers.

4 star rating
by Maria D
Jun 01, 2013

Aubergine is very popular and was packed when we visited last weekend but they are more than capable of handling the large amount of customers, at no point were we left waiting. The severs were very friendly and food was lovely, I had the snapper and the boyfriend had the veal- both excellent. The menu is one of those menus that has so many good-looking options that I'll need to go back a few times, not that I'm complaining!

4 star rating
by Peter Thompson
May 11, 2013

Aubergine is Popular (with a capital P). This means that it is fairly hectic and a little noisey. We arrived on a busy Friday night without a booking. No table was immediately available so were shown to the bar. Within a couple of minutes our table was ready. Food is above well average but not spectacular. Service was excellent despite the waitresses being super busy. Mains good. Desserts a little pricey but nice. Excellent wine list.

3 star rating
by Janet Macdonald
Feb 07, 2013

Great food, however I found the service very slow! The restaurant was about half full, so not what I would consider really busy (otherwise I wouldn't have minded so much) I won't go again because of the slow service.

4 star rating
by Jin Gao
Jan 12, 2013

Great food (especially the duck confit) and atmosphere. Service was great. The price was also good, for 35 per person you can get a 3 course meal.

5 star rating
by I LoveDiningOut
Oct 23, 2012

I hadn't been to Aubergines for a number of years.
This is a restaurant that understands its customers completely.
A well balanced menu and a good wine list.
The staff are welcoming and attentive.
I had the fish which was superb.
The desserts are a bit on the large size but are lovely.

5 star rating
by Bren T
Sep 16, 2012

This is my favourite restaurant in Auckland. Such great value and great food. I usually have eye fillet and the steaks are huge! I love the profiteroles dessert. The staff are amazing and very friendly! Whats best is the fact u get a three ourse meal for only 35 p.p

5 star rating
by Kelvin Hilton
Aug 04, 2012

The Aubergine is were I go for the greatest lunches on a budget. they have great set menu lunches that are so yummy. My favourite is soup of the day then a massive and so tasty open steak sandwich with fries.with a nice Irish cider to wash it down for about $20 bucks
Doesn't sound flash but so so tasty.
Recommend to all.

4 star rating
by Amanda Pain
Jul 08, 2012

The food, though pricey, is consistently good. All four of us enjoyed our meals and left feeling full to the brim! If you can, I'd recommend asking for the $35 voucher deal from their website. Three courses for that price is not bad! The desserts are all very good!
Service was attentive. We actually were able to order more drinks, which is unusual in a restaurant in New Zealand!

4 star rating
by Anna-Maree
Jun 27, 2012

Excellent Food - generous portions and delicious!!! Great atmosphere!! Friendly and helpful staff!!! Great value on special lunch and dinner deals!!!

5 star rating
by Samantha Spence
Jun 18, 2012

I love Aubergine, the food is great and the service is fast and friendly. The snapper is so nice, and the creme brulee is to die for! I would definitely recommend, and am a repeat customer. They often have a voucher on their website for 3 courses for $35 dollar, it is such good value for money!

3 star rating
by Ross
Feb 17, 2012

I heard lot about Aubergine and i went with my colleagues for business party. We liked the ambiance, food and staff is so friendly. Recommend every one to please visit it ones.

3 star rating
by David Boshier
Sep 25, 2011

We headed a long for a quick business lunch during the week. The service was quick and they have an extensive $30 lunch menu. Both the pasta dishes hit the mark for us. It seems to be a place popular with groups as there were a number there on the Thursday we went.

4 star rating
by Irene Hemmingsen
Jul 05, 2011

Four of us ate with a great value coupon (3 course meal for $35) and thought the food was very good. My husband and I had the duck which was delicious. Great service too. Will definitely go back.

3 star rating
by Rachel
Sep 22, 2010

The food is good though slightly pricey. Desserts are lovely but at around $10 each, they should be.

If I remember correctly, you have to order your veg and/or salad sep. to the main course - so find that a little annoying to have to pay in addition to the 'main' price.

Always good service though and you don't have to wait long to be served. Always a busy place especially at weekends.

5 star rating
by Alice Emmett
Aug 21, 2010

Amazing! Four of us went out for dinner and each of us ordered something different and absolutely loved our meals.

Usually not a fish fan, I ordered their snapper, which was unbelievable. Everything was so flavoursome and delicious.

The desserts were good too.

A little stingy with their glasses of wine though - wish it was BYO.

4 star rating
by Simona Simons
Oct 30, 2009

I regularly eat at Aubergine in Takapuna and find it a good place to eat.
I particularly enjoy the Chicken Filo and the Chicken salad is also worth a mention.
I have always found the service to be friendly and at times when I have asked for a quick meal before a show at the Bruce Mason center or wherever, it has always arrived quickly with no loss of food quality.
The menu selection of European and Mediterranean dishes seems to be pretty good, and my guests and I have always found something we like.

Overall a good quality restaurant in a convenient location and providing good service and tasty quality food.

4 star rating
by Peter McMillan
Oct 02, 2009

Six of us dined, entrees all served at the same time, hot n good. Mains were well presented, tasty. Duck very good, a signature dish. Would recommend

2 star rating
by Henward
Sep 21, 2009

a kinda place you sit and be seen in takapuna, not something i care about.
if youd o, then you can go here.

the food is really not that special, plain, boring and very bland.
i ordered the chefs specialty which tasted like an experimental dish.

deserts are ok, but also expensive.

would not go to eat there again, maybe jsut for desert

2 star rating
by Selena
Jul 10, 2009

Food was ok, food a bit overcooked though. Service was appalling, waited for 20 mins+ for Dessert Menu - got sick of waiting so left

4 star rating
by Neka
Aug 26, 2008

I have often enjoyed meals here. They do an amazing steak and tastey veges and deserts! A+++ would trade again.

1 star rating
by Rob Walton
Jun 22, 2008

Four of us over 50 year olds called into Aubergine after the All Black-England rugby Test match.
It was 9-30 at night but that was no problem for them, and there were still a few people in the restaurant.We didnt have to wait long to be served but by time our meal was put in front of us it was lukewarm.Two of us had eye fillet steak and the other two had lamb shanks.These had dollops of mashed potato which was tasteless and a bit lumpy and surrounded by a gravy which we all agreed must have come out of a packet.We debated for a fair while during the meal if the mashed potato was out of a packet also and decided it must have been.We were reassured when we were paying for the meal that it was real potato and that they served similar up each night.The thing was the meal was cold and very very average in taste and I could have done better myself even though I am only an average cook.When I go out for a meal I expect to get something better than I(part time cook when Im forced to husband)could have done.When two of us went to pay for the meal and the question was asked whether we enjoyed it we both said no we hadnt.They agreed to knock off the coffees we had which was good but would have rather had a good dining experience.

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